“Being a housekeeper is surely hard work, not only do you need to manage the family, but you also need to serve the Lord. We two are nothing compared to you.” The other elder said respectfully.

Yang Chen pondered. Looks like they are kissing my ass. He heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, “I’m just doing my duty as a housekeeper, my friends. Do open the gates.”

“Oh yes, forgive our delay, housekeeper.” The elder apologized and lifted the seal on the doors with True Yuan, leaving the doors open wide.

Upon entering the room, Yang Chen could feel a surge of strong spiritual energy in the air.

Stepping on the white-jade floor, he looked around. On just one floor, there were various types of herbs and ingredients, arranged tidily in order.

However, compared to the Xiao family’s Green Emperor Tower, the Luo family’s was nothing. The Xiao family had ten floors just to store the pills and ingredients. No matter in terms of number, types, quality, or rarity, the Luo family was no match.

Looks like each family had their money reserves to survive. The Xiao family did not only have massive storage of ingredients, techniques, and apparatus to cook the pills but also their unique way of growing the ingredients.

With all those combined, it was hard for the Luo family and the Ning family to compete.

No wonder Xiao Mohui was so generous in giving out the spirit pills. I guess the Luo family is in dire need of the spirit pills.

Even if Yang Chen were to rob the Green Emperor Tower, the Xiao family could use just a few years to recover. It would not hurt the Xiao family a single bit.

In the meantime, two elders were concocting the pills with full concentration using the Samadhi True Fire.

There were also a few servants arranging the ingredients.

At the sight of Yang Chen, these people bowed respectfully to him and tried to kiss his ass. Seems like Luo Lei is famous and holds a high position in the family.

As Yang Chen was in a rush to meet Xiao Zhiqing, he did not talk much with them and headed to the stairs.

Just then, a cold yet beautiful woman in a water-blue long dress walked down from above. She was accompanied by another elder in a silk Changshan who looked serious.

“Forgive me, my lady. It isn’t me being cruel. It’s just that there’s only one successful batch of the top-grade pills. I have already distributed them to a few important family members according to the lord’s order. If the next batch is done, I promise, my lady would definitely get ahold of one pill, and I am a man of my words.” 

“Oh, don’t be so serious Elder Luo Chen. I just want a pill for my son, Hang’er. I have no idea what my hubby is thinking. How can he not give Hang’er one top-grade pill when he knows that he is aiming towards the end of Kui Water Stage?” The lady looked sad.

“My lady surely treats the young lord well. I’m admired. But, I think my lord wishes the young lord to pass through the stage with his own power since the young lord has consumed quite an amount of pills previously. If he keeps on relying on the pills to improve, it will only bring harm to him. He will have a hard time surpassing the latter stages if his foundation of cultivation is not stable.”

The two of them arrived at the first floor as they spoke. They saw ‘Luo Lei’ standing there with a smile.

“Oh, the housekeeper is here. Is there any order from my lord?” Luo Chen asked.

Yang Chen was nervous. Luckily they mentioned each other’s identities just not, or else he would have no idea who they were.

This man should be Luo Chen. I think he is the one who manages this room. He has the cultivation of the Ming Water End Stage. He should be the strongest one below the Ruo water stage cultivators in the Luo family.

As for this lady, she should be Luo Qianqiu’s wife. Leng Qingqiu. Su Xin mentioned about her previously. Kui Water End Stage huh... Not a big deal. 

Not wanting to show any flaws, Yang Chen greeted them. “Elder Luo Chen, I came to get some pills for my lord.”

Luo Chen nodded. “So that’s the case. I’m just about to walk my lady back to the door. After that, I’ll follow you to get the pills upstairs. Please wait for a moment, housekeeper.”

Yang Chen nodded back slowly. How I wish they all just leave this place. Since Luo Chen asked me to wait here, it would be reckless if I go up by myself.

Just when Leng Qianqiu passed by, Yang Chen smelt a faint lady scent. It was wonderful.

Yang Chen was shocked as he was doubting his own eyes. This beautiful woman actually just smirked and winked at me? She is obviously flirting with me!

Even though it happened in a split second where the others could not have noticed, Yang Chen did not believe what just happened. He was in the disguise of Luo Lei. How is it possible that Luo Qianqiu’s wife flirted with the old man, Luo Lei?!

A chill went down Yang Chen’s spine as he had a similar experience in the Xiao family previously. He doubted. Are the housekeeper and the family leader’s wife having an affair?

Frowned, he did not bother much. All he had to do now was to find Xiao Zhiqing on the third floor and escape this place.

After sending Leng Qingqiu away, Luo Chen rushed back and apologized for having the housekeeper wait. Swiftly, he brought Yang Chen up the stairs.

Upon arriving on the second floor, he saw all the pills that were cooked being stored on the racks. There was also a Ming Water Stage guard positioning at every corner.

Yang Chen pondered with a frowned face. I thought Luo Lei said there were no guards?! Damn it. Don’t tell me he was just talking about the first floor. The security is strict here. If I were to bring Xiao Zhiqing out of this place, I guess a big fight is inevitable. This is tough now. With such a large number of Ming Water stage cultivators, they could at least drag me until the three Ruo Water stage cultivators arrive.

“Housekeeper, may I know what kind of pills my lord asked for?” Luo Chen asked politely.

In terms of the cultivation stage, Luo Chen was obviously on top of Luo Lei. However, Luo Lei is Luo Qianqiu’s favorite. He was someone who takes care of Luo Qianqiu’s daily life, not someone Luo Chen could offend.

Yang Chen had prepared for this. “Oh, my lord wants ten Eight Extremities pills.”

“Eight Extremities pills?” Luo Chen was confused. “These are pills used for battle. Is the lord giving them to the disciples who are heading out?”

“My lord didn’t specify the purpose but I guess it sure serves for something.” Yang Chen answered calmly.

Luo Chen was just asking out of curiosity and would not doubt the housekeeper. He brought Yang Chen to a stone tablet in the center. After jotting down the number and type of pills in the book, he asked Yang Chen to sign.

Yang Chen never expected this. The purpose of the book was to prevent anyone from taking the pills randomly and it would be checked by the elders and family leader on a timely basis.

Luckily, Yang Chen was observant. He saw Luo Lei’s previous signature and imitated one.

Elder Luo Lei did not bother to check as it was just for the records. The most important part was the person who asked for the pills. He would not waste the time to check the authenticity of the signature.

After that, Luo Chen took a green jade bottle, placed ten Eight Extremities pills inside, and handed it over to Yang Chen.

“Alright, let’s go, housekeeper.” Luo Chen signaled Yang Chen that he could leave now.

Yang Chen quickly said, “Elder Luo Chen, there is one more thing, regarding the girl on the third floor.”

Luo Chen was shocked. “The girl on the third floor? Are you talking about Xiao Zhiqing?”

“That’s right,” Yang Chen continued his lie. “My lord asked me to bring the girl over to him. He has something to ask her.”

Luo Chen was confused. “Xiao Zhiqing had already been handed over to the elders association and it was my lord’s decision. She was used for us to test the toxicity of the pills. Why do you need to bring her over again? Didn’t we ask everything?”

Yang Chen was furious on the inside after hearing what Luo Chen said. They surely didn’t go easy on Xiao Zhiqing. Not sure how she is now.

Even though he was rushing, Yang Chen kept his cool and said, “Well, it is always hard to guess the meaning behind every action my lord made. I’m just responsible for bringing the girl over.”

Luo Chen felt a sense of suspicion as he was no idiot. He knew Luo Lei’s way of speaking was off today but he could not tell anything wrong on appearance.

“You may bring her and leave this place but only with the leader’s manuscript or the leader of the elders association, Great Elder Luo Feng’s approval. I, Luo Chen, have never made any mistake in guarding this place. I don’t wish to break the records on the details. Xiao Zhiqing has great use for the Luo family, I have a few pills that need her to test the toxicity recently. I can’t just let her go so easily or else, I would have a hard time explaining to the elders association.”

Luo Chen was firm with his rejection. He was not afraid even if it was truly Luo Qianqiu’s orders as he was not wrong in doing so. The hostage could only leave the place after getting approval from the elders association.

Yang Chen was mad but he knew clearly that he could not just rush upstairs recklessly without knowing Xiao Zhiqing’s condition. It might put her in a dangerous spot.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen could only pretend to be hesitant. “How about this? I don’t have to bring her to go but Elder Luo Chen, I hope you can bring me to meet her upstairs. I’ll just need to ask her a few questions.”