Yang Chen knew that Luo Feng, the old fox, was cautious of everything. Yet, he did not bother as he just needed some space to kill him. It did not matter whether Luo Feng was on guard.

When he felt that the distance was far enough from the Luo family fortress, Yang Chen flew down, pointing towards a dark snowy landscape. “Grand Elder, look!”

“Where?” Luo Feng followed him and stared at the ordinary snowy landscape with frowned eyes. He did not sense any abnormal spiritual energy in that place.

Just then, Luo Feng felt that there was a strong source of True Yuan coming at him from all directions!

“Luo Lei?!”

Luo Feng looked up and his face turned pale instantly!

“San Hua!”

Luo Feng reacted in that split second and a silver hilt appeared, forming a half-transparent long blade. He slashed it towards the Chaos Cauldron!


A huge explosion was caused by the glowing slash from the sword. Sparks were everywhere as though fireflies were in the distant sky.

The shockwave from the collision of two great True Yuan almost turned the entire area into a vacuum space.

At the same time, an opposite force forcefully dragged Luo Feng away from the absorbing power of Chaos Cauldron!

With all his power, the Ruo Water mid stage cultivator managed to slip away from Yang Chen’s surprising attack! 

Yang Chen was shocked too. The Grand Elder of the Luo family with Ruo Water mid stage cultivation was not easy to deal with. Yet, he knew it was all because of the help from the sword named San Hua.

This San Hua seemed like a sword that could accumulate spiritual energy, and transform that energy into a blade that can explode at any desired time.

On the other hand, Luo Feng was already on his run with a pale face while San Hua had already formed another half-transparent glowing blade, floating elegantly in the air.

Yang Chen was excited. Looks like killing Luo Feng can grant me a good weapon. I think this weapon is at least medium-top grade. If it is used by someone with high cultivation, its power is almost on par with a top-grade weapon.

Most importantly, it was because the sword was beautiful. It’s suitable to give it to my lady as a gift. Hmm…Seems that Rose likes to use swords. I’ll give it to her then.

At this very moment, Luo Feng was frightened to death by the sudden power shown by Yang Chen. It was too strong for him to estimate the greatness of the power. He then believed that this was no Luo Lei!

However, he was not dumb enough to ask who Yang Chen was as he only had a thought in mind - Run!

He knew that if he stayed and fought, he would die. His cultivation and weapon are both stronger than mine. Did he purposely lure me here so he could kill me alone?!

Yang Chen would never let him escape. With an evil smile, he asked, “Running away? Do you think you are capable of that?!”

Without moving, the Chaos Cauldron was flying towards Luo Feng, releasing a strong absorbing power and dragging Luo Feng from running any further!

The power of Chaos was controlling from afar. Even though it did not completely absorb Luo Feng, it had lowered his speed by a great amount. Yang Chen caught up in the blink of an eye!

A greyish-white Ruo Water whip was formed in Yang Chen’s hand and he swung it right into Luo Feng's face!

Luo Feng sent out a few slashes of his San Hua blade. Although the half-transparent slashes were no match for the whip, it was enough to block the attacks due to its non-stop accumulation of energy!

“Who are you?! Why are you going against the Luo family!”

On the inside, Luo Feng was already scared to death. This guy uses Ruo Water as a form of attack?! I’ve never heard anyone that could do this in the Illusion Realm!

Did he master the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning?! Such a person should be a super old freak! Why is he coming after me?!

Yang Chen did not want to waste time talking to him. He summoned the Chaos Cauldron over since he noticed the Ruo Water attack could not harm him. The Chao Cauldron was aimed directly at Luo Feng!

The Chaos appeared. The fierce and gigantic beast opened its bloody mouth wide, staring at Luo Feng in great hunger. To the Chaos, he was a delicious meal as it could replenish quite an amount of spiritual energy.

“Is this the Chaos?!”

With a scream, the energy accumulated in San Hua exploded from Luo Feng’s hand. The power of the True Yuan in that split second was terrifying!

Another huge explosion occurred but this time, the shockwave was beyond what Luo Feng could endure!

Sparks of lights were floating in the atmosphere as if numerous shooting stars flew by It was mesmerizing but deadly at the same time.

Luo Feng fell onto the ground. Risking the fact that he would be severely injured, he once again got himself off from the Chaos swallowing him.

However, he was unable to block Yang Chen’s next attack as he was severely injured on the inside.

Upon landing on the ground, Yang Chen formed another Ruo Water ball, the size of a grinding disc. It was about to corrupt Luo Feng’s soul away.

Knowing that he was about to die, Luo Feng cried and begged for mercy. “Oh great god, please don’t kill me! Great god! I don’t know how I offended you but please have mercy on me this filthy minion! I’ll be willing to do anything! I can give you all my weapons and pills! Just let me live!”

At this very moment, Luo Feng had given up on revenge, the Luo family, the plan on controlling the three great families. They were not important anymore. Standing in front of the opponent’s overwhelming strength, his dreams were bullsh*t!

“I can still get your stuff if I kill you!”

Without hesitation, Yang Chen lowered the Ruo Water ball. Once it touched Luo Feng’s body, he screamed loudly. A painful scream originated from the deepest part of his soul!


A loud scream was heard from the snowy forest but it faded away quickly.

The Grand Elder of the Luo family, a cultivator of Ruo Water mid stage, was still unable to withstand the corrupting effect of Xuanshui.

Yang Chen reached out for the beautiful hilt. As he accumulated True Yuan, San Hua instantly formed a huge and mesmerizing blade.

Happily, Yang Chen stored it into his ring and took over Luo Feng’s space ring. He searched inside. There were some useless and random keys and tokens. A few bottles and some pills and recipes which Yang Chen had no interest in, were found too.

There were also two more low-grade weapons. Yang Chen tossed them back into the ring.

After changing into Luo Feng’s clothes, Yang Chen adjusted his cultivation level to Ruo Water mid stage and turned into Luo Feng’s appearance. He could finally enter the Pills Concocting Room casually again.

Yang Chen planned to save Xiao Zhiqing out of the room before dawn. Since Luo Feng had died, there were only left Luo Qianqiu and Luo Qianli, two Ruo Water cultivators. I think I don’t need much effort for it.

Seeing Luo Feng’s battling power, he felt that Luo Qianqiu would not be anywhere strong. He was confident.

Swiftly, Yang Chen returned to the Pills Concocting Room. This time, he was more arrogant when he saw the two elders guarding the door. 

The door was instantly opened for Yang Chen and he made way to the second floor confidently. Elder Luo Chen who was managing the place quickly greeted him with a bow.

“Are there orders for the Grand Elder to come here late at night?” Luo Chen asked with a low tone. His attitude completely changed ever since Luo Feng became his direct superior.

“I wanna ask Xiao Zhiqing something. I do not wish to be interrupted by anyone,” Yang Chen ordered.

Luo Chen was shocked, thinking why it was related to Xiao Zhiqing again. Not daring to ask any further, he said awkwardly. “Please forgive me, Grand Elder, the young lady went up not long ago and she hasn’t come down.”

“Young lady?”

Yang Chen then realized who he was talking about. It should be Luo Xiaoxiao. But why did she go to see Xiao Zhiqing? Yang Chen was worried if this lady would do anything harmful to Xiao Zhiqing but also felt that she was not that kind of person at the same time.

“Alright, I’ll ask her to come down.” Yang Chen swung his sleeves and walked up to the third floor without anyone stopping.

Luo Chen, at the back, heaved a sigh of relief as he was worried that the Grand Elder would lecture him for not taking good care of the hostage.

Upon arriving on the third floor, Yang Chen instantly sensed Xiao Zhiqing’s location with his divine sense. Swiftly, he rushed towards the storeroom that had its door opened.

What he saw, at first sight, blanked his mind and a strong surge of madness grew within him. It was as if he was about to burn out!

Luo Xiaoxiao in a pink dress with her hair tied in a braid was squatting at the side of a weak and skinny girl. She was pinching her mouth, forcing the girl to eat something no matter how she resisted!

That girl in a mess is obviously Xiao Zhiqiung!

“What are you doing?!”

Yang Chen leaped forwards and sent Luo Xiaoxiao flying with a kick. She was knocked heavily at the cold hard wall!