Luo Lei was frightened. He struggled to try to get away but it was to no avail. Even though every single ounce of True Yuan had been used, he was still no match for the power of Chaos Cauldron.

“Who…who are you?! Let go of me!”

Luo Lei was so mad that his face turned red. He had never screamed to ask his opponents to let him go, at least not in his two hundred years of life.

Yang Chen did not bother about him. Noticing the guards that came along wanting to escape, he dashed at them. A long spear with purplish fire was formed in his hands and he tossed it forward.

All five cultivators with cultivation in Soul Forming Stage and Li Fire Stage were completely burned into ashes instantly before they could run away.

After seeing such a scene, Luo Lei gave up the thought of escaping. Yang Chen’s overwhelming power reminded him of the leader of the Luo family, Luo Qianqiu.

Once Yang Chen had confirmed there were no other people, he stood in front of Luo Lei. Staring at the old man who was being locked by the Chaos Cauldron, he smirked. “I think I heard them calling you old housekeeper. So, I guess you’re Luo Lei?”

“What if I’m?! How dare you trespass into the Luo family’s fortress and attack me! If you’re smart enough, you better let go of me! No matter how good you are, you’ll never beat our master of Luo family!” Luo Lei was shouting out loud.

“Haha, that’s funny. You’re about to kill me and you want me to let you go? Did your brain rusted as you aged?” Yang Chen’s smile faded away and said with much killing intention. “If you wish to live, do as I say. You gotta answer my questions honestly. Once I’m done, I’ll abolish your cultivation and let you go. If not, I could just squeeze you into nothingness!”

Grinding his teeth, Luo Lei once again tried to get himself off from the control of Chaos Cauldron. No matter the countless times banging into the greyish wall of Power of Chaos, it was no use.

Even though he was in the middle of the Ming Water Stage, Yang Chen was at the full cycle of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning and had the legendary artifact level weapon, the Chaos Cauldron. Not even a cultivator with the Ruo Water Stage could not escape the Chaos Cauldron without another legendary artifact. So, does he think he could escape when he is at the Ming Water Stage? 

“Stop trying your luck. I could just kill you in a blink of an eye.” Yang Chen said contemptuously.

Myriad thoughts flashed through Luo Lei’s mind and he asked after much hesitation. “Will you really let me go if I answer your questions?”

“I’m a man of promise. I’ll only abolish your cultivation.” Yang Chen replied.

Luo Lei thought to himself. Even if I get my cultivation abolished, I manage to keep myself alive. I could at least live after serving the Luo family for the past hundred years. Besides, I could just cultivate from the beginning again.

Luo Lei made up his mind and nodded. “Okay, ask away!”

Yang Chen was glad and said, “Did the Luo family catch Xiao Zhiqing from the Xiao family?”

“Huh?” Luo Lei did not expect such questions from Yang Chen as he thought he would be asking some secret techniques of the Luo family. Frowned, he asked. “So that’s your question? Why did you ask about her? Are you from the Xiao family?”

“Keep the bullsh*t. I’ll ask you again. Where is Xiao Zhiqing? How is she now?” Yang Chen tried to keep his calm.

An idea popped up in Luo Lei’s mind and he smirked, “Are you trying to save Xiao Zhiqing? Heh, if you want to save her, you better not touch me. If I die, she will die for sure!”

Luo Lei thought he could get back the upper hand through such a lie.

However, Yang Chen was no kind man. He turned mad after the old man tried to threaten him.

Suddenly, Yang Chen kept away the Chaos Cauldron and grabbed Luo Lei’s throat!

Under the overwhelming True Yuan, Luo Lei had no chance of resisting!

“God damn it, how dare you, a mere prisoner threaten me! Do you think I’m some three-year-old kid that you can fool easily?!”

Yang Chen’s murderous intention filled the atmosphere in just a second, sending chills down Luo Lei’s spine. He almost peed in his pants as he never experienced such a level of murderous intention. There was no killing demon in the Illusion realm. Only someone that had taken millions of lives could have such a great level of killing intent!

Just when Luo Lei was about to beg for forgiveness, Yang Chen grabbed his left arm.


Yang Chen tore the old man’s left arm directly from the shoulder. Blood was splashed everywhere as he held it high.


Samadhi True Fire emerged. A cloud of white gold flames burned the arm into ashes instantly!


Only then, Luo Lei came to realize it. Seeing his own arm being burned away, his eyes were furious as he screamed in pain.

“I’ll ask you one more time! Where is Xiao Zhiqing?!” Yang Chen asked in a deep tone.

Enduring the pain, Luo Lei answered in a shaky voice. “ She…she is in a storage room of the Pills Concocting Room…she…she is still alive…”

“Where is the Pills Concocting Room?” Yang Chen was glad that Xiao Zhiqing was still alive.

Luo Lei answered, “In the south of the Luo family fortress, a building with three storeys. There’s a sign indicating the room so it is easy to recognize…She is on the third floor…”

“Then can you go in? Are there any restrictions on the Pills Concocting Room? Are there any guards?”

“I…I’m the housekeeper, of course, I can go in and out as I wish. The guards will lift the seal and all you have to do is just ask them to open the doors. On the inside, there’s only the elder who cooks the pills and no one else.”

Luo Lei had learned his lesson. He knew that his cultivation would definitely be abolished and could not afford to lose any of his limbs. Hence, he answered every question honestly, not leaving any details.

“Very well. One last question. How many cultivators with the Ruo Water Stage and above are there in the Luo family?” Yang Chen was concerned about this matter. If there were more than five of them, he had to be extremely cautious as he would probably have a hard time after saving Xiao Zhiqing.

He had to protect his woman and escape at the same time. Without the Chaos Cauldron recovering to full power, he could not hold on if a few of them attacked at once. He would not be able to protect Xiao Zhiqing.

Luo Lei immediately answered, “There are three. My lord, second master, and Great Elder…”

Yang Chen was glad. Three should be fine, I guess.

“I’ve answered all your questions, can you have mercy on me?” Luo Lei begged.

Yang Chen did not ask any more questions as he was in a hurry to save Xiao Zhiqing.

“Let you go?” Yang Chen smirked. “I guess you have become so blurred after living for so long. Do you think the prey gets to decide his own life if the predator catches the prey?”

“You…you liar!” Luo Lei was furious.

With a smirk, the True Yuan accumulated in his hand. “Crack!” Yang Chen crushed Luo Lei’s throat.

Luo Lei died instantly and did not even have the chance to get to know who Yang Chen really was.

Yang Chen took off Luo Lei’s Space Ring, put on his clothes, and kept away his Thunder Whip. He noticed some keys and tokens belonged to the Luo family. However, he did not know the use of them so he let them be. 

Yet, there was one item that caught Yang Chen’s attention. 

It was a bottle, at the size of a thumb. Made out of some special alloy, it was as if a special metal mixed with silver. It was also capped by a cock covered with runes.

In the bottle, there was some maroon liquid. Even though it was at a portion of ten drops and had no smell, Yang Chen’s observant sense told him that it had a strong and dark aura.

Looks like it isn’t something good. Yang Chen immediately capped it with the cock and put it back into the Space Ring without much thought. 

After burning Luo Lei’s corpse into ashes, Yang Chen adjusted his cultivation level back to the Ming Water Stage. Casually, he walked back to the Luo family fortress.

His journey back was not much of a problem and used little time when he got to the south of the fortress. The guards that saw him along the way did not notice any difference as they addressed him as a housekeeper.

The fortress was so large that it might take some time to realize the guards that did not return to their positions.

Pretending as if he was patrolling, he wandered around and finally arrived at a three-story white building. 

He squinted to see the signboard, ‘Pills Concocting Room’ written on the building. He was excited. Finally, I’ve found you, Qing’er.

However, Yang Chen knew he could not let his guard down, especially not at such crucial moments. Acting as if he was calm and steady, he walked towards the door.

The two elders at the beginning of the Ming Water Stage were guarding the door. Their hair was white. Although they were considered to be the elders in the family, they still bowed to ‘Luo Lei’ at the sight of him.

“What brings the housekeeper to come to the Pills Concocting Room at such late night. Did the lord want anything?” One of the elders asked with a smile. 

Yang Chen was impatient inside. Gosh, why don’t these two elders just open the door already? He did not answer directly but nodded with a smile. “Yes, indeed.”