Without any time for Yang Chen to think about it, he noticed there were people outside, and judging from True Yuan Suppression, one was in the Ruo Water mid stage and the other was in the Ruo Water early stage.

Indeed, the arrogant Luo Feng in a purple Changsan had arrived outside of Heavenly Cloud Pavilion. Following behind was Luo Qianli in white clothing.

Yang Chen was hesitating. Two Ruo Water cultivators at once. The distance between here and the Luo family fortress is so close. If I fight now, I don’t think I can kill them at once. What if one of them drags the fight while the other runs back to the fortress and I’ll be doomed. Looks like I’ll have to wait and find a chance to lure Luo Feng out alone.

“Haha, I guess Qianli and I interrupted while my lady and housekeeper were having some fun.” Luo Feng entered the house and smirked.

Leng Qingqiu smiled even brighter and fell into Luo Feng’s embrace as if there were no bones in her body. As the sleeve landed, a smooth arm was already hanging around Luo Feng’s neck. “Did the Grand Elder get jealous?”

“What if I say yes? Will you be happy?” A smirk spread from the corner of his mouth and evilness could be seen from his eyes. At the same time, Luo Feng’s hand was squeezing Leng Qingqiu’s breast casually.

Meanwhile, Luo Qianli who just walked in was not bothered by what he saw. The way he looked at his sister-in-law was as if he was staring at a prostitute.

Seeing such a scene, Yang Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry. I guess this Leng Qingqiu did not only have something with the old fold Luo Lei but also with the Grand Elder, Luo Feng, and the brother-in-law, Luo Qianli.

However, what made Yang Chen question was how it was impossible for a person like Luo Qianqiu to not notice that his wife was having something with another guy. Were they too good at acting? Or Luo Qianqiu was too busy cultivating and did not notice at all?

“Alright, let’s get back to some serious business first. Only then, I’ll feed you this horny b*tch.” Luo Feng let go of Leng Qingqiuy and turned to Yang Chen. “Our housekeeper, how’s the progress of the task I’ve given you?”

Yang Chen was shocked. Task? What task? I have no idea! Keeping his cool, he answered, “It’s done.”

Luo Feng and Luo Qianli opened their eyes wide and big after hearing what Yang Chen said.

“Done? Don’t tell me you have used all the Devil Beast Blood?” Luo Qianli frowned. “Didn’t I tell you earlier? Although this Devil Beast Blood is strong, it requires days and months of accumulation. Without utilizing it for three continuous years, it’s hard to cause some effect on elites like Luo Qianqiu! Besides, you have to use less than a droplet of the Devil Beast Blood each time to prevent some unique scent. The amount of blood we gave you is enough for at least two to three months. How can you finish them all in a rush? What if Luo Qianqiu notices it and doesn’t get infected by the corrosion effect of the blood? Our efforts will go down the drain!”

Devil Beast Blood?

Yang Chen recalled the conversation between these two and Xiao Mohui in the snowy forest. Not to mention, the weird maroon liquid in the bottle…

So the Demon Beast Blood was given to Luo Lei to go against Luo Qianqiu. Oh yeah, Luo Lei is the closest person to Luo Qianqiu. Looks like he must have some ways to use the Demon Beast Blood on Luo Qianqiu. It’s just I don’t know what the corrosion effect is.

Yang Chen quickly joked, “No worries, Second Master, what I was trying to say is everything is going smoothly.”

The three of them immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Luo Feng walked up to Yang Chen and patted his shoulder. “Keep up with the good work, housekeeper. We know it is hard to do little tricks like this under Luo Qianqiu’s watch. But this is our only chance to bring him down. We only have that little amount of the Devil Beast Blood from the Xiao family. It was said to be passed down from ancient times so that might be the very last bit of it. You must use it wisely… Once Luo Qianqiu is controlled by the blood, death will come after him. And when that time comes, we can get back the Luo family from his hands. And you, housekeeper, will no longer be a watchdog but one of the top elders in the family. Your future generations will not be the servant of the family but a royal family member…”

These terms and conditions were surely tempting to Luo Lei. However, Yang Chen knew what truly made Luo Lei willing to work for them. It was because of Leng Qingqiu’s seduction. He had a night with her. 

Since he had had a night with the family leader’s wife, Luo Lei could only help them to kill the leader if he wished to live.

“Thank you for the generosity, Grand Elder. It’s my honor.” Yang Chen replied.

Leng Qingqiu smirked. “Oh my housekeeper, give it a thought. You watched my Hang’er grow day by day, he treated you as a grandfather, and once Luo Qianqiu dies and Hang’er succeeds the throne, wouldn’t that make your position even higher?”

Yang Chen smiled brightly as a reply but not on the inside. No wonder this lady is giving it her all. All she wants is for her son to succeed the throne. Even if Luo Hang holds the throne, he would just be a puppet to Luo Feng and Luo Qianli who would have the real authority.

“Actually… housekeeper, I asked you here for a reason. I wish you could get some information for me.” Luo Feng got the point.

“Please do give your orders, Grand Elder.” Yang Chen replied.

“On those few days where the housekeeper went to capture Xiao Zhiqing with Hang’er, Luo Qianqiu summoned the leader of the Wang family, Wang Mian, and his younger daughter, Wang Shu to the fortress. After that, Wang Mian brought his daughter out of the Illusion Realm and I think they went to the normal world. As for what they did there, we don’t know.” Luo Feng said.

Yang Chen pretended to be confused but on the inside, he came to a realization.

So that incident was set up by Luo Qianqiu. He got away with the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture from me.

Wang Shu has now disappeared from the Tang Sect and left Tang Luyi. Does that mean she is back to the Illusion Realm? Is she really Tang Luyi’s daughter? If not, why will she have the Ewha Kunlun jade pendant? If she is real, then why would she disappear out of nowhere? Without even saying goodbye?

Yang Chen had a lot of questions in mind and had a feeling that something was wrong in all these incidents.

Luo Feng continued, “What we are worried about is that the incident is related to the daughter given birth by Luo Xiaoxiao, the wild lady from the normal world. The only thing Luo Qianqiu has in common with the normal world is the daughter he and the lady gave birth to. Even though her background is lower in the hierarchy, she is still Luo Qianqiu’s daughter. When it comes to inheriting the throne, she stands a chance in it as long as her mother isn’t some filthy woman and has a clean background.

In addition, her cultivation went up skyrocket after she came back from the outside. I think she mastered a few things from the mundane world. Her talent is so good that she doesn’t need any pills to enter the Soul Forming stage in just a month. This has caught the attention of a few elders. If she has any greater breakthrough, I’m afraid even the Great Grand Elder would notice her. 

By that time, even if Luo Qianqiu dies, we might not even let Hang’er succeed the throne easily without going through much trouble…”

Yang Chen frowned and had mixed feelings when Luo Xiaoxiao was mentioned. Originally, he felt a sense of guilt for this girl but thinking that she might be the one who leaked the information about Xiao Zhiqing, his attitude changed.

Luo Xiaoxiao has great potential and talent. With sufficient realization, it isn’t surprising to see her cultivation go skyrocket.

“Then, what do Grand Elder and Second Master wish me to do?” Yang Chen asked.

With a cold smile, Luo Feng said, “It’s very simple. Help us to find out what Luo Qianqiu asked the Wang father and daughter to do. You’re his closest person. I’m sure you will find something. Worst comes to worst, you could use your housekeeper title to talk with the Wang family. All we need to know is the identity of Luo Xiaoxiao’s biological mother in the mundane world. Then, we’ll know how to deal with her. If she is some filthy woman, we can just ignore her. But if she is some lady with a certain background, we might need to do something…”

Upon hearing what he said, a new thought flashed through Yang Chen’s mind…

Luo Xiaoxiao is actually Luo Qianqiu’s and a mundane world lady’s daughter. Does that mean…she is Tang Luyi’s daughter?

Wait, this isn’t right. What about Wang Shu from the Wang family?

Yang Chen’s mind was in a total mess but he accepted the task from Luo Feng. “Okay, got it. I’ll go look it up when I head back.”

“Hey my bastard, don’t you rush your way back so fast…promise me you’ll try your best to find out ya. That filthy lady is incomparable to my Hang’er, am I right?”

Leng Qingqiu was already in front of Yang Chen. Her gentle soft body was seducing him as she blew a breeze at his ears.