“Heh, looks like my sister-in-law can’t resist anymore.”

With a smirk, Luo Qianli grabbed Leng Qingqiu and tossed her to the bed nearby.

“Hey, go slower. You always treat me roughly…” Leng Qingqiu smiled coquettishly but was willing to accept Luo Qianli’s violent play.

Everything just seemed so natural to the two of them as Luo Qianli swiftly got on top of Leng Qingqiu, taking off her dress and revealing her smooth naked body.

As a daughter of a great family in the Illusion Realm, her body shape was perfect. Nothing more nor nothing less. The busty breast and butt were in perfection.

Yang Chen swallowed. Seeing Luo Qianli having fun with Leng Qingqiu’s two mountains, he was hungry for it too.

However, he could not bring himself to. Luo Feng at the side was already staring at him with doubts.

“Why does our housekeeper look like he’s not in the mood today?” Luo Feng patted Yang Chen’s back.

Yang Chen quickly pretended to be excited and replied. “Well…the second master is doing it, so…I don’t want to interrupt…”

“What’s with you today? I have never seen you being so polite for the past three years,” Luo Feng had a weird smile. “Doesn’t this slut always have great fun with the three of us together? Just go, housekeeper. This is what you deserve. Don’t you like going at it from the back? The spot is yours today too…”

From the back?!

Yang Chen’s jaw almost dropped to the ground. The people in the Illusion Realm are indeed at the same pace as the people in the mundane world. The two-hundred-year-old Luo Lei actually likes to tease his lady from the back?!

Letting out a great laugh, Luo Feng was already taking off his clothes. Soon, he joined Luo Qianli in torturing Leng Qingqiu.

Moments later, Leng Qingqiu was in a doggy position on the bed. Both frontal and below were occupied by Luo Qianli and Luo Feng, leaving the spot behind open.

When Leng Qingqiu noticed no one was coming from behind, she seemed pissed. Taking out Luo Feng’s big monster from her mouth, she turned around and stared at Yang Chen.

“Bastard, what are you doing?! Come on! It’s painful to wait…”

It only then dawned on Yang Chen that this lady was indifferent to a prostitute in the nightclub. I wonder how she got selected as the main lady of the Luo family. Or is it that the great families in the Illusion Realm have corrupted to such an extent…

Even though Yang Chen was unwilling to do it together with the other two guys, he still went on to prevent them from suspecting anything.

Immediately, he showed his excitement. After taking off his pants, he grabbed her butt and went straight in…

Due to the effect of True Yuan protection, Leng Qingqiu was still tight inside out, no matter how often she had sex with men. It was as if she was a teenage girl which caused Yang Chen a shiver.

“Ahh…housekeeper, you seem different…” Leng Qingqiu had never felt so filled before.

He knew this was coming as his size would never be the same as the old folk, Luo Lei. He used the same lie that tricked Xiao Manyan previously. 

“It’s the Tianyang Tiger Pill…Hehe, does my lady like it?”

Leng Qingqiu blushed and her eyes were sparkling. She nodded hard.

“Damn you bastard, you got yourself some good stuff there. That surely is a rare item. Did you want to surprise me today…”

Luo Qianli at the bottom and Luo Feng at the front were both surprised but they did not say anything as they did not wish to admit that they were weaker than a two-hundred-year-old old folk. Yet, they were wondering how Luo Lei got hold of such an item. They were going to ask for the details from him later.

The great battle that made Yang Chen feel as if it was a dream ended in just half an hour.

Yang Chen purposely used True Yuan to end it earlier. Even though Leng Qingqiu was truly excellent in serving men and Yang Chen did enjoy it, enduring any longer would lead to suspicion. 

After it was done, Leng Qingqiu jumped right into the pond outside of the pavilion and cleaned herself there. She planned to stay a night at the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion anyways.

Meanwhile, Luo Qianli and Luo Feng decided to head back.

Although they were no different compared to a filthy couple in the mundane world, cultivators were still cultivators. 

After having much fun, they all returned to their normal look. The men looked serious as ever and the lady looked elegant. The horny looks from them were no longer to be found.

Yang Chen was following behind Luo Feng silently back to the fortress. When Luo Feng and Luo Qianli pathed ways, Yang Chen took a big circle to Luo Feng’s place.

Before entering his white jade courtyard, Luo Feng saw ‘Luo Lei’ walking over with a mysterious smile.

“Why did you follow me back here? Didn’t I tell you that we should meet less privately in the family to prevent suspicion? Before we finish the Demon Beast Blood, Luo Qianqiu is still our biggest threat.” Luo Feng said.

Yang Chen quickly bowed and mumbled. “Grand Elder, I’m just grabbing this opportunity to invite you to have a look at something.”

Luo Feng was shocked. “What is it? Why didn’t you say it back in the house?”

“My lady and Second Master were there. It was inconvenient. To be honest, I trust you, the Grand Elder, the most.” Yang Chen said naturally.

Luo Feng was fine with his lie because Luo Qianli and Leng Qingqiu shared the same proximity with Luo Qianqiu even if they wanted to kill him. But Luo Feng was different, he hated Luo Qianqiu to the greatest extent.

This was because Luo Qianqiu and his father snatched what originally belonged to Luo Feng and his father.

“Say, what is it?” Luo Feng asked with a frown.

Yang Chen took out a top-grade Tong Yuan Pill from the space ring. The Tong Yuan Pill, flickering with a faint of gold, is what Yang Chen refined not long ago when he returned to the Mediterranean Sea. It was recorded in Lady Tushan’s Golden Pill Records as a pill stronger than Cloud Pill in transforming a large amount of spiritual energy into True Yuan. A pill is useful in helping one to surpass a stage.

“This is…” Luo Feng was too agitated and snatched it from Yang Chen’s hand. After taking a good look, “The Tong Yuan Pill?! Where did you get that?! The formula to refine such a pill has long been lost. There aren't many in the Illusion Realm. Besides, the pureness of this pill is considered perfection, it is definitely not something our family’s concocting pill elder could do!”

It was normal for him to be excited because the Tong Yuan Pill is one of the top-grade pills that were useful to Tribulation Passing stage cultivators, especially those surpassing from Soul Forming stage to Tribulation Passing Stage.

Yang Chen did not flint even when he was talking nonsense. “Two days ago when I went out to carry out some tasks, I noticed a piece of snowy land in the northwest was extremely different. The spiritual energy there was overwhelming. I then went to have a look and found out that there were a few boxes of pills. It seems like some seal got deactivated and the location of storing these pills got exposed. I bet they are the treasure left behind by the Great Grand cultivators from ancient times. I didn’t dare to keep them all to myself so I hid them before someone would notice it. After that, I quickly rush back, finding a way to tell you about it.”

“Really?!” Luo Feng was so surprised by the shocking news. He was so excited that his teeth were trembling. He felt it was unbelievable but the actual Tong Yuan Pill was right before his eyes, leaving him no reason to doubt.

“Then, why did you tell me about it? You could have just kept them all to yourself. Or put them inside your space ring.” Luo Feng was not entirely dumb to believe everything.

With a bitter smile, Yang Chen said, “Grand Elder, to be honest, I wouldn’t have much improvement even with these pills. I’ve limited talent and I’m old enough. I only wish that giving these pills to the Grand Elder would help you in going against Luo Qianqiu. I would be more than satisfied to have only a few of them…As for putting them into the space ring, a little old man like me is not brave enough. My head would be chopped off if someone finds out…”

Luo Feng squinted his eyes, considering the truthness of this fact. After much thought, he gave in to the temptation of the pills.

Since ‘Luo Lei’ is nowhere near me in terms of the cultivation stage, I don’t think he would have any bad idea behind it.

“Alright, if we really get to find the hideout, I’ll grant you good rewards,” Luo Feng patted Yang Chen’s shoulder and smiled. “Hehe, please lead the way, housekeeper.”

“Sure,” Yang Chen let out an evil smile and fled to the northwest.

Luo Feng was following behind, keeping a distance where he could kill ‘Luo Lei’ in case of anything.

It was undeniable that Luo Feng had good awareness. He had already noticed that this ‘Luo Lei’ was not right.

Luo Lei used to address himself as ‘a subaltern servant’ or ‘an underling’ but he did not today.

Yet, the effect of Blinding Lead was so great that Luo Feng could not find any physical flaw and so he did not think much about it.