Yang Chen was most puzzled about An Xin’s green iris from earlier on, and he could not help but ask, “Darling, do you feel anything weird in your eyes?”

An Xin was so elated that tears welled up in her eyes. She shook her head and replied, “My eyes? What’s wrong with them?”

Then, he recounted what he saw which worried her. 

“I don’t know what happened just now, but I thought that it felt blissful and comfy to be with you. I wanted to love you more and more. Then I had this weird feeling. I don’t even know what I was thinking about, but when I came back to my senses, this happened.”

She tried hard to recall but to no avail…

Yang Chen contemplated for a moment and smirked. “All right. How about we try it again and see if we can integrate our Yin and Yang again like just now.”

“Huh?” Her face crimsoned again upon hearing his words. Despite giving him the side-eye, she still nodded her head obediently.

The man did not waste any more time and readied himself for another journey of pleasure. 

As they made love in the bed, the feeling he once experienced did not happen, much to his surprise. 

It was as if everything that happened previously was all his hallucinations. 

Nonetheless, An Xin was more attractive to him now that she had entered the Soul Forming stage. The alluring look and moans she let out were all the more irresistible. 

By the time they finished, it was already daybreak. Fortunately, they did not need to rest and were feeling very invigorated. 

When the rest of the ladies awoke, they were surprised and delighted to learn that An Xin was already in the Soul Forming stage. 

Shortly after, odd expressions resembling shyness and envy appeared on their faces upon realizing how and when she reached a breakthrough. 

Despite that, Yang Chen had no time to test it on each of them one by one. He speculated that it had something to do with An Xin’s unique physique, but he had no way to get to the bottom of it. 

After handing the newly concocted pills to the ladies, he hugged and bade them goodbye. Then, he headed to where Wang Ma lived to reassure her before leaving. 


The Ning clan was located at the south of the illusionary dimension. Compared to the other major clans or even all the hidden clans in the dimension, the architecture of their building complex was modern. 

That was because they possessed the greatest influence in the mundane world and always kept up with the latest trends. 

The buildings comprise skyscrapers made of concrete and rebar or even steel frames and some western-style mansions for the bigwigs. 

In the middle of the area was a forty-odd stories high-rise building. At that moment, a man in his thirties was in a huge office located on the top floor.

He was wearing a blazer and skinny jeans and seemed to be around 170 cm tall.

Standing before his desk were two men. One was dressed in a white robe. He was none other than Ning Zhengchun.

The other bearded man was burly and tall and was wearing a checkered shirt with dress pants. Compared to the other man, he seemed more solemn. 

“Big Brother, the Xiao clan is in turmoil now and is looking for clues related to Yang Chen throughout the illusionary dimension. Should we carry out the next part of our plan?” Ning Zhengchun smiled sinisterly.

The short man was the patriarch of the Ning clan, Ning Zhengfeng.

Narrowing his eyes, he asked with an unfathomable expression on his face, “Are you sure that Xiao Tingxu has died?“

“Yes. She didn’t have a body left. Yang Chen’s Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture sure is quite terrifying,” Ning Zhengchun replied, showing greed to covet someone else’s belonging.

“Big Brother, aren’t we being too reckless by opposing Yang Chen? He’s like a lunatic and has many sneaky methods on hand. He even impersonated Xiao Qiufeng and killed Xiao Tingxu,” the bearded man said. He was the second son of the Ning clan, Ning Zhenggang.

“Hah, if we don’t do anything, the Luo clan will be a step ahead of us. Even though Xiao Tingxu was in the Ruo water stage, it was just the middle-phase and she fought Yang Chen alone. No matter how powerful Yang Chen is, he has his limits. Soon, he’ll realize he can’t handle everything on his own, and that is when we will benefit from it.” Ning Zhengfeng said. 

“Smart move. All we need to do next is share Yang Chen’s information with the Xiao clan, and they would gather those old monsters to confront him. When that happens, Yang Chen would need our help to ensure his and his family’s safety.” Ning Zhengchun smirked. 

“The best ending would be Yang Chen wreaking havoc at the Luo clan, but he ended up going to the Xiao clan. Otherwise, the Luo clan would be the one suffering a huge blow.” Ning Zhengfeng found it a pity.

“Big Brother, don’t worry. The Luo clan caught Xiao Zhiqing, so sooner or later Yang Chen would wage war against them. Besides, when the Xiao clan initiates a battle against Yang Chen, we can send Ning Guangyao to help him and have him join our side. To save himself, he would give us the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. When that happens, we will have an elite in the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage. We wouldn’t even need to take the Luo clan seriously. Luo Qianqiu might not be able to defeat Third Sister in the first place. If given the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, you and she might enter the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage. By then, the three major clans will no longer exist in the illusionary dimension!” Ning Zhengchun smiled at his brother complaisantly.

Ning Zhengfeng tugged his lips into a smile, but there was a weird glint in his eyes. “Zhenggang, is Third Sister done with the isolation training?”

Ning Zhenggang answered honestly, “No, she said she isn’t sure when it will end and will come out when she thinks the time is right.”

“Never mind. We don’t need her for the time being.” Ning Zhengfeng nodded. Facing Ning Zhengchun, he said, “Four Brother, you can handle this matter. Be careful not to alert the Xiao clan. I don’t want them to know we are the ones who leaked the news. If you do a good job, you have the merits!”

“Understood. Be rest assured!” Ning Zhengchun was overjoyed as he replied. 


At the northeastern side of the illusionary was the Luo fortress. 

The white jade buildings shone brightly under the sun. 

However, where light existed, darkness, too, lurked. 

In a small storage room within a pill concocting room, cold stones covered the floor and walls.

The only source of light came from the small window. It was the only ray of warmth and hope.

There were no herbs in the storage room, but that did not mean the room was empty. 

The stone door was opened, and a handsome man dressed in black whose hair reached till his ears walked in. It was none other than Luo Hang.

The figure that was lying beneath the ray of sunlight cowered back into the corner.  

Clanking sounds were heard as the metal chain scratched against the floor. 

Her limbs were bound by heavy chains, her clothes were dirty, and her hair was messy. Even her soles were black. The shoes that once covered those delicate feet were nowhere to be found. 

Luo Hang sniggered as he approached the woman and stared down at her. “My, my, my, what’s wrong with you, my dear fiancée? Why are you so afraid of seeing me?”

Xiao Zhiqing hugged herself and buried her head between her legs. Despite her silence, her trembling body had betrayed her fear. 

Luo Hang’s smile became even more venomous. “Why? Are you afraid of seeing me? But I rejected two beautiful women to see you. Raise your head and let me see your face.”

Xiao Zhiqing remained silent. 

“Eh, why are you doing this? Trying to protect yourself? But I’ve long said that I’m not interested in you. You’re a b*tch who’s already tainted by a bastard. As a human, naturally I do not have any desire toward you. Besides, no other man would dare to bed you since they are afraid you’ll kill them with your Nine Yin Meridian. You’re safe here. What do you think?”

Seeing that Xiao Zhiqing continued remaining stubbornly quiet, he narrowed his eyes and kicked her, causing her to roll across the floor.