Another True Yuan oppression from a cultivator in the Ruo Water-stage!?

The thing Yang Chen was worried about the most still happened. He did not refuse to fight Xiao Tingxu because he was afraid of losing her. In fact, if he went all out, she would not even stand a chance. 

However, he needed to protect Su Xin. As a cultivator in the Soul Forming stage, she would die just from the shockwave of the True Yuan in a battle of such a scale.

Secondly, he was worried that if other cultivators in the Ruo Water-stage would come to Xiao Tingxu’s aid, he would not be able to protect Su Xin fully.

Seeing that the blue sword light was zooming towards him like a giant missile, Yang Chen did not have time to hesitate and threw Su Xin behind him. Instantly, blazing blue flames exploded around him and clashed with the sword light.

Blue fire and light lit up the sky. Like a firework, it was a dazzling slight.

Yet, the impact from the True Yuan caused the whole Xiao clan to tremble. Finally, all the cultivators sensed it and snapped their heads up to the sky. 

A black figure appeared amid the blue sword light, his long hair flowing along with the breeze. With the grim expression on his face, the man seemed like an unsheathed sword.

Once the blue light dispersed, a blue sword returned to the man. Ringing as it circled its master, it seemed as if the sword was cheering him on.

“Xu Shaogong, you came at a perfect time. Help me kill this intruder!” Xiao Tingxu recognized the man and ordered him as his elder.

That man was none other than Xu Shaogong, one of the top ten elites in the illusionary dimension. He had come to the Xiao clan as per the promise.

Xu Shaogong glanced at her, seemingly not intending to entertain her. Instead, he cast a meaningful look at the dancing blue flames on Yang Chen and the black giant hovering cauldron. 

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes, sensing cultivators coming towards her. Now that things had come to this point, there was no need for him to impersonate Xiao Qiufeng anymore. Other than clearing a path by killing, he had no other escape route!

With a wave of his hand, Chaos Cauldron returned to his back and hovered above Su Xin.

A beam of light showedartifactds, engulfing her within it like a natural barrier. 

“Su Xin, I’ll protect you with the Chaos Cauldron. Stay in there and don’t move,” he ordered in a deep voice. 

Although the Chaos Cauldron was nowhere near the level of an actual legendary artefact, it could still be used to protect Su Xin. Even Tang Tingxu and Xu Shaogong would not be able to harm her.

Su Xin nodded and said anxiously, “Mr. Yang, be careful. Xu Shaogong’s flying sword is an upper-ranked artifact named Whale Slaughterer. His sword aura can be shot up to thousands of kilometers away and is extremely dangerous!”

Yang Chen had witnessed the power of the sword earlier on and was somewhat mentally prepared for it.

For cultivators at his level, it was highly unlikely for one to not have a proper artifact. 

“Your cultivation technique is rather mystical, for being able to crumble my sword soul. I think I felt the power of the Ming Water. I, Xu Shaogong, do not find nameless people. Tell me your name and fight me.” Xu Shaogong’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

Initially, he had shown up here to guide the Xiao clan members because he could not reject his sister, Xu Yanan’s pleas. He couldn't care less about the battle between three clans or the Eye of the Sky Demon.

Yet, unexpectedly, he encountered a battle above the level of the Ruo Water-stage and even met an impressive opponent. At that moment, he was eager to get into a fight with Yang Chen.

“Xu Shaogong! Stop talking nonsense and attack!” Xiao Tingxu rebuked.

“Old hag, I’m going to argue with you since you’re centuries older than me. I’m not a servant in the Xiao clan. Speak to me in such a haughty tone again, or I’ll kill you first!” Xu Shaogong glared at her. 

“You insolent brat! I’m not going to waste my time on you!”

Xiao Tingxu flushed with fury, but she knew it was not the time to argue with him. Turning her head, she looked at Yang Chen grimly and said, “Thief, you’re not going to run away from here. In no time, the elites of our clan will gather here. Once my siblings are here, you’re going to meet your maker!”

Yang Chen already noticed a group of cultivators approaching from afar. Some were in the Ming Water-stage while most were in the Kui Water and Samadhi True Fire stages. Nonetheless, they were not a threat to him.

Likewise, those cultivators also knew that they could not participate in this battle, so they watched from afar.

Amongst them were Xiao Mohui and the rest of the Xiao clan. They were staring at Yang Chen with widened eyes as if they could not believe “Xiao Qiufeng” had betrayed them.

However, Yang Chen knew it would be a different case once the cultivators in the Ruo Water-stage arrived.

“Since you have a death wish, I’ll grant it then!” 

Yang Chen was enraged. Once he was provoked, he would not bother to restrain his temper. Come at me then. I’d like to try how I’ll fend cultivators in the Ruo Water-stage without using the Chaos Cauldron.

In a flash, his body vanished. When he reappeared, he was already before Xiao Tingxu, his fists ablaze with blue flames as he lunged it towards her head.

Compared to using artifacts, he was more used to his physique that was stronger than artifact. 

Xiao Tingxu knew she could not defeat Yang Chen and was only stalling until help arrived. Thus, she remained on guard and retreated as soon as she saw Yang Chen attacking her. 

Greenlightnearby glowed in her hands, forming webs of Aoki True Yuan in an attempt to slow him down.

However, Yang Chen had gathered Purple Fire around his body, ruining the Aoki True Yuan instantaneously. Instead of retreating, he kept advancing towards her.

From the blue fire, she could sense a horrifying power capable of corroding all things. It was an eerie mixture of Ming Water and Samadhi True Fire. If my True Yuan barrier broke, I’ll be heavily injured if not dead! That thought made her hair stand on end. 

Seeing that Yang Chen was nearing, all the while conjuring more and more purple fire dragons and blue fire dragons, she turned pale from fright. She regretted whipping him up and should have tried and bought more time instead.

What frustrated her more was that Xu Shaogong was merely standing idly by!

Standing afar, Xiao Mohui finally realized that his “son” was a fake. After taking a long time to compose himself, he immediately ordered the butler, Xiao Guyuan, “Quick, send a few elites to help her!”

He dared not get near by himself, afraid that the Xiao clan would lose another elder.

“Yes, Sir!”

Immediately after, Xiao Guyuan picked four elites in the cultivation stage of the Ming Water and ten cultivators in the cultivation stage of Samadhi True Fire and Kui Water stages to aid Xiao Tingxu.

As for himself, he dared not approach just like Xiao Mohui.

They were both in the Tribulation Passing stage and had felt the power of Heaven Fire and Xuan Water. Yang Chen was sending those terrifying elements from out of nowhere, which deterred them from nearing.

Most of the selected cultivators were not part of the Xiao clan and had sought refuge from them. Now that they had been dispatched to fight, they dared not disobey. 

In the blink of an eye, dozens of rays of True Yuan were directed towards Yang Chen. They were hoping to bring him under control by uniting their powers!

No matter how assertive Yang Chen was, he was alone and should suffer a blow, given that they had attacked him from all directions.

Yang Chen could feel their cultivation techniques and artifacts aimed at him. Knowing that they were besieging him, he chuckled out of fury.

“You minions are not worthy enough to save a dying person!”

He knew it was impossible to block all attacks and thus gave up on doing so. Raising his arms above his head, a grey ball of Ruo Water grew bigger and bigger like a wrecking ball.

“R-Ruo Water?!”

Xiao Tingxu just had the time to take a breath from Yang Chen’s series of attacks, and her mouth went slack at that sight.

The group of cultivators also felt the power of the giant Ruo Water ball, but it was too late for them to retreat!

“Go to hell!”

Yang Chen dispersed the Ruo Water ball and like bullets, shots of Ruo Water were fired towards all directions, covering all the cultivators.

At the same time, their cultivation techniques and artefacts fell upon Yang Chen’s body. Sounds of explosion rang out as the dozens of True Yuan erupted on him!