Xiao Mohui and the others watching from the sidelines were delighted to see that, including Xiao Tingxu, who was fending off the Ruo Water attacks with her True Yuan.

To them, the physique of a cultivator, even one in the Ruo Water stage, would suffer heavy injuries from directly facing dozens of attacks, if not death.

However, at the same time, the groups of elites were shrieking as they fell from the sky, their cultivation and True Yuan insufficient to resist the corrosion of the Ruo Water.

The Ruo Water instantly corroded their spirit, and they could no longer undergo reincarnation. 

Seeing that the group of cultivators in the Soul Forming and the Ming Water stages perished like that, the onlookers retreated further. The power of the Ruo Water was too life-threatening to them, for their cultivation was far inferior.

Meanwhile, the Xiao clan members grieved over the loss of cultivators. They had spent numerous pills to nurture them, yet, they were killed by Yang Chen with one attack!

Unbeknownst to them, something even more horrifying was impending.

A figure emerged from the blazing True Yuan and tore off the shredded top. Though he looked slightly disheveled, his aura was unaffected.

“Mr. Yang!?” Su Xin, who had been worried the whole time, exclaimed.

To Yang Chen, the cultivators’ attack did not deal much damage to him, and he quickly recovered with the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

Noticing Xiao Tingxu gaping at him, he cracked a wicked grin. “Come at me! No matter how many people you send after me, I’ll kill them all! But I suppose no one will dare to help you anymore! Go to hell!”

A malicious glint flashed across her eyes, and she abruptly charged towards the Chaos Cauldron.

Since she was nearer to it, she wanted to seize Su Xin as her hostage. Or else, if Yang Chen kept attacking her, she would not be able to defend herself in another round.

That infuriated Yang Chen, so he summoned the Chaos Beast and had it pounced at Xiao Tingxu.

Appalled, she had no time to summon an Aoki Soul to block its attack and could only throw out the purple bracelet on her wrist!

The purple bracelet was an upper-ranked defense artifact. After all, not all elites in the illusionary dimension could possess a weapon-like artifact. Even the Xiao clan could not give their elders one upper-ranked artifact each. Besides, someone like Xiao Tingxu, who was famous for her cultivation technique, would not benefit much from a weapon-like artifact as compared to a defense one.

The purple bracelet built up a purple-colored giant shield made of sturdy hexagon-shaped “bricks”!

Chaos smashed against the shield, and the ground shook from the impact. Then, it was flung away, and cracks marks were also seen on the shield. 

Similarly, cracks appeared on the bracelet floating midair. Then, like a rock that lost its glow, it fell. Chaos had ruined it with a mere collision!

Although it was a precious artifact, its properties were not good enough.

Intimidated by Chaos’ ferociousness, Xiao Tingxu had no time to think about her lost artifact and thought of grabbing Su Xin, who was out of Chaos Cauldron’s protection. 

However, Yang Chen would not give her the chance. He arrived in time and swung the Ruo Water at her like a whip. Xiao Tingxu’s speed was incomparable to his. Blocked by Chaos, she failed to dodge and was struck on the arm.


She shrieked from the pain as the Ruo Water started to corrode her spirit

Though she tried to resist it with her True Yuan, there was no time for her to recuperate using pills and remove the Ruo Water from her body. 

“Xu Shaogong! What are you doing!” she bellowed.

The man who had been watching from the sidelines finally moved!

With a horrifying sword aura, the Whale Slaughterer shone vibrantly and rushed to Yang Chen like a whale swimming in the sea. 

“I don’t like to fight with two against one, but since she’s down, it’s my turn!” Xu Shaogong’s eyes gleamed with excitement. 

However, Yang Chen would not give up the chance of wiping out Xiao Tingxu, now that she was heavily injured. 

“Don’t you dare stop me!” he barked. 

Seeing that he had no time to stop the sword, he did not bother to do so and sent a blue flame vortex in Xiao Tingxu’s direction.

The sword hit his back, and he rolled around the air like a ball. 

However, the blue flame also engulfed Xiao Tingxu as he wished. 

Xiao Tingxu’s shrill shrieks were extremely heart-wrenching.  Corroded continuously by the Ruo Water, Ming Water, and Samadhi True Fire, her soul suffered a scorching pain, and she fell from the sky.


Xiao Mohui and the rest yelled out her name. Realizing that one of their last few Taishang elders was dying before them, they shot resentful glares at Xu Shaogong.

If he had not insisted on fighting Yang Chen one on one, Xiao Tingxu would not have struggled and died!

Unbeknownst to them, she brought it upon herself. 

Yang Chen had not wanted to fight, out of fear of alerting others, but she thought he was no match for her and insistently pursued him, even trying to seize Su Xin as her hostage.

Her actions enraged him and thus he was determined to kill her.

However, Xu Shaogong couldn't care less about the Xiao clan members’ fury and was looking at Yang Chen in shock.

“How is that possible for you to be unscathed from my sword aura!?”

He watched as Yang Chen stopped rolling and touched his back with an exasperated expression as if the sword aura merely tickled him.

To Xu Shaogong, it was unbelievable for a cultivator’s physique to be that strong.

However, he did not feel stressed but overjoyed instead. “Hah! You’re truly interesting. Since a normal type of sword aura does not affect you, let’s see if the 36-level sword soul can break your defenses!”

Having said that, the Whale Slaughterer unleashed a powerful sword aura, much more solid than before, and contained his “sword aura”. It was the “Dao” he had come to understand. 

In terms of swordsmanship, Yang Chen might be skilled at it, but he might not be as focused on it compared to Xu Shaogong. Besides, he did not have something like the “sword soul”.

“Sword Soul, 36-Level, Berserk Whale!”

A giant whale about ten kilometers long formed from the sword soul, even the sharp teeth and fins were visible. With the power of the largest predator in the sea, it dashed towards Yang Chen.

Seeing that Xu Shaogong was the only one left, Yang Chen did not have the mood to keep fighting. If this continued to drag on, he might not be able to leave. In the state of urgency, he released the Chaos Beast and had it fight the Berserk Whale.

Chaos Beast entangled itself with Berserk Whale and tore it into shreds of glowing blue sword aura.

Seizing the opportunity, Yang Chen grabbed Su Xin. 

“Go!” he yelled, and they ran towards the southwestern direction. 

Xu Shaogong was enjoying the fight and thought Yang Chen would keep attacking. But as soon as he turned to look, he sensed that something was amiss.

After defeating the Berserk Whale, Yang Chen had retracted both the Chaos Beast and the Chaos Cauldron.

This dude! We only exchanged one attack, and he’s running away?!

“You shameless prick! Are you gonna be a coward who backs away from a fight?!”

With the boost of True Yuan, his raging voice traveled kilometers away.

Yang Chen heard it in an instant. Bullsh*t! If I weren’t afraid of being besieged by a group of cultivators in the Ruo Water-stage and had to bring Su Xin away, I would’ve killed you just like how I killed Xiao Tingxu! Top ten elites? Please. If I wasn’t outnumbered, I wouldn’t even be afraid of you guys!

Despite that, he could not bring himself to kill Xu Shaogong since he did not join forces with Xiao Tingxu to attack him. If he did, it would take Yang Chen a longer time to kill her, and she would be able to stall for time. 

Well, I’ll spare him for today, Yang Chen thought brazenly.