Cai Ning hesitated when she heard his question. After a long silence, she sighed and said, “My master asked me to hide it from you, but now that you’ve asked, I can only tell you the truth. Wang Shu… She disappeared.”

“Disappeared?!” Yang Chen was startled as confusion filled his gaze. 

“Yes,” she said sorrowfully. “A few days after we left Tang Sect, she disappeared. My master also doesn’t know where she went, and she’s nowhere to be found. My master was in a bad mood and only told me after a week. She didn’t want me to tell you, saying that you’ve helped us a lot and that we shouldn’t distract you anymore.”

Yang Chen was surprised that Tang Luyi could be so thoughtful when her daughter went missing again. Any ordinary woman would have lost their mind, but she was still rational and considerate.

He had some speculations about Wang Shu’s disappearance but decided not to say anything since he did not have any proof.

“It seems like I won’t be able to rely on the affiliated clans to sneak into the Luo clan.” Yang Chen frowned. If he did not have a proper identity, he would be busted easily when he walked around in search of Xiao Zhiqing. 

Su Xin comforted, “You don’t have to feel anxious. The Luo clan might have abducted Ms. Zhiqing, but they won’t do anything outrageous to her. After all, they need her Nine Yin Meridian. Besides, they are not as capable as you, so they won’t dare to take advantage of her. At most, she would suffer physical torment, but I’m sure she can tolerate it.”

Yang Chen thought it made sense. Since the people in the illusionary dimension could not use the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to resist against the Nine Yin Meridian, they would assault her sexually. Nonetheless, the thought of Xiao Zhiqing getting hurt still made his heartache for her. 

“All right. Hubby, don’t be reckless. Mull over it before you return to the illusionary dimension. We would have hoped to enter the dimension with you if our cultivation was sufficient,” Rose said resignedly.

He nodded. “Don’t worry. I’m not a brash person. I’ll rest for a day and go back to the illusionary dimension tomorrow. I already have a rough plan in mind.”

Hearing that, the ladies did not ask further. Even though they felt unsettled, they knew the rescue of Xiao Zhiqing could not be delayed. Hence, it was not appropriate to ask him to stay for a couple more days. 

Since he would stay overnight on the island, Yang Chen took out the artifacts and cultivation techniques he had stolen from the Xiao clan and divided them into the ladies according to their conditions. 

For Cai Ning and Rose, they could learn one or two upper-ranked cultivation techniques while the others could refer to some for a breakthrough. 

As he obtained many space rings, he even gave one to each of them. The ladies were thrilled to receive it since it was both an accessory and a portable storage unit. 

After dinner, Yang Chen went to the basement to concoct pills. 

Now that he had gotten a large number of herbs, he could concoct thousands of pills above the middle rank. If the Xiao clan members were to make them, they would only succeed in making a few hundred pills. However, Yang Chen would not waste a single ingredient. 

As the number of times, he concocted pills increased, Yang Chen’s speed was already terrifyingly quick.

The Chaos Cauldron had become more powerful and contained a rich source of spiritual energy, enhancing the function of the pills.     

According to “Lady Tushan’s Golden Pill Records”, Yang Chen chose a few pills that would aid to boost the cultivation of those in the Soul Forming and Tribulation Passing stages and also strengthen the physique. They were all prepared for the ladies since he did not need them. 

Once the pills were completed, he categorized them and left the basement. By then, it was already three o’clock in the morning. 

Yang Chen looked at the bedrooms on the second floor. Those rooms were more spacious and were chosen by the ladies. They even put their names on their doors.

From afar, he felt like the names were like devils, enticing him to succumb to pleasure. 

If he were not worried about Xiao Zhiqing, Yang Chen would have chuckled from bliss. It seems like I’m not too far from my dream of sleeping in a big bed with all of them. 

At the master bedroom where Lin Ruoxi was staying, there was no name on it, because she did not need it. 

Although it was only for one night, he did not plan on letting them have a good night’s sleep. Thinking that he should please his wife first, he leaped to the master bedroom.

As soon as he pushed open the door, his face fell. 

Lin Ruoxi was sleeping on the bed, her womanly figure visible under the white silk nightgown. To his dismay, Lanlan was sleeping in Lin Ruoxi’s embrace with her mouth open. 

Why did she sleep with her mother again!?

Yang Chen was almost in tears. I need to arrange a princess-themed room for her. Wang Ma is on the island anyway; I can have her take care of Lanlan. Never mind. It’s just one night. I’ll look for the others then. 

After sweeping his gaze across his wife’s figure, he shut the door lightly. 

Standing in the corridor, he checked with his divine sense and found out most of the women were asleep except for An Xin. 

Coincidentally, he had been feeling sorry for not spending time with her for a long time. Following his heart, he went to An Xin’s room, opened the door, and went in. 

The darkroom was well decorated with pink and rose colors. Her pleasant scent filled the air, stimulating his senses. 

To his surprise, An Xin was sitting on the bed, wearing cotton pajamas. She was focused on her cultivation and did not even notice his presence. 

Yang Chen watched her silently until she was done cultivating.

Sending another person’s breathing in her room, An Xin opened her eyes. A surprised look appeared on her face when she saw Yang Chen standing before her. 

“Hubby, why are you here? Are you done concocting the pills?”

“Yeah.” He sat on the bed and pulled her into his arms. After landing a kiss on her lips, he asked, “Darling, you’re so hardworking. Everyone else is asleep, and you’re still cultivating.” 

She pouted and murmured, “I don’t have a choice. I’m not smart. Everyone else is more talented than me. My cultivation improves so slowly, and I’m not good at fighting. I don’t want to be a burden to everyone else. If everyone else enters the Soul Forming stage, and I’m still in the Xiantian stage, I’ll be different…”

“Hey, don’t speak nonsense. Why would you be different? I don’t choose women based on their cultivation stage. You all will forever be my beloved.” Yang Chen patted her butt, feigning anger. 

An Xin shuddered and moved closer to him. Snuggling his chest, she enjoyed being in his embrace. 

“Hubby, I believe in you, but you’re not an ordinary person. We’re all worried since you’re going to the illusionary dimension by yourself. It’s a dangerous place, but we can’t do anything about it since our cultivation is still lacking. But that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way forever. Sister Rose, Sister Cai Ning, and even Hui Lin and Jane are now at the pinnacle of the Soul Forming stage and will be entering the Tribulation Passing stage anytime soon. Then they would be able to help you. Yanyan and Sister Qianni cultivate at a faster rate than I. They also learn fast and are talented in fighting. Sister Tang Wan and Sister Mingyu might not show their cultivation much, but their Xiantian True Qi is much purer than ours. I’m sure it has to do with their mindset and life experiences. Zhenxiu, who started later than me, is also catching up. I’m the only dumb one. I’m afraid I’ll soon lag behind and become a burden to everyone else. I’ll be disheartened if that happens…”

Yang Chen felt his heartache for her. It seemed her frustration had been pent up for a long time. 

His grasp around her waist tightened, and he said gently, “Darling, when did you become so timid? The An Xin that I remember is always confident and brave. She even plotted a scheme to trick me for the sake of her own belief. If you become a timid person who indulges in self-pity, I wouldn’t like you. Do you understand, you silly girl…”

In the dark, various emotions flashed across her eyes. Eventually, she looked up at him with an affectionate gaze. 

All of a sudden, she beamed at him. Her smile was so vibrant that it felt as if flowers were blooming around her.  

“Hubby, I don’t want to cultivate anymore. I think I found something else more suitable for me to do.” Her eyes glinted with playfulness as she spoke. 

Yang Chen was stunned. “Huh? What- Mm!”

Before he could finish his sentence, An Xin pounced at him and kissed him passionately.