Luo Xiaoxiao looked at her fierce brother innocently. She was speechless.

A voice was ringing in her head. How can he say such a thing?! How can he be so unreasonable?!

Despair could be seen from her eyes as she realized she was too innocent. The world was not how she thought it was…

Why must everyone hurt each other like this? Shouldn’t family members love each other unconditionally? Must we hurt each other with such saddening words…

Luo Xiaoxiao did not understand why but had no intention to anyways. The brother standing in front of her was so terrifying that she wanted to run away from all these problems, run away from this place.

Yet, where could she go? From what she could recall, she had been living in this place forever. She couldn’t forget every plant, tree, and face.

This was her home. She would have no place to stay in the outside world.

Initially, she thought the mundane world would be different from the hidden clan. Yet, on that day in the hotel of the theme park where she almost got killed by the man she loved, she only then realized that she did not belong there.

No matter how hard she tried, no one would like her, including her stepmother, brother, uncles, and the rest of the family members. No matter how obedient she was, they never liked her from the bottom of their hearts.

Just then, a deep and prestigious voice came from nowhere.

“What are you two doing here…”

Luo Hang was shocked and terrified. He slowly lifted his head to have sight of a middle-aged man in green Hanfu. With his hair flowing with the wind, the man glared at him with deadly eyes.


Luo Hang was shocked because he thought Luo Qianqiu was in his closed-door cultivation. Yet, somehow Luo Qianqiu was out now.

Luo Xiaoxiao looked up and mumbled, “Dad.”

As Luo Qianqiu got his feet on the ground, he stared at both of them as if he could see through what had happened between them.

“You guys sure know how to embarrass me by arguing, instead of practicing or resting in your rooms at this time. Do you wish the Elder Association to come and see how you guys argue with each other?”

Luo Hang answered with an awkward smile, “Father, I…I was just casually talking to my sister. It’s no big deal.”

“Oh…” Luo Qianqiu squinted his eyes. “Seems like you think that you’re all grown up. Not only did you treat me as an idiot but also, as a man, fear competing with a little girl!”

“How…how dare I lie to you.” Luo Hang’s smile was stiff as he shook his head.

“Ever since young, you’re the only one who receives the most resources among the family apprentices. And now, just because your sister entered the Soul Forming Stage, you’re acting like this. You sure know how to make me ‘proud’.” Luo Qianqiu did not look pleasant.

A chill ran down Luo Hang’s spine and he instantly stood upright, “Father! Please forgive me! I will not disappoint father!”

Knowing that it was impossible to cover what had happened, Luo Hang admitted his fault.

“Since you know your mistakes, then get your ass back to your room. Let me tell you this, there are a few disciples of your age from the Xiao and Ning family who have already entered the Ming Water Stage. If you can’t reach the Ming Water Stage before next year’s Martial Competition between the three families, you’ll have a taste of my medicine!” Luo Qianqiu glared at him. 

Luo Hang quickly agreed with a loud voice and subconsciously stared at Luo Xiaoxiao from the corner of his eyes before leaving.

After Luo Hang had left, Luo Qianqiu looked at his daughter with glaring eyes for a moment. He then said softly, “You should go back. Don’t talk back defiantly to your brother again.”

Luo Xiaoxiao lifted her head with that pitiful look and said. “Daddy…I didn’t mean to talk like that with brother…”

“It doesn’t matter and I don’t care either. Since we’re in the Great Family, fighting against each other is a norm. If you manage to survive and win against your brother, that means you’re capable. But if you’re defeated by your brother, that means you’re not worthy to be the daughter of the Luo family. No one would pity you.” Luo Qianqiu said in a casual tone.

Biting her thin lips, Luo Xiaoxiao’s face was filled with sorrow. Helplessness had taken over the beauty of her appearance.

“Daddy…why does everyone dislike me even though I’m not trying to get in their way? Big brother was supposed to inherit the throne anyways…I didn’t wish for any attention either…Since young, you told me that my mother had passed away. I’m a child with no mother…So, I become extremely obedient, not wanting them to dislike me. All I wished was to be a part of the family…Throughout the few years when I was in the mundane world, my friends around me stayed with their parents and families. Even though there is death and illness, sorrow and pain, I’m still jealous of them. Just because they are how a family should be… Daddy, can you tell me.. am I so annoying that everyone doesn’t like me? Or…can our family never stay together like how other simple families are?  Must competition and fights among each other exist…”

Luo Xiaoxiao’s glittering eyes looked at Luo Qianqiu as if they were fairies that could speak.

Luo Qianqiu squinted and his expression remained calm and cold, except that his eyebrow lifted for a second.

Moments later, Luo Qianqiu said deeply, “If you wish to find the answer, there’s only one way.”

“What…what is it?” Luo Xiaoxiao looked at her father with hope in her eyes.

“To become stronger,” Luo Qianqiu replied. “When you possess the strength to face anyone without fear, you’ll understand why you would have such confusion.”

Luo Xiaoxiao was astounded and confused. She did not know how these questions were related to the cultivation level.

Luo Qianqiu turned around and walked away slowly.

“Your fate is in your own hands. I may be your biological father but I can’t protect you forever and will not tell you which future to choose. Your brother is also my son. Which of you can survive till the end, that depends on your hearts, whether it chooses the right direction…”

By the time he finished the sentence, Luo Qianqiu was far ahead.

Luo Xiaoxiao stood there for some time, wiping away the tears from her eyes. It was as if she understood something.


The third floor of the Pills Concocting Room.

After Xiao Zhiqing finished crying, Yang Chen used Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to oppress the Nine Yin Meridian which was about to go wild and the huge amount of toxins. All he could do was suppress the toxins from overflowing as he had no instant cure.

Later, Yang Chen got her a set of clean woman clothing. He helped her with cleaning her dirty body.

Since the two of them had been vulnerable to each other on the bed countless times, it was no big deal to expose their naked bodies to each other. They would never feel awkward.

Staring at Xiao Zhiqing’s cleaned sexy body, Yang Chen was not horny at all as he knew this was not the right time.

Xiao Zhiqing combed her hair, placing them nicely over the shoulders. She was back to her old beautiful look.

Only then, Xiao Zhiqing recall what had happened. She asked how Yang Chen pretended to be Luo Feng and how he found her.

Yang Chen summarized everything that happened to Xiao Zhiqing and she was surprised by the usefulness of Blinding Leaf. When she knew Su Xin was saved by Yang Chen and a Great Elder of the Xiao family was killed, she was beyond happy.

“Nanny is still alive! That’s so great! Thank you, hubby!” Xiao Zhiqing was touched.

Having Yang Chen come all the way to save her was already touching enough but he also saved Su Xin who had nothing to do with him. It was just because she was her nanny and life-saver.

The realization of Yang Chen treating her life-saver as his own almost tore Xiao Zhiqing.

Even if it was just an ordinary husband and wife, not many could do what Yang Chen did. Although everyone’s power and position were different, risking your life to save someone is no joke.

Xiao Zhiqing’s heart was already melting. This was also why the ladies could not resist the charms of this man. If it was not for the inappropriate timing, she would be having a great time in bed with Yang Chen.

After explaining everything, Yang Chen’s face turned serious and asked. “Qing’er, now is your time to speak. I heard Wang Ma say that it was Luo Xiaoxiao, Luo Hang, and an old man who kidnapped you, right?”

“Yeap.” Xiao Zhiqing nodded. “It’s Luo Hang and a housekeeper named Luo Lei. As for Luo Xiaoxiao…”

With much hesitation, she said. “Although she is skeptical of leaking the information, she doesn’t seem to have bad intentions towards me.”