Just like before, Yang Chen controlled the battle and sneak attack in a small area with precise control. There were barely any noises, let alone tremors.

They went down ten-plus floors, and thirty plus cultivators in the Tribulation Passing stage and a handful of cultivators in the Soul Forming stage were engulfed by Yang Chen and the Chaos Cauldron.

Most of them did not even see him coming and were killed before they could shield themselves from True Yuan.

Looking at the piles of herbs in his space ring, Yang Chen was thrilled. He could concoct thousands of middle-ranked and hundreds of upper-ranked pills now. Though it was unfortunate that he did not have something like the Phoenix's Blood Fruit to concoct legendary-ranked pills, he was pleased. 

With these pills, his women could advance past the Tribulation Passing stage easily. 

To his surprise, he also found five new space rings and a dozen of middle-ranked and lower-ranked artifacts. Even though most of them were rather useless, he could give them to the ladies to use as self-defense. 

Meanwhile, Su Xin swallowed hard at that sight. It was not that she was greedy, but to a lowly person like her, artifacts were out of her reach. Yet, Yang Chen treated them as nothing and tossed them into his space ring, barely sparing them a glance.

At an unimaginable speed, Yang Chen arrived at the library in less than an hour.

All the cultivators in Green Emperor Tower were wiped out by him.

Yang Chen was not interested in most of the cultivation techniques there, including the top one in the Xiao clan - Aoki Xuanxin Sutra.

However, for future convenience and to let the ladies learn some self-defense techniques, he still picked some decent ones and stuffed them into his space ring.

Once that was done, he did not feel any relaxed, for the true challenge was only beginning.

When they arrived at the ground floor, Yang Chen signaled Su Xin to follow closely behind him and headed to the gate.

As the gate opened slowly, tears filled Su Xin’s eyes as she took in the fresh air and scenery. At the same time, she felt anxious.

“Stand right there…”

A massive sense of oppression came from above the sky, targeting them like a falling mountain.

Xiao Tingxu, who had been keeping watch at the watchtower, finally spoke.  

The elderly woman opened her sparkly eyes, which were unlike her age, and stared at Yang Chen deadly.

Still posing as Xiao Qiufeng, Yang Chen smiled at her complaisantly. “Ma’am, I want to bring this b*tch out. Please allow me.”

“I did not receive a message from Xiao Mengyu. You can’t bring a prisoner out.” Xiao Tingxu’s voice was cold and emotionless. As an elder, she had the right to call the patriarch by his name. 

“Ma’am, we’re gonna be in the Xiao clan anyways. She can't possibly run away; she’s only in the Soul Forming stage. Help me out here…” Yang Chen grinned cheekily. 

Xiao Tingxu suddenly narrowed her eyes as a dubious look crossed her gaze. “Xiao Qiufeng, tell me your day and time of your birth.”

“Huh?” He was stunned. “Ma’am, what do you mean by that?”

Deep down, he was alarmed. Damn it, when did I expose myself?

“What do I mean?” The elderly woman’s face darkened. “Xiao Qiufeng never dared to talk nonsense before me. How dare you do so and even begged me. Are you really Xiao Qiufeng!?”

Sh*t! I forgot Xiao Qiufeng is a wimp and wouldn’t dare to provoke Xiao Tingxu!

At that moment, Xiao Tingxu increased the oppression and roared, “Who are you, you imposter!”

The horrifying oppression from a cultivator in the Ruo Water-stage caused Su Xin to cough out a mouthful of blood. 

Luckily, Yang Chen reacted in time and protected her by unleashing his cultivation to deflect the oppression.

Technically, Xiao Tingxu’s cultivation should be inferior to his, but she was centuries old and had been in the Ruo Water-stage for years. Even if she had yet to make it to the pinnacle, her True Yuan would still be terrifying.

Xiao Tingxu, too, realized that even though she could not see through Yang Chen’s cultivation, his True Yuan was not undefeatable. 

“Hah, you’re a talented young man, but also delusional to think that you can bring this prisoner out of the Xiao clan!” As she spoke, she rose into the air and let out a series of strikes with her palms.

“Aoki Xuanxin Sutra Palm!”

The best cultivation technique of the Xiao clan was finally revealed before Yang Chen.

Dozens of strikes headed toward them in a big patch of green light, threatening to engulf the whole. 

Yang Chen gathered a large amount of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and wrapped it around him and Su Xin.

Instead of retreating, he advanced. Though the blows did not stop him from dashing forward, he could not resist with Su Xin by his side.

“Chaos Cauldron!”

He did not hesitate to use the Chaos Cauldron to his advantage to fight against someone equally powerful to him.

The Chaos Cauldron grew around ten-plus kilometers tall and wide and flew toward Xiao Tingxu while spinning midair!

“What?! The Chaos Cauldron!?”

Xiao Tingxu could not conceal her shock, disbelief written all over her wrinkled face. 

The chubby, greedy Chaos beast roared ferociously and unhinged its jaw to swallow her.

However, Xiao Tingxu was not easy to deal with compared to the other cultivators in the same cultivation stage. Her experience in battle was far more than them, not to mention her profound cultivation.

Her fingers moved around rapidly, and a ball of flickering green light zoomed toward the Chaos Beast like a comet.

“Aoki Soul, go!”

As it had a life, a pair of eyes, nose, and mouth formed on the ball of green light. Though it resembled a very old man, the power it carried was significant.

Aoki Soul and the grey-black Chaos Beast clashed together. Greenlight surrounded Chaos, as Aoki Soul blocked Chaos’ attacks.

Nonetheless, as one of the Four Great Ancient Ferocious Beasts, Chaos eventually absorbed Aoki Soul in seconds and transformed it into Aoki’s spiritual energy.

However, Xiao Tingxu did not stop attacking and let out her Aoki True Yuan. Like a spider web, it blocked all of Yang Chen’s escape routes, showing that she was ready for a great battle.

“As expected of the legendary Chaos Cauldron. Even though I don’t know who you are, your cultivation isn’t enough to unleash Chaos Cauldron’s full potential. You are not capable enough to defeat me!”

Yang Chen cursed internally, I don’t have time to fight with you, you crazy wretch. If others hear about the commotion, the elites in the Xiao clan will come over immediately!

Xiao Tingxu thought of this as well, so she looked at him teasingly.

“Mr. Yang, let’s run toward the southwest direction. It’s the fastest way to get out of the illusionary dimension! Let’s go now!” urged Su Xin with a pale face, having just recovered from her injury. 

Yang Chen knew once more people came over here, it would be hard for him to bring her out of her. So, without hesitating, he activated Chaos Cauldron and had it pounced at Xiao Tingxu.

Then, with his other free hand, he summoned a large patch of Purple Fire, which charged toward the Aoki Web like a fire lion.

Deterred by Purple Fire, a large hole formed in the Aoki Web despite its ability to recover itself.

“Aoki Soul!”

Xiao Tingxu had just summoned another Aoki Soul when she saw Yang Chen’s terrifying fire tear apart her giant web. 

“Old wretch, I’ll take you down next time!”

Yang Chen guffawed and stored the Chaos Cauldron away.

Just as he was about to leave, his laughter came to a halt. That was because he saw a whale-sized blue light sword coming toward him!