Just as Yang Chen blurted out his question, he instantly regretted it. Luo Chen started to suspect him.

“Housekeeper, Xiao Zhiqing is a felon, taken care of by our Elder Association. My lord knew it and you’re well aware. You seem to be insisting on meeting her, is it really my lord’s order?”

Although Yang Chen was nervous, he did not show otherwise. “Elder Luo Chen, what are you trying to say? I’m just trying to relieve my lord’s burden. Since you insist on not giving me the green light, I’ll just ask my lord for the manuscript.”

Luo Chen stared right into Yang Chen’s eyes, wishing to spot something out of them. However, Yang Chen was not afraid as he stared back at him.

In the end, Luo Chen could not find anything wrong with ‘Luo Lei’ as the thought of the man standing in front of him was faking the identity did not even flash through his mind. Not wanting to offend the family leader’s favorite right hand man, he said, “If so, please leave, housekeeper. Show me the lord’s manuscript and I’ll hand the woman to you. Not even young master, Luo Hang or royal family members such as my lady could bring her out from this room.”

Luo Chen was firm in his stand because Luo Lei was still considered a servant despite his high position. Luo Lei was not the direct descendant of the Luo family nor a person in high authority like Luo Feng. There was no way he could force Luo Chen into doing something.

After being sort of kicked out of the room, Yang Chen was so frustrated that he wanted to flatten the entire Pills Concocting Room. Yet, he knew that with him being so reckless, it would just put Xiao Zhiqing in greater danger.

Fortunately, Xiao Zhiqing was still alive.

Oh, Qing’er, I promise I will get you out of this place soon… Yang Chen stared at the building for a moment and left.

Yang Chen did not wish to pretend as Luo Lei any longer as he would be exposed as time went by.

In his strong memories, Yang Chen recalled that Luo Chen said the Grand Elder, Luo Feng could directly take the person away. The idea of killing him popped out in Yang Chen’s mind. Even though Luo Feng might be hard to deal with as he is in the middle of the Ruo Water stage, it should not be hard to kill him. All I need is to put in a little more effort.

Hence, Yang Chen decided to ask around for Luo Feng’s location and lure him to a place far away to kill him!

Although the idea seemed crazy and reckless, it was normal for Yang Chen. To him, a person who overthinks and is afraid of many would never be successful.

Just when Yang Chen passed by a corner, he realized someone was following him behind. There was a faint scent in the air and a soft and gentle voice was heard.

“Where are you going, housekeeper~”

Elegantly, Leng Qianqiu appeared in front of Yang Chen. She had cherry sweet lips and seductive eyes. Any ordinary man would feel the sexiness from her.

Although Yang Chen was unsure of the actual relationship between Luo Lei and Leng Qingqiu, he thought that maybe the two filthy couples would not dare to do anything reckless in the Luo family’s fortress.

“My lady, I’m not going anywhere. Is there any order?” Yang Chen said respectfully.

Leng Qingqiu let out a soft laugh with her hands covering her mouth. She got close and caressed Yang Chen’s chest with her white gentle fingers. “Oh come on, there’s no one here. Stop pretending. You really are such a coward. I thought I'd already told you through my eyes just now that I would be waiting outside. Do you really want to ditch me out here alone?”

“Well…” Yang Chen was shocked. This is going to be troublesome. This old man looks loyal but is actually a pervert?!

Leng Qingqiu seemed like she was so ready to date her secret lover but Yang Chen was not in the mood. With a smile, he said, “Oh my lady, I still have to pass the pills to my lord!”

After hearing what Yang Chen said, Leng Qingqiu was pissed. “Damn it, you can lie to that old folk Luo Chen but no way you will pass through me with that lie. Luo Qianqiu is locking himself up for cultivation and hasn't come out yet, do you think he would ask you to take pills? This isn’t the first time you used his name to take the pills, do you really think that I wouldn’t know? Stop acting. You’re already on the same ship with us, you can’t run away. Don’t tell me you want to ditch me now and continue being a guard dog. If you’re loyal, why would you get on my bed when I tried to seduce you back then? Do you want me to ask the Grand Elder to expose the truth of you stealing the pills? You would be dead before you could even explain anything!”

Yang Chen was shocked. The Grand Elder?! So Luo Feng, Leng Qingqiu, and Luo Lei are allied? Then, Luo Qianli must be involved in it too…

Luo Qianqiu was one of the powerful people among the Ten Great Elites in the Illusion Realm but who would have thought all his family members were traitors.

Since Leng Qingqiu had laid out her words, Yang Chen knew it was impossible to ditch her by force. There was no reason to reject her. If I don’t follow her now, I would be suspected and all of these efforts would have been for nothing.

Swiftly, Yang Chen acted scared and murmured, “Oh my lady, stop it. Of course, I know what to do.”

“Hmph, you better know.” Leng Qingqiu instantly acted like a pitiful woman, pouting her lips. The speed of her changing the expressions was faster than one flipping a page of a book. With a lady’s tone mixed with some teenage girl’s posture and the cherry-red lips, she was surely attractive and sexy.

“I thought you’re about to ditch me after getting all of me. Do you know how hurtful that would be? Please don’t treat me like that again.” Leng Qingqiu caressed Yang Chen’s face.

Yang Chen swallowed. He was not hungry for her but never did he expect Luo Lei and Leng Qingqiu could be in such ecstasy. This is not some hidden clan. It is literally a red-light district!

However, Yang Chen was cooperative in acting. After confirming there was no one around, he put his hand around her waist. Through the thin light dress of hers, he could feel the gentle and smooth skin she had.

“Hoho…our housekeeper is finally getting naughty,” Leng Qingqiu smacked his hand lightly and looked him in the eyes. “Naughty bastard, it’s not safe here. Let’s go to Heavenly Cloud Pavilion. I have some serious business with you tonight.”

Heavenly Cloud Pavilion? Where’s that?

Yang Chen had no clue of the location but he pretended he knew. I guess it’s a random small place near the Luo family’s fortress. “Sure, anything as you said, my lady. You’ll walk first, I’ll follow from behind.”

“You surely are cautious, knowing that we should go there separately. But actually, it’s not necessarily. Luo Qianqiu is in closed cultivation. He has no time to bother about us.”

Even though Leng Qingqiu said so, she knew the importance of being low-profile. Swiftly, she fled towards the east.

Yang Chen was following behind at a casual pace. It was not easy to notice them as the night fell.

Not even half a minute, they arrived at Heavenly Cloud Pavilion.

It was a house built with bamboo in the middle of a small pond. The designs were simple and the surrounding was filled with various types of plants. 

Just as Yang Chen expected, it was a small building in the vicinity of the fortress. In the Illusion Realm, the land was larger than the population. It was normal for the leaders of the hidden clans to have a few of their small relaxing places for some peace and tranquility.

Of course, not to mention people like Leng Qingqiu, it was a place for them to have secret affairs.

Upon entering the small house, Leng Qingqiu rushed into Yang Chen’s embrace, kissing his lips immediately.

The Luo family’s lady is such a good kisser. It’s obvious that she has a lot of interactions with guys daily, but she seems not to be bothered by the mustache around Luo Lei’s mouth. She was licking everywhere with her wet tongue. 

After that, she took the initiative to put her tongue into Yang Chen’s mouth, tying knots with his. She even let out some seductive moans.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly inside. That sex with Xiao Manyan back in the Xiao family was considered to be forced as well although I needed that release. This time, I was brought here forcefully by Luo Qianqiu’s wife to have a night with her in a two-hundred-year-old man’s body. Is God knowing my hobby so he takes good care of me?

However, Xiao Zhiqing was all over Yang Chen’s mind at the moment. Even though Leng Qingqiu was indeed a beautiful lady, he was not in the mood to have secret affairs with her now.

Just then, he realized that this location was considered far enough from the fortress although they came here in a blink of an eye. I can just kill this lady and go on finding Luo Feng!

Yang Chen may have loved beautiful women but killing them was not something unusual to him, especially when it was his enemy’s wife. He would have a fun time killing them.

Right at the moment, Leng Qingqiu got off from his embrace and licked her lips with a smile. “Bastard, we’ll stop here for now. They should be here soon. I’ll serve you once we get our business done.”

It dawned on Yang Chen that she mentioned there was some serious business tonight. He was happy for a moment. Does that mean Luo Feng is coming? How lucky I am!