In actuality, Yang Chen wished the name Seventeen would be buried deep in her heart, and he would never need to bring it up to Lin Ruoxi. It was not that he had no courage to face it, but it was because he wanted to avoid any trouble. 

Their relationship was intimate enough, so the past should remain as the past. 

Lowering her head, Lin Ruoxi smiled. “She was Lanlan’s biological mother, so I thought I should let Lanlan stay around there for a while. Even if she wasn’t buried there, it would help for Lanlan to recognize her mother.”

Yang Chen was stunned. “You don’t feel bad?”

“No.” She shook her head “No matter what the past was, I’m the person beside you now. I’m the winner, right?”

He glanced at the little girl who had been listening to their conversation in a daze and said earnestly, “Your mommy is the most generous and kindest woman in the whole world. You have to be nice to her after you grow up, okay?”

Lanlan nodded seriously. “I’m a good kid.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. “I wonder who said he wanted to kill me before our child.”

Yang Chen froze and smiled sheepishly. “Haha, why did you bring that up? That’s because you fooled me. If you hadn’t been skeptical and put up the show, I wouldn’t have said those unreasonable words.”

Lin Ruoxi snorted and avoided his gaze. 

Yang Chen smacked his lips. “Dear, you can’t take it to heart. You know me; I can’t control my emotions. Even though I can restrain myself with my current cultivation, it’s not guaranteed. Think about it. I love you so much. Even if you killed me, I wouldn’t bear to hurt you.” 

For some reason, Lin Ruoxi’s hand that was in his grasp trembled. 

All of a sudden, Yang Chen realized her expression did not look good, and she was frowning as if she was in pain.

“Ruoxi, what’s wrong?” he asked worriedly. 

Lin Ruoxi turned to look at him, her gaze filled with unfathomable emotions. 

“I… Even if I try to kill you, you… you won’t hurt me?”

That stunned Yang Chen. The emotions in his eyes changed fleetingly, then he smiled. “That was it? I’m not one to go back on my words. Of course, I wouldn’t. You’re my wife and the mother of my child. How could I bring myself to hurt you? I wouldn’t let you get injured even if I die.”

Their eyes met, and they kept quiet for a long time. 

Finally, Yang Chen looked at the castle and said, “All right, Lanlan should be hungry. We’ll talk after lunch.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded coolly and followed him into the castle. 

In the extravagant dining hall, the ladies were sitting at the oval table, chattering as they entertained Su Xin. Occasionally, they would ask her what had happened. 

Once Yang Chen entered with Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan, they immediately joined them at the table. 

After a harmonious lunch, he had a brief understanding of the recent happenings on the island. 

The ladies had gotten used to staying here, though some of them were not staying here. 

Since Jane was part of the Wales royal family and had students all over the world, she left to deal with her research and teaching after entering the Soul Forming stage. Even if she was a cultivator, her passion was in science.

As for Hui Lin, her popularity skyrocketed. The worldwide concerts were still ongoing, and occasionally she would go for song recording. To her, she enjoyed the combination of work, life, and cultivation. When she had some free time, she would come to play with the ladies on the island. Suffice to say, she had an enjoyable time. 

Meanwhile, Li Jingjing was focused on her political career. With First’s help, she was doing well in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Seeing that the ladies had their things to do, Yang Chen felt at ease. Nonetheless, he could not relax fully as the plan to save Xiao Zhiqing had to go on. 

Now that he had wreaked havoc in the Xiao clan, he would have to be careful when entering the illusionary dimension again. However, since he had saved Su Xin out, he could get more information about the dimension from her. 

That whole afternoon, they all listened to Su Xin explaining all the information about the Luo clan. 

Through her explanation, they were shocked to discover that she was already in the sixties and had married once. However, her husband and child died in a battle with the Ning clan.

Well, in hindsight, she would have to have given birth to be Xiao Zhiqing’s nanny.

However, at the thought of Xiao Qiufeng mistreating a woman elder than him by twenty years, Yang Chen felt that he should have tortured him for some more time before killing him. 

“The Luo clan is said to have the most cultivators in the Ruo Water stage. Even the patriarch, Luo Qianqiu, was one of the top cultivators in the illusionary dimension. His cultivation is profound, at the pinnacle of the Ruo Water stage. His brother, Luo Qianli is not in a good relationship with him. Apparently, Luo Qianli was far more talented than Luo Qianqiu, but the latter plotted against him when he was going through the heavenly tribulation. He was almost crippled but fortunately, he managed to recover his cultivation and is now in the starting phase of the Ruo Water stage. The eldest elder in the Luo clan is Luo Feng. He’s in the middle phase of the Ruo Water stage and is not in a good relationship with Luo Qianqiu and Luo Qianli. That’s because his father was supposed to be the last patriarch, but Luo Qianqiu’s father. Judging from their age, their parents and grandparents might very well be still alive. They are Taishang elders with profound cultivation.”

Yang Chen’s head throbbed. He had a hard time dealing with Xiao Tingxu, who was in the middle phase of the Ruo Water stage. If he had to face more than three cultivators in the Ruo Water stage and even one in the pinnacle, it would take a few hundred strikes to even find a chance to kill them. 

“I heard the Luo clan’s cultivation technique is the strongest of the three major clans? Could you explain it?” Yang Chen asked.  

Su Xin said solemnly, “The three major hidden clans have cultivation techniques that can only be trained by the direct descendant. You’ve witnessed the Xiao’s clan’s ‘Aoki Xuanxin Sutra’ is a wood-type technique with both defensive and offensive properties. It also has a strong healing effect. The Ning clan has the ‘Taibai True Yuan Force’. It’s a metal-type technique that’s ferocious and domineering. It is rumored to be inherited from the Great Ancient times from their ancestors, the White Emperor. As for the Luo clan’s technique, it’s the most mystical and powerful one, called ‘Luotian Sutra’. It’s a technique that strengthens True Yuan. Other than being very destructive, they could also manipulate the other cultivation techniques of the five elements. Apparently, Luo Qianqiu has perfected the technique. For most cultivation moves, he can impersonate about 70% after a first glance. Once he knows about a technique, he can learn it easily. Well, provided that the technique isn’t as superior as the Luotian Sutra. Besides, their collection of cultivation techniques far surpasses the whole illusionary dimension. Only the combined collection of the Ning and Xiao clans could compete with them.”

“That’s troublesome,” Yang Chen muttered, touching his chin. “If I guessed correctly, Luo Qianqiu knows me more than I know him. If I go to the Luo clan, I’ll be exposed after a long time. If I can find out Qing’er’s location beforehand, it’ll be far simpler than performing a thorough search… Oh right, Su Xin, is the area of the Luo residence equally big as the Xiao clan?”

Su Xin smiled resignedly. “Yes. You’ve seen the vastness of the illusionary dimension. The three major clans have thousands of people, so the area of their residence is immensely large. The Luo clan used white jade to construct their building, consisting of countless hidden arrays. It’s the most strongest and impenetrable residence amongst the three major clans. I’m just a servant, so I didn’t have the opportunity to walk around the residence. That’s all I can tell you. I’m sorry.”

Yang Chen waved his hands as a gesture to comfort her. Su Xin tried her best, and the rest was up to him. How should I infiltrate the Luo residence and find Qing’er?

At the thought of something, he turned to look at Cai Ning. “Ning’er, your master’s daughter, Wang Shu, isn’t she part of the Wang clan? The clan is affiliated with the Luo clan. Is she still in the Tang Sect?”