Even though Luo Xiaoxiao had entered into the Soul Forming early stage, her physique was no different from a normal warrior. How could a weak woman possibly endure Yang Chen’s heavy kick?!

Knocking into the wall, she instantly puked a mouthful of blood!

It was as if all her bones were crushed. Enduring the tears that were about to drop, Luo Xiaoxiao got to her feet shaking. She looked at Yang Chen with a terrified face.

“Grand…Grand Elder…Xiaoxiao is wrong…I beg for forgiveness from the Grand Elder…”

Yang Chen was outraged. “What did you just feed her?!”

“I…I…” Luo Xiaoxiao was biting her pale lips, unable to blurt a word. Before she could restrain her injuries with True Yuan, she coughed another mouthful of blood, painting her clothes red in the chest.

Xiao Zhiqing who was having her back at Yang Chen got up slowly with a cold smile. “Do you need to go that far…Even if I’d eaten some healing pills, I don’t think I can live long, isn’t it…She is the daughter of the Luo family leader. Even if you’re the Grand Elder…Aren’t afraid of triggering your family leader by injuring her so heavily…”

Listening to the familiar lady’s voice, Yang Chen was happy on the inside. As for her treating him as Luo Feng at the moment, he did not bother.

Wait! Did she just say…healing pills?!

Yang Chen looked at the pills on the ground, which Xiao Zhiqing was fed on…

It was indeed a low-grade healing type of pill. Yang Chen recognized it immediately.

So this Luo Xiaoxiao wasn’t trying to harm Xiao Zhiqing but actually wanted to help her?!

Dumbfounded, he stood on the spot. With mixed feelings, he looked at Luo Xiaoxiao who was enduring the tears. She was shivering because fear had gotten all over her.

At this very moment, the innocent and happy-go-lucky girl looked sorrowful, lacking spiritual energy inside her.

Yang Chen was not used to the way she looked now and his heart ached a little.

Did I just misunderstand her again? She was here to help Xiao Zhiqing but now she is injured because I kicked her… So when Xiao Zhiqing was kidnapped, was it a misunderstanding too? Did she not actually leak any information?

A sense of guilt crawled over Yang Chen but he was not in the position to apologize. He sighed. Looks like I could only say that next time.

“Leave this room and don’t come up again.” Yang Chen ordered in a deep tone.

Even though she was shocked at the fact that the Grand Elder did not punish her, Luo Xiaoxiao nodded obediently and walked out.

Just when she was about to go out, Luo Xiaoxiao mumbled. “Grand Elder…Xiaoxiao knows my words are nothing…but…must we really treat Sister Zhiqing this way…It’s so pitiful…”

“Get out!”

Yang Chen’s eyes were red because of the guilt in him. He could not bring himself to face Luo Xiaoxiao.

Helplessly, Luo Xiaoxiao walked out of the room with a lowered head and reached downstairs in no time.

After confirming the third floor was safe, Yang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He returned to his original self and walked towards Xiao Zhiqing who had her back against him.

“Coming here late at night, are you going to feed me some special pills again?! Hmph, why are you in a rush? Afraid that I might die tomorrow…?”

Xiao Zhiqing sneered without any fear. There was only sarcasm in her words.

In the room with no lights, she had undergone hundreds of torture. She was no longer bothered about life and death as she went heartless.

Her life would have ended earlier if she did not meet Yang Chen back then. She would have died a lonely death in a deserted place.

God had given her a glimpse of warmth which she never thought that she would’ve felt. She was satisfied.

However, Yang Chen’s heart ached when he heard those words come out of her mouth casually. Every step he took was heavier than before as if his feet were chained to a heavy rock.


With tears rolling in his eyes, Yang Chen called her by the name. His face was shivering and his body was stiff. *Knock* His knees found itself on the ground, right behind Xiao Zhiqing.

Yang Chen felt that his arrival was helpless.

Regret and pain were not enough to describe how he felt. Just how torturing it was for a woman to face death so casually?

Xiao Zhiqing was shocked at his voice as she gasped. Seconds after she reacted to it, tears broke out from her eyes like a waterfall…

She thought her tears had dried out long ago but right now there were endless tears!

Suffered, pain, grief, anger, missed…

Countless unknown emotions surged up her body. She was on the verge of being insane and yet she was so happy that she was about to faint!

Suddenly, Xiao Zhiqing’s mind came across something as she covered her face with her messy hair, shrunk her body together into one piece. She was terrified as ever.

Yang Chen got close to his knees and hugged his woman from behind. The dirty and broken shirt was already releasing a rotten scent but Yang Chen was not bothered.

“Sorry…I’m sorry…It’s my fault…I know it’s useless for whatever I said but I can guarantee you that you’ll not face anything like this…Qing’er…if you wish to blame me or hate me…just go ahead…it’s all my fault…”

*Cries* Xiao Zhiqing could not resist her tears and shook her head. “Hubby…leave…go away and don’t touch me…”

Yang Chen hugged her more tightly, “I’ll never let you go. You can scold me or beat me however you want but I won’t let go…”

“Let go of me…Just go away!!” Xiao Zhiqing cried even louder.

Yang Chen noticed something was off as Xiao Zhiqing was trying to hide something away from him. He frowned, wanting to turn Xiao Zhiqing over. 

However, Xiao Zhiqing was not willing to. She hid her head below like an ostrich, not facing Yang Chen no matter what.

“Qing’er, what’s the matter?! Don’t you want to see me?!” Yang Chen was disappointed and forcefully lifted her head up, clearing away her messy hair…

Despite Xiao Zhiqing trying to hide it so hard, the scars on her face were too long and Yang Chen noticed it immediately.

“This is?!”

Yang Chen gasped. Not giving a second thought, he strenuously pinned Xiao Zhiqing on the ground. Grabbing her face, he stared right at her pale face!

There was two long crossed scar on her face. Terrifying at sight!

“No! Hubby, don’t look at it! Don’t look at me! No! *cries*...”

Xiao Zhiqing cried sorrowfully, hugging her head. She was as if a pity little worm in the deep abyss, lost her last bit of dignity.

Yang Chen was so raged that he could feel his organs were about to explode. She was embarrassed to the bones, her dignity was crushed, her heart was snatched away, and she was left with a bloody scar at the risk of her life…

He let out a terrifying roar!

An outrageous True Yuan was swirling around Yang Chen uncontrollably. The Chaos in his body was at the edge of making a move. Even the suppressed old illness in Yang Chen’s brain seemed to have signs of coming back alive…

Yang Chen’s eyes were switching between red and black. It was as if he was about to go out of control at any second…

His breath was heavy and fast-paced as if he might suffocate.

The muscles and veins in his body were rumbling, expanding, and contracting non-stop.

“Who…who is it…Qing’er…who did this…”

Yang Chen was trying so hard to suppress that surge of madness because he knew he could not go out of control at this moment, especially when Xiao Zhiqing was still at the rescue…

With his stiff arms, he gently hugged Xiao Zhiqing.

Xiao Zhiqing was trembling as tears ran down her cheeks. She could not even say a single word.

Staring at the scarred face, Yang Chen held up his tears and put on an idiotic smile.

“Dumb dumb, do you think you aren’t pretty anymore? Didn’t I tell you before that someday even if everyone doesn’t age and only my Qing’er turns into an old lady, I will still love you? Why would I lie to you…”

As he spoke, Yang Chen lowered his head and kissed Xiao Zhiqing’s bloody and horrifying scar. Inch by inch, it was as if he was about to kiss every inch of it…

Xiao Zhiqing asphyxiated as no single word could blurt out from his mouth. Her body was about to melt.

Only then, she truly understood a feeling. The feeling of death but with no regret…

Even Xiao Zhiqing herself did not realize that her smile was that relaxing, gentle and confident…

“Hubby…you’re such an idiot. You could heal me anyway, but why do you look so dumbfounded, and you’re even crying…”

Yang Chen slowly came to realization and his eyes were no longer lost!