"Of course I believe in the two of you." Xiao Mohui smiled sinisterly. "I'm not particularly afraid of him. Even if he does have an illegitimate son, his cultivation is inferior to mine. Moreover, I have the support of the Xu clan. Although my brother married the Xu clan's daughter, he failed to win her heart…"

"With Xu Shaogong on your side, I believe you have a high chance of succeeding in the position of the patriarch. Our patriarch favors Xu Shaogong. Although his character is bad, the people he admires must be capable." At the mention of his elder brother Luo Qianqiu, various emotions crossed Luo Qianli's face. It seemed like he disdained him, but at the same time, he was in awe of him. 

Xiao Mohui grinned and said, "Brother Qianli, don't worry. With the Devil Beast Blood passed down in my clan from the Great Ancient times, it won't take long for you to overthrow that evil person who has ruined your life. When that happens, the Luo Clan will be under the control of you and Brother Luo Feng…"

After hearing this, Luo Qianli and Luo Feng both laughed out loud. Xiao Mohui followed suit, acting like three good pals.

Yang Chen, who heard all this from afar, was confused. What is the Devil Beast Blood? It seems like something they are going to use to deal with Luo Qianqiu. Is it very powerful?

The more he listened to the three men's laughter, the more disgusted he felt. None of them were sincere people, each with their agenda. Well, as the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together, so it was likely that they had already done quite a few misdeeds to wreck each other's clan.

Their ultimate goal, of course, was to climb to the position of authority.

As for the schemes and deceptions, that would be something they would consider after they got up there.

After Xiao Mohui had achieved his goal, he was prepared to leave. Before doing so, he remembered something and asked, "By the way, do you know the origin of that thief, the sworn enemy of our clan? If you know, please tell me."

Luo Feng and Luo Qianli shook their heads and shrugged.

Xiao Mohui was a little disappointed. If he found out who that person really was, he could take credit for it in the clan.

After talking over the details of the things that needed to be done, Xiao Mohui quickly left the snowy forest. Although it was so deserted that not many people would come here, he still had to be careful.

Once he was out of sight, Luo Feng and Luo Qianli looked at each other, then threw their heads back and laughed.

"Elder, if the Xiao clan is handed over to Xiao Mohui, I don't think it would be difficult for our clan to annex him. He's as dumb as a mule." Luo Qianli sneered.

Luo Feng opened the box in his hand and laughed as he looked at the pills inside." If he's as difficult to deal with as that brother of his, we wouldn't feel relieved enough to make a deal with him. If this lineage of the Xiao clan isn't replaced, they will soon reach their end…"

"What I can't figure out the most is that they don't even know who that brat is. Although the Xiao clan doesn't have much power in the mundane world, that guy made so much of a risk to save a nanny who's in the Soul Forming stage. It's obvious that it must have something to do with Xiao Zhiqing, so it's simply a joke that they even sent people all over the Illusionary dimension to look for him. "

"Let them be. When they find out that Yang Chen did all that, they will spend a lot of effort to deal with him. No matter who loses and who wins, it will only do us good, isn't it?" Luo Feng chuckled.

Luo Qianli stroked his white hair and mused, "Judging from that Yang Chen's methods, he should be in the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage without a doubt. It would be good if this madman keeps tangling with the Xiao clan, but if he comes to our Luo clan, it could be a problem."

"Hmph, why are you afraid of him? Even if there's a problem, it's none of our concern. Luo Qianqiu has always been a prideful man. He's the patriarch, the top ten elite in the illusionary dimension, so of course, he'll take the lead. It's best to have him fight with Yang Chen so that we can sit back and reap the benefits".

They laughed triumphantly as they talked about this and soon led their men out of the snowy forest.

Yang Chen was still hiding behind the snowy slope. He had considered using the Chaos Cauldron to suck up those lackeys before intercepting the two Run Water cultivators himself and slaughtering them.

However, after an internal struggle, he did not go over recklessly. For one, this place was close to the Luo clan, and secondly, he did not know if those two had any powerful artifacts and how strong they were. If he failed to kill them quickly and they escaped back to the Luo clan, Xiao Zhiqing's life would be hanging by a thread.

However, he had also figured out a plan. Since he had met Luo Feng and Luo Qianli, it would not be difficult for him to sneak into the Luo clan anymore.

By the time nightfall came, the stars in the sky were sparse.

Yang Chen transformed into Luo Feng's appearance and swaggered over to the Luo Clan, still concealing his cultivation, of course.

Looking at the vast building complex made of countless white jade, he could not help but marvel at the terrifying wealth of clans that existed for tens of thousands of years. This was not something that could be compared to those so-called traditional noble clans in the mundane world; it was a whole other world's standard of wealth.

In the guise of Luo Feng, Yang Chen arrived at one of the nearest passages near the walls, and a man wearing a black ancient warrior costume, and the armband of the Luo clan's guards fell to his knees in shock. He was in the late phase of the Soul Forming stage.

"Grand Elder!?" The man was startled. Why would Grand Elder Luo Feng appear here in the middle of the night, let alone on foot.

As if he was disturbed, Yang Chen stood still and frowned. "Why are you panicking?"

"M-My apologies, Sir. I just didn't expect the Grand Elder to come here to make his rounds." The man's body shivered a bit as he said. 

Yang Chen waved his hand, "Get up. What's your name?"

" My-My name is Chen Li."

"How many years have you been in the clan?" Yang Chen asked.

"Thirteen years, been a guard for seven years now," Chen Li replied respectfully.

Yang Chen nodded and said, "Very good. You're diligent and loyal. Come with me to a place; I have something to reward you with."

When Chen Li heard this, he was overjoyed. Unable to detect the slightest suspicion in Yang Chen, he nodded his head vigorously.

Yang Chen led the way, flying without haste towards a forest on the outskirts of the Luo clan, and waited until he was some distance away from the Luo clan before stopping.

Chen Li was puzzled, wondering why he would bring him this far for a reward. However, he dared not raise his objection and kept following him.

Yang Chen turned around, the corners of his mouth tugged up slightly as he asked straightforwardly, "Chen Li, do you know that the young master has captured a woman named Xiao Zhiqing before?"

"Xiao Zhiqing?" Chen Li thought for a moment and said," If you're referring to the woman from the Xiao clan, I have heard about her, but I am only a guard, so I'm not sure about the details."

"Do you know where she is now and how is her condition?" Yang Chen asked.

Chen Li said awkwardly, "Grand Elder… Why are you asking me these things? I'm just a guard. Isn't this something that only an honored and great person like you, Grand Elder, can know?"

Yang Chen sighed. This guy's status is too low to know about such things. But then again, it makes sense that not everyone knows about Xiao Zhiqing's matter as it's not something honorable.

"Chen Li, are you allowed to go anywhere in the Luo clan?" he continued to ask.

"Uh…" Chen Li was astounded. "Grand Elder, why… why are you asking me these questions? I'm just a guard. Without permission, there are many places that I cannot go. Oh, are you trying to ask if I have any dissatisfactions? No, no, absolutely not. I know my place. It is only right that I can't go in and out of the main hall and the residence of the masters!"

Yang Chen felt regretful that this guy's position was too low, but he could only make do with it for a while.

"Sorry, buddy. Too bad that you're working for the Luo clan." Yang Chen smiled wickedly as his figure suddenly disappeared!

Chen Li opened his mouth in surprise, and a True Yuan ran through the back of his head, killing him instantly.

After Yang Chen stripped Chen Li of all his clothes, he burned his corpse cleanly, changed into Chen Li's appearance, adjusted his cultivation to match the guards, and returned to the Luo clan.

Yang Chen was not going to be a meek guard, so he acted naturally and started to "patrol" from the outside to the inside.

Previously, when he was in the Xiao clan, he dared not use his divine sense to search around for Xiao Zhiqing for fear of being found suspicious. It was the same for this time. Though the Blinding Leaf could conceal everything about himself, it could not cover the divine sense he actively spread out.

Therefore, Yang Chen could only use Chen Li's identity. Whenever he came across some cultivators on guard and patrol, he tried to get close to them and probe for information. To his dismay, these cultivators on watch were supposed to prevent petty thieves, so they would not know any important inside information. It would be futile to ask.

Just as Yang Chen was about to continue to approach the center of the Luo clan, a deep voice called out to him from behind, "Stop right there."