Yang Chen understood their reaction immediately. “Don’t think too much about it. She’s Qing’er’s nanny in the Xiao clan, the one who raised her. Her name is Su Xin.”

“Zhiqing’s nanny?”

His introduction puzzled the two women. Why did he bring the nanny out instead of Zhiqing?

Yang Chen knew he could not explain everything so soon, so he said, “Let’s go down first and talk about it later.”

They nodded. With that, the four of them went into the castle. Since it was lunchtime, the rest of the ladies were there too.  

Wearing puzzled and delighted expressions, they gathered around him.

An Xin was the first to hug Yang Chen. After kissing his cheek, she asked expectantly, “Hubby, why are you back here? Did you save Zhiqing?”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled in satisfaction when he realized she was in the Xiantian Full Cycle. “Not yet. I came back to deal with something and also check on everyone else. Darling, you’re very close to the Soul Forming stage. Good job.”

“It’s not just me! The others also have great improvements.” An Xin raised her brows proudly.

Scanning with his divine sense, Yang Chen realized the changes that had happened whilst he was away for the past two weeks.

Rose and Cai Ning had advanced into the pinnacle of the Soul Forming stage, and he wondered which type of heavenly tribulation they would go through. 

Mo Qianni, Liu Mingyu, Cai Yan, Tang Wan, and even Zhen Xiu, who started late, we’re now in the Xian Tian Full Cycle. 

With the support of Yang Chen’s pills, their advancement was terrifyingly quick. 

If the pills were given to people in the illusionary dimension, they would not dare to consume so much. However, since Yang Chen insisted that they improve their cultivation as soon as possible, the ladies could only eat them freely.

“Where’s Ruoxi? She’s not around?” Yang Chen asked when he couldn’t find Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan around.

“She went out with Lanlan early in the morning. We were about to call them since Lanlan should be hungry now,” Mo Qianni, who was wearing an apron, answered smilingly. 

Ever since they started living together, they had plenty of leisure time other than chatting with the islanders and cultivating. To kill time, those who were used to cooking at homes, such as Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu, started to take charge of the meals. 

Ron initially did not want to trouble them and wanted to hire some more cooks, but they rejected him.

Yang Chen nodded and introduced Su Xin to the other women. 

Su Xin had discovered his relationship with the women earlier on. Though she did not let it show, she was surprised that Xiao Zhiqing had fallen in love with a womanizer. 

Despite this, she did not think badly of Yang Chen since he was willing to save Xiao Zhiqing out of the illusionary dimension. No one was perfect. Besides, Yang Chen was better compared to those people in the hidden clan who kept their relationships hidden. 

Yang Chen did not explain further. Stopping Cai Ning, who intended to find Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan, he said, “Sit down and have lunch. I’ll bring them back.”

The ladies had no objections since they understood that he wanted to talk to the mother and daughter in private. 

After scanning with his divine sense, Yang Chen appeared at a hill. It was a scenic place with patches of yellow flowers. 

This was Seventeen’s grave, where he had brought Lin Ruoxi here before. 

Dressed in a white dress, Lin Ruoxi was standing before the grave quietly, as if deep in thought. Her smooth, long hair flowed along with the breeze. Her poise blended perfectly with the scenery that one would have held their breaths, afraid of disrupting the serenity. 

Meanwhile, Lanlan was squatting down and playing with a white wildflower. When she caught sight of Yang Chen, her eyes widened in surprise.


Like a wind, she jumped into his embrace. 

Lin Ruoxi regained her senses and looked at him, her eyes filled with joy and surprise. 

Yang Chen beamed and carried Lanlan. He landed kisses on her cheeks, causing the little girl to giggle in response. 

“It’s only been two weeks, but you feel heavier. Did you eat a lot on the island?” Yang Chen touched her round belly, worried that she would be obese if this went on. 

Fortunately, with the advancement of her cultivation, she should be able to eliminate the fats in her body with True Qi, so it would be temporary.

Yang Chen checked and realized Lanlan’s True Qi had advanced. She should be in the fifth level of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and should not be far from the Xiantian stage. 

Lanlan was able to achieve so much at a young age not only because of her talent but also because of the pills and her hard work. In other words, her foundation could not be compared to the women who used pills for a breakthrough. 

As for whether or not she could enter the Soul Forming and the Tribulation Passing stages with that complex cultivation technique as he did, Yang Chen was not certain. Even so, he wished his and Seventeen’s child would excel. 

“It's because I’m growing up. I’m not fat,” Lanlan muttered. 

Yang Chen pinched her cheeks. “Don’t give excuses. You’re only gaining weight, but you’re not getting taller. Well, since you didn’t slack off in your cultivation, eat to your heart’s content then.”

Lanlan giggled and asked sweetly, “Did you bring me a present?”

The little girl thought her father was out doing business and would bring her a present since that was what he always did. 

Yang Chen pondered and took out a silver bracelet from his space ring. There were inscriptions on it, but it looked pretty and exquisite. 

He had gotten this lower-ranked artifact from a female elder inside the Green Empire Tower. By activating it with True Yuan, the silver bracelet would release countless silver threads to bind cultivators below the Tribulation Passing stage. 

Since he would not have much use out of it, he might as well give it to Lanlan as a toy and jewelry. 

Since it was an artifact, the bracelet immediately resized upon coming into contact with Lanlan’s wrist. 

Although disappointed that it was not food, the little girl was still happy to receive the pretty jewelry, and she even gave him a few pecks on the cheek in gratitude. 

Lin Ruoxi stood by the side silently. As she watched the harmonious interaction between the father and daughter, a blissful smile tugged up the corner of her lips. 

She walked toward Yang Chen and glanced at the bracelet Lanlan was toying with. “This should be an artifact, right? It’s too wasteful to give it to Lanlan as a toy.”

Yang Chen chuckled. “How can it be wasteful when it’s a present for my daughter? Dear, if you want, I have plenty of them. I took them all from the illusionary dimension. I don’t need them since you’re all middle-ranked and lower-ranked artifacts, and I was planning to give them to you guys. Dear, you’re my wife, so how about I let you choose first?”

Lin Ruoxi gave him the side-eye. “‘Take’? I bet you killed and robbed them. They wouldn’t give you the artifacts willingly. Did you rescue Zhiqing? What happened there?”

Yang Chen looked in the direction of the castle and said, “I’ll tell you on our way back.”

Carrying Lanlan with one arm and holding Lin Ruoxi’s hand in the other, he strolled down the hill. The distance to the castle was not far, but most importantly, he enjoyed spending time with his wife and daughter. 

Especially after he had experienced so many dangerous situations in the illusionary dimension and the horrifying battle, Yang Chen came to appreciate a short peaceful time like this. 

While walking, he told Lin Ruoxi about the happenings in the illusionary dimension. Although they were extremely dangerous and grim, he recounted them in a rather nonchalant manner. 

Just like usual, Lin Ruoxi would respond with occasional nods or questions. 

On their way to the castle, the islanders would nod at him respectfully. 

Yang Chen greeted his old friends, and soon, they arrived below the castle. 

“Oh right, why did you think of bringing Lanlan to Seventeen’s grave? Don’t you feel uncomfortable?” After holding in curiosity for the whole time, he finally asked the question.