“Oh yeah, what was I thinking…” Yang Chen laughed like an idiot. “Qing’er, give me a moment, I’ll heal you up and turn you back into a beautiful lady!”

When one suffers a traumatic shock, the person tends to forget something that is usually not easily forgotten. The person would also be blinded by overwhelming emotions.

When Yang Chen saw Xiao Zhiqing’s face get ruined, he was in deep pain, blaming himself for what had happened. He literally forgot that he had the ability to heal and recover one’s body.

No matter how strong your mental quality is, there will be times where you will be afraid. It all depends on the seriousness of the situation, whether it is terrible enough to frighten a man.

Even though Xiao Zhiqing had the Nine Yin Meridian, there was nothing the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture could not heal.

Previously in Australia, all Yang Chen could not do was the injuries in the inner organs, the place where the Nine Yin Meridian possessed.

As the outer skin was not affected by Nine Yin Meridian, Yang Chen took out the bullet and healed the wounds. This was the reason why Xiao Zhiqing was able to survive until Jane came along to heal her.

This time around, Yang Chen was about to heal the wounds on a lady’s face. Unwilling to risk it, he took out a top-grade Dragon Guarding Pill and crushed it into powder form. This would help Xiao Zhiqing to replenish the energy on her face.

Xiao Zhiqing’s heart ached when she saw the pill, “Hubby, you’re wasting it. This Dragon Guarding Pill is a top grade pill, refined from the dragon’s bones. You can achieve the same results with just a low-grade Spiritual Pill.”

“Don’t talk so much. Just use it as I said so. How can I let my woman use a low-grade one when a top-grade is available?” Yang Chen said in a stubborn tone.

Xiao Zhiqing was happy after hearing what her husband said and nodded obediently.

“I’ll have to remove the dead skin from your face later, it might hurt. If it’s too painful, do tell me. We’re not rushing, we can take it slow.” Yang Chen comforted her.

“Okay but no worries. I can endure no matter how painful it is.” Xiao Zhiqing smiled. She was right. She had the chilling poison of the Nine Yin Meridian and thousands of toxins from the pills inside her body. The torture she suffered was incomparable to a wound on the skin.

To Xiao Zhiqing, being kicked by Luo Hang and splitting a few mouthfuls of blood was just ordinary pain.

Hearing a lady describing those pain in such a casual tone almost made Yang Chen tear.

Yang Chen was not a cry baby in general since he was heartless most of the time.

However, he was irresistible to treat Xiao Zhiqing well due to her aura.

Gently, he caressed her hair and scooped them behind her ear. With a deep breath, Yang Chen asked in a shy smile. “Qing’er, I’ve always wondered…if I didn’t meet you in the United States or maybe we didn’t get together in the Mediterranean Sea, maybe you would live a better life now. Or at least…they will not find you and you won’t be suffering from these tortures…”

She shook her head and touched Yang Chen’s cheek. “You can’t feel torture without feelings of love. Hubby, stop overthinking. I’ll really cry if you aren’t going to heal my face any sooner.”

Yang Chen smiled and heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright then, close your eyes and lay down. Relax.”

Xiao Zhiqing answered with a nod and laid down with her eyes closed. The corner of her mouth curled a little.

Yang Chen gave it a thought. First, he formed a thread of Kui water, gently covering the dead skin on her face.

Kui Water had no corrupting effect but was able to freeze anything in an instant. This could prevent the nerves from sensing pain for a while.

With precise accuracy, Yang Chen swiped away the frozen part with True Yuan, exposing the fresh skin tissue.

He sprinkled the powdered Dragon Guarding Pill on the car and used the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to activate the tissues for self-restoration.

Yang Chen detailed every procedure, one at a time, just to ensure every inch of his woman’s skin was perfect and flawless. This was work that required much attention, not something that could be done by casual healing.

Throughout the process, Xiao Zhiqing was smiling without opening her eyes. It was as if she was enjoying it.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, Yang Chen heaved a long sigh of relief. “Alright, open your eyes now.”

Slowly, Xiao Zhiqing sat up and caressed her own face with trembling hands. Yang Chen was smiling at her.

Smooth, gentle, and elastic.

Just one touch and tears filled Xiao Zhiqing’s eyes.

No woman in this world would not be concerned about her own appearance. No matter how hard she tried to keep her cool previously, she was still concerned.

With a laugh, Yang Chen formed an icy mirror with the water energy.

“Have a look, my little Qing’er. Your hubby didn’t lie to you, right? You’re more beautiful than before.” Happiness was filled in Yang Chen’s words.

After checking her look in the mirror multiple times to ensure it was alright, Xiao Zhiqing hugged Yang Chen with excitement. She even kissed his cheek a few times.

Just when Yang Chen was about to say something, he noticed the woman started crying again.

Helplessly, he patted her back, allowing her to cry, to release all the pain she had suffered.

At the same time, on a route in the south of the Luo family fortress.

Under the stars, Luo Xiaoxiao was walking back alone to her residence with heavy steps.

She had recovered from the injury she had earlier but the trace of blood was still visible on her chest.

“My dear little sister, where have you been on such a late night?”

A creepy voice came from the front.

Luo Xiaoxiao looked up weakly and saw a handsome young man with neat hair standing there. She quickly lowered her head, avoiding direct eye contact.

“Brother…” She mumbled, not planning to answer his question.

“Hmph,” Luo Hang said with a cold smile. “Do you really think that I’d have no idea? Someone has been busy going back and forth from the Pills Concocting Room huh?”

“I…I…” Luo Xiaoxiao grabbed the corner of her dress and lowered her head even more.

Luo Hang walked towards his sister and stared at her from the corner of his eyes. “I was wondering previously. I kicked her quite badly and she was all healed up the next time I went. Originally, I thought it was the people of the Elder Association who healed her. Who knows when I interrogate Luo Chen that old fella, it was you! You filthy woman!”

Luo Xiaoxiao replied with grieve. “Brother…Sister Zhiqing is too pitiful…”

“Sister Zhiqing?! That b*tch has a name?! Which side are you on actually?!” Luo Hang was furious.

Luo Xiaoxiao immediately backed two steps as tears filled her eyes. Despite being scared, she said with her teeth clenched. “She…she was at least once your fiancée…besides, our family has done so much horrible stuff on her. How can we still beat her up? She has suffered more than enough…”

“Shut up!”

Luo Hang leaped forward and raised his hand as if he was about to give her a tight slap.

Yet, he stopped right before his hand hit her face. He hesitated. In the end, he let go.

Luo Xiaoxiao was already frightened to death as her face turned pale. Only moments later she realized Luo Hang did not slap her, she looked up pitifully.

Luo Hang’s face was red. “Look at you! And all the words you said with fake kindness…What a traitor…I didn’t beat you today but it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. I just don’t want to get reprimanded by my father after you act pitiful in front of him. But, Luo Xiaoxiao, bear this in mind. Don’t you think that I can’t do anything to you just because you have the surname Luo and that father protecting you. Even though you’ve been summoned back to the family, it doesn’t change your identity…You’re just a mixed brat, given birth by a wild woman from the mundane world! You’re not worthy of being the direct descendant of the Luo family! You treated Xiao Zhiqing well, just because she has the same background as you! The both of you are mixed brats!”

Luo Xiaoxiao looked at her brother with a pale face. “Brother…how can you say it like that…I may have known she isn’t my biological mother but I’ve treated you like my real brother. Father asked me to listen to your orders and I’ve always been…How can you treat me like that now…”

“Bullsh*t,” Luo Hang smirked. “If you had actually listened to me, you shouldn’t have raised your cultivation in such a short time! Also, you wouldn't have attracted the Elder Association’s attention! In the past, you said that your brother, I would always be the one inheriting the throne…but now?! Aren’t you trying to compete with me just because father protects you more?! You’re just pretending to be some good little sister! You’re just waiting for the right timing. When I couldn’t surpass the cultivation stage and father was unhappy about it, you used that opportunity to your advantage! You sly b*tch!”