Xiao Zhiqing let out a yelp in pain. Even though the kick did not have any True Yuan, it still hurt immensely since she did not have any cultivation. 

Kneeling on the ground, she held back her tears with her head lowered.

“I’m asking you a question! Are you deaf?!” Luo Hang reached out his leg to kick her again. 

The strong blow sent her flying backward and she crashed onto the stone wall.

“Ah!” she shrieked and coughed out a mouthful of blood. 

Her clothes were drenched in her own blood, from her cough and whip wounds. 

Dashing forward, he held her chin and raised her face.

As soon as he saw her face, he laughed maniacally.

Someone had slashed her with a sharp object, leaving two terrifying wounds on it. 

It seemed like a pitchfork was on her face. Underneath the scar was scabbing flesh, stretching from her forehead to her chin. It was fortunate that her eyes were unharmed. 

The person had deliberately avoided her eyes so that she could see her face in the mirror. 

For a woman like her who could not cultivate, her face was the only source of her confidence. Now that it was destroyed, the devastation it caused was unbearable to any person. 

“Haha! Ugly woman, look at you. Look at you! Even if you were thrown to the streets, the beggars wouldn’t even want to touch you. You're like a disfigured corpse; maggots could grow on you at any time. I’d like to see the expression on that bastard Yang Chen’s face when he sees you in this state. Ah, surely it’ll change from shock, fear, terror to disgust. A normal man couldn’t possibly be with an ugly beast like you.”

Luo Hang’s words were like daggers that stabbed into her heart. 

It was not the first time Xiao Zhiqing was on the brink of insanity. 

If it were the old her, she would have hit her head against the wall. 

However, after experiencing what it was like to be loved and cared for, she convinced herself that there was still hope. For Yang Chen, for her mother, she had to live on. 

With tearful eyes, she glared at him. The hatred in them was so strong and undisguised, threatening to materialize and strangle him. 

Luo Hang cackled. “Why? Do you hate me? Fine, hate me all you want. I love it when you can only glare at me and do nothing. This is what happens if you defy me. The woman I’ve chosen. Even if I won’t sleep with her, she’s not allowed to be with another man. You’re the first who has made me feel this way, and the only one, the last one. Xiao Zhiqing, your man still hasn’t saved you yet. It looks like he's not coming over. Oh, I won’t hide this from you. I received news yesterday that an intruder resembling Yang Chen appeared in the Xiao clan. He even fought with the Taishang elder and killed one. The Xiao clan views him as their mortal enemy and soon, he’ll be surrounded by cultivators in the Ruo Water stage. He won’t be able to survive from it, let alone save you. Heh, sooner or later, he’ll be imprisoned like you. Oh, no, you’ll be more miserable than him. He’ll die immediately while you, you will be continuously tortured by me…”

Panic and worry flashed across her eyes. She knew Yang Chen must have come to the illusionary dimension for her and caused the ruckus. 

If that was true, she would be touched, but at the same time, she would rather that he would not come. 

After all, she knew it was impossible to fight against the hidden clans by himself. 

Besides, if Yang Chen came to the Luo clan, she would be used as the trump card to subdue him. 

Xiao Zhiqing wanted to die but was afraid that Yang Chen would still show up, not knowing that she was dead.  If that happened, her death would be in vain. 

At the thought of this, she sobbed, on the verge of breaking down. 

Compared to his safety, she couldn't care less about her face or her fragile body. 

Probably because she was too distressed, the toxin in her meridians started taking effect. Like insects nibbling on her organs, the pain caused her to cry. 

Ever since she was brought back here, Luo Hang disfigured her, whipped her, and stuffed the pills that needed to be tested down her throat. 

The Nine Yin Meridian which was originally suppressed by Yang Chen was once again activated. The additional toxins only made matters worse. 

Every day, she would be tortured by the toxin. After she fell asleep from exhaustion, another round of pain would wake her up. 

The Luo clan knew she would not live long, so they did not hold back, stuffing her with new pills all the time and observing her reaction. 

Heading the raspy groans, Luo Hang knew the toxins were taking effect, which made him feel exhilarated.

Suddenly, door-knocking sounds were heard. 

Soon, a middle-aged man wearing a purple robe and a white jade headwear walked in with a dignified aura.

“Luo Hang, let her go!” the man ordered. 

Luo Hang frowned when he saw the man, but he still let the wriggling Xiao Zhiqing go.

“Elder, you sure came at a perfect time. Who told you I’m here this time?” he said in displeasure. 

That middle-aged man was the eldest elder in the Luo clan, Luo Feng.

As Luo Qianqiu and he were never on good terms, naturally, Luo Hang was not fond of him. 

Luo Feng snorted. “Xiao Zhiqing is our test subject, not your toy. You’ve already disfigured her and beat her up badly. She’s half-dead now. So what are you doing here again?!”

Luo Hang pursed his lips. “Elder, I’m just here to check if she’s still alive. I’m not doing anything else.”

“Then what is that bloodstain by her mouth? I know what you’ve done! If you ruin our test subject just for your personal reason, know that you’re affecting our whole clan! Even your father can’t help you, and you’ll have to bear the punishment!” Luo Feng berated. 

No matter how unwilling he was to back down, Luo Hang did not have a choice. After all, Luo Feng was in the Ruo Water stage and had the most authority in the Elders Association. Not even Luo Qianqiu dared to defy him openly, let alone Luo Hang.

After glaring at Xiao Zhiqing, he walked out of the stone chamber. 

Luo Feng glanced at her and released some True Yuan on her. It could suppress the toxins by a little, reducing the pain she was feeling. 

However, he did not do it out of compassion. Rather, he did not want the test subject to be ruined. Once that was done, he left the chamber in a flash.

Xiao Zhiqing lay on the cold floor, her heart thumping loudly in her chest. Cold sweat covered her ghastly pale face, and it seemed like she was hardly breathing.

After some time, the door to the stone chamber was opened again. A svelte figure crept into the room, wearing a peach red dress and a butterfly clip on her head. It was none other than Luo Xiaoxiao.

Seeing Xiao Zhiqing lying on the floor weakly, Luo Xiaoxiao’s eyes flashed with guilt and pain. She ran forward, squatted down, and held a red pill by Xiao Zhiqing’s mouth. 

“Sister Zhiqing, this is to cure your injuries. You’ll feel better after eating this. Here, eat it,” she said, her voice laced with concern. 

Yet, Xiao Zhiqing managed to muster the strength to swat her hand away. The pill flew across the chamber. 

“Stop… pretending to be… a good person… Everyone… in the Xiao clan… is evil…” Xiao Zhiqing shot her a malicious look. 

Feeling aggrieved, Luo Xiaoxiao bit her lip and ran to pick up the pill. This time, she opened Xiao Zhiqing’s mouth and forced it down her throat. 

It was not her first time feeding medicine to her. If it were not for Luo Xiaoxiao’s help, Xiao Zhiqing’s wounds would not have healed so fast.

However, in Xiao Zhiqing’s eyes, Luo Xiaoxiao was the same as Luo Feng. They only wanted her to live longer so that they could test out more pills. 

Luo Xiaoxiao did not bother to explain further since she knew Xiao Zhiqing would not trust her. After helping her to clear her meridian and digest the medicine, she stood up to leave. 

When she was at the doorway, she said sombrely, “Sister Zhiqing, I know you hate me, and I don’t blame you because my dad and brother have done terrible stuff to you… But please believe me. I wasn’t the one who disclosed your information. I swear I never wanted to hurt anyone.”

Having said that, she ran out of the chamber with a crimson face. 

Xiao Zhiqing lay silently in the stone chamber for a long time. 

When the ray of sunlight shone on her face, her scar itched terribly, and she reached out to scratch. 

However, just as she was about to touch her skin, her hand froze midair, and she put her shaking arm down.

A sigh escaped her lips, and she mumbled, “Hubby, what should I do? I want to die, but I miss you. But I’m afraid of seeing you… What should I do?”