The Xiao clan members dared not stop Yang Chen and watched him disappear at the speed of lightning. Some even timidly avoided him.

Well, it was understandable for them to feel flabbergasted since a Taishang elder, Xiao Tingxu was defeated by a young man who came out of nowhere. How terrifying could his ability be to kill a woman who had the cultivation of the Ruo Water-stage and had lived for centuries?!

Xiao Mohui brought his clan members over, and together they surrounded Xu Shaogong. “Xu Shaogong, why were you thinking? Why did you stand idly by and ignore our elder when she needed help!? Is your family starting a revolt?”

Xiao Mohui was enraged. His family was already weaker in comparison to the Ning and Luo clans, yet they lost another cultivator!

Xu Shaogong turned around and retrieved the Whale Slaughterer. 

As the flying sword hovered around him, he replied, “Do you want to fight me?”

“You…” Xiao Mohui was choked with fury.

“I hate outnumbering in fights. Death means nothing in sparring between elites. Only by fighting head-to-head can we improve! You fools won’t understand it! I’m not here to catch a thief for you guys. My time is precious, and I’m only here for my sister’s sake. Do you think I want to stay here? With just a single sentence from me, the patriarch of the Luo and Ning clans would’ve buttered me up to rope me in their clans. Who are you to criticize me?” Xu Shaogong uttered in disdain.

Flushed with rage, Xiao Mohui could not stop shaking.

Xu Yanan could not bear to watch anymore. Tugging her brother’s sleeve, she said softly, “Don’t be angry. Uncle is just too upset. We’re a family. If anyone has to be blamed for this, it should be that thief who impersonated Xiao Qiufeng!”

Only then did Xu Shaogong snort and keep his flying sword in his space ring.

Now that Xu Yanan had diverted the conversation, the crowd started chattering about the thief’s identity.

Meanwhile, Xiao Manyan was flushing, perhaps with rage or indignation. No wonder “he” was so wild last night. So he wasn’t Xiao Qiufeng?! Doesn’t it mean I was toyed with by a stranger?

At that moment, a surge of raging oppression was flying from the deep part of the Xiao residence towards them.

An elder dressed in a green-purple robe with his grey hair combed back appeared above them.

“Father!” Xiao Mohui was overjoyed, but that emotion was soon replaced by guilt.

“Patriarch!” the cultivators called out. 

Xu Shaogong merely glanced at him once and said nothing. 

That elderly man was the patriarch of the Xiao clan, Xiao Mengyu. He had been cultivating in isolation before this and came out as soon as he sensed the fluctuation of True Yuan above the level of Ruo Water. However, he was too late.

“Mohui, what happened?” Xiao Mengyu’s face was as dark as thunder when he realized he could no longer sense Xiao Tingxu’s ‘True Yuan’.

Stammering, Xiao Mohui recounted the whole incident. Before this, he had sent Xiao Manyan to check the Green Empire Tower and found out the losses within it.

Xiao Mengyu’s eyebrows twitched when he heard that a large number of herbs were stolen and groups of cultivators were killed. The veins on his forehead were bulging as he brimmed with True Yuan.

“I was only cultivating in isolation for two months, and so many disasters had befallen our family. How did you do your job as the acting patriarch?!“ he berated.

Xiao Mohui trembled with fear with his head lowered, not daring to talk.

After composing himself, Xiao Mengyu waved his sleeve and ordered, “From today onwards, everyone has to be on full alert! Do not miss out on all movements. I’ll not be merciful if anyone’s negligence causes any more losses in our family!”

“Yes!” the cultivators agreed in unison. However, they knew it would be hard for the clan to recover to its former glory within a short time. 

Then, Xiao Mengyu dismissed everyone and arranged for others to clean up the mess in the Green Empire Tower before letting his descendants go back to the hall.

The whole time, he did not interact with Xu Shaogong, silently expressing his dissatisfaction toward the latter.

Xu Shaogong was not bothered by it and followed them into the hall as if interested in listening to their conversation. 

The elders gathered and discussed the way to deal with Yang Chen.

“This person is our enemy. I believe he has taken Qiufeng’s life,” Xiao Mengyu said with a grim expression while standing in the middle of the hall.

Xiao Mohui’s face fell. Even though Xiao Qiufeng was incompetent, he was still his son.

At the same time, he had finally realized that the previously changed “Xiao Qiufeng” was an impostor!

Xiao Mohui was dying to skin Yang Chen alive for deceiving him.

“Send our spies and have them search around the whole illusionary dimension. Also, send someone to sound out the other clans. If his cauldron is the Chaos Cauldron, then it must’ve been seen by others. There must be information. Once we found out who and where he is, we must make him pay. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!” Xiao Mengyu bellowed. 

“Once you find him, remember to notify me. I need to have a proper battle with him,” Xu Shaogong said nonchalantly as he leaned against the door.

The Xiao clan members glared at him, obviously still furious at him.

Xiao Mengyu snorted. “Xiao Tingxu wasn’t her match, so you’ll only be courting death for doing so. You’d better not act recklessly. Join our Taishang elders, and you might be able to stay alive.”

Xu Shaogong laughed heartily. “None of the Taishang elders are here, and you are still relying on them?”

Xiao Mengyu’s face was dour. He had to be blamed for this too. After all, the Taishang elders did not stay here and were rather far away. Without him to contact them, the elders would not know what was going on in the Xiao clan.

Just when he was in the critical part of his cultivation in isolation, this happened. He thought it would be over soon with Xiao Tingxu around, but his hope was dashed.  

Well, obviously he would not say it out loud, or he would have to shoulder all the responsibilities.

Nonetheless, he was prepared to contact the Taishang elders. In the face of such a strong enemy, he would not be able to maintain a foothold in the illusionary dimension if he did not seek revenge.


Meanwhile, Yang Chen, who had brought Su Xin out of the illusionary dimension, sighed in relief. Though he was unsure if any elite would appear again, he was just relieved to leave the illusionary dimension.

Yang Chen dared no delay, changing into a proper outfit and brought her to the Forgotten Realms so that he could have some rest and check on his family.

It was not the end yet since he still had to save Xiao Zhiqing. 

To him, the Mediterranean Sea was safe, so he did not have to worry about people from the illusionary dimension looking for him there. 

With the reinvigoration of Gaia’s Heart, Yang Chen felt that his spiritual energy was far stronger than before. If he used the space law now, his ability would be stronger than Poseidon.

Considering even he had such a major improvement, it was conceivable to think of the other Gods who were more skilled in space law than in, such as Apollo, Artemis, and Hermes, who had a considerable advancement. 

With them around, the Ruo Water cultivators would not have the upper hand.

Yang Chen was not sure how much his spiritual energy would grow nor did he know how the divine sense would change, but he knew it would be beneficial to him. 

Of course, he did not think of using his space law in battles. Compared to his cultivation level, his space law was far too weak.

When Su Xin arrived at the Mediterranean Sea, she was amazed by the scenery. After all, she had never left the illusionary dimension, let alone see the beach and sea.

Although the illusionary dimension had most of the things in the mundane world, it was still different.

As they arrived above the Forgotten Realms, a purple and yellow figure flew out of the castle and appeared before them.


They were Rose and Cai Ning. Whilst they were thrilled and surprised to see him, they were startled to see a woman with a voluptuous figure dressed in a short skirt. Where did he find this woman?