“Oh? What makes you say so?” Yang Chen wanted to know more details. He seemed to care about the clumsy girl a little more as he did not wish to believe that she came with bad intentions.

Xiao Zhiqing recalled, “When they kidnapped me, Luo Xiaoxiao stood up for me but ended up being scolded by Luo Hang. All this while when I got injured, she would come over and forcefully feed me the healing pills. There was once, Luo Feng noticed and reprimanded her. Come to think of it…I didn’t hold back my temper against her. Kinda feel sorry for her. Yet…I couldn’t hold back towards any of the Luo family members because of that brother of hers, Luo Hang, and the other elders. I guess she just got dragged inside…”

Yang Chen gave it a thought and sighed. Maybe I really misunderstood her.

Actually, people like me who garners attention from all parties will more or less get my ladies noticed by them as well. They will find a way to get a hold of this information.

Upon thinking about it, a fresh thought popped out of Yang Chen’s mind.

Oh right! The biggest family that is most powerful in China is obviously the Ning family! Ning Guangyao must have all my information. Besides, the hidden clan, the Ning family, has always been obsessed with my powers…

Yang Chen was mad at himself for realizing it so late. Yet, he could not do anything as it was merely speculation.

However, Yang Chen had serious doubts about the Ning family. When the time comes, he would clear it with them.

If it’s the Ning family that leaked the information and set me up to be enemies with the Luo and Xiao family, I’ll tear the Ning family apart!

As for the fact that Ning Guangyao was Lin Ruoxi's biological father, Yang Chen did not plan on holding back if he was forced to kill him. Even if his lady objects, he would not hesitate even a little.

“Qing’er, before we leave, I want to confirm one more thing,” A glimpse of killing intent flashed through Yang Chen’s eyes. His tone was cold. “Who was the one who ruined your face…”

Xiao Zhiqing struggled to answer while biting her lips. “Hubby…how about just let it be…I…”

“No!” Yang Chen opposed as madness filled his eyes. “I know you are worried about me, but I know my limits. I can’t stand to know that man living a few more days, hours, or minutes! I’ll kill that person right now! Tear his nerves, strip his skin and let him suffer seeing how his meat get cut off piece by piece until his soul breaks apart! Rendering him unable to reincarnate for a million years!”

Seeing Xiao Zhiqing being worried and not wishing to say a single word, Yang Chen said deeply. “Even if you keep quiet, I’ve already guessed who it was. It’s the bastard, Luo Hang, right…”

Xiao Zhiqing did not answer but her eyes exposed her.

Yang Chen confirmed the answer. From his attentive observation and understanding of women, he knew Xiao Zhiqing had revealed the truth.

“Heh, that asshole young master of Luo family. I heard that Luo Qianqiu only has one son. I’ll send his future generations to hell!”

Knowing that it was impossible to stop him, Xiao Zhiqing grabbed Yang Chen’s sleeve. “Hubby, Luo Qianqiu’s cultivation is very strong. Even though the title of the top ten masters of the illusion realm is nothing, he is one of the best masters among them. He mastered the Luotian Sutra to a god-tier level and his mastery of the five elements is great too. I heard that he mastered the Three-legged Golden Crow Secrets from the library of the Luo family. None of the Luo family members could master it for at least a thousand years. It allows the user to release the true flame of Golden Crow, a mystic flame formed between heaven and earth. Its power is too overwhelming. He attacks, you must be extra cautious…”

“Mystic flame?”

Yang Chen then recalled the Great Ancient Practice Codes he read previously. It stated that in this world, except for the heavenly flame and Xuanshui, there exist mystic flame and mystic water.

They were known as mystic flame and water because they were formed under special circumstances, due to special arts, or possessed by special spiritual artifacts.

Their power might not be as great as heavenly flame or Xuanshui but they were unique in their own ways. They were not any weaker as both of their attributes were different to be compared. 

For example, the secret art of the Yan family, the Northern Dark Ice Soul. When one reaches the highest level, the water the user releases is considered to be mystic water. Just that it is not as powerful as Ming Water or Ruo Water, but similar to Kui Water.

Or another example would be the legendary phoenix in the myth. It possessed the Phoenix’s God Flame, which was of higher temperature than the Samadhi True Fire. In terms of destructive powers, the Ye Fire was nowhere near it. The legendary beast was surely legendary.

As for the Three-legged Golden Crow, it was also another legendary beast. It was also known as Limped Crow or the Godly Bird of the Sun. The name itself revealed how monstrous the beast was.

These two beasts were not afraid of heavenly flame as they possessed the mystic flame which was on par with it.

Xiao Zhiqing replied in a serious tone. “Yeap, legends had it that it was an art mastered by the ancient after battling the Three-legged Golden Crow. It may not be compared to the actual flame of the Three-legged Golden Crow but being able to be regarded as the true flame of the Golden Crow shows how great it is. Or else, Luo Qianqiu wouldn’t be the only one who managed to master it for a thousand years. The harder the mastery, the greater its power. It’s just pitiful that Luo Qianqiu rarely engages in battles or I should say the people he wanted to kill are no longer here. So I have no idea how strong the flame is.”

Xiao Zhiqing thought by describing how strong Luo Qianqiu was would be sufficient to prompt Yang Chen on reconsidering everything.

Yet, excitement ran through Yang Chen’s body.

“Sounds so impressive. The stronger the opponent is, the greater the sense of achievement after killing them. It’s beneficial to my cultivation too.” Yang Chen smiled. “Qing’er, I’ll bring you out now. If I could send you outside of the Illusion Realm safely, I’ll come back alone to kill Luo Hang. If someone blocks our way, I’ll kill them all then only leave this place with you.”

Xiao Zhiqing was speechless as she forgot the man in front of him had no understanding of what fear meant. All she could do was just nod in agreement although she was worried on the inside.

Yang Chen did not plan on putting on the Luo Feng disguise and acted his way out of the Pills Concocting Room. Since the Elder Association of the Luo family treats Xiao Zhiqing in such a way, they all deserve to die. He decided to just open his way out with blood!

Grabbing his woman’s hand, Yang Chen walked down the stairs casually.

Luo Chen and the other four elders with Ming Water Stage on the second floor were shocked when they saw Yang Chen and Xiao Zhiqing walking down, especially when Yang Chen was wearing Luo Feng’s clothes.

“Who are you?!” Luo Chen knew something was not right!

Yang Chen smiled coldly. The space here is limited. I bet these five Ming Water Stage cultivators would have no place to run.

Instantly, he summoned the Chaos Cauldron. A dark chaos power engulfed the entire second floor, absorbing all the pills at once. These pills that turned into a faint glimpse of spiritual energy were only an appetizer to the Chaos.

The Chaos who was already hungry and thirsty scanned the area with two red eyes and leaped towards Luo Chen.

When the five of them came to their senses, they were already being absorbed by the pulling force from the Chaos Cauldron. Their actions were slow and they had no place to run!

“What is this creature?!” An elder screamed.

Not waiting for these old fellas to take out any weapons, Yang Chen formed a Ruo Water dragon and blasted at them one after another!

These elders could not even withstand the power of Ruo Water as their True Yuan protection was decayed. They screamed and struggled when their souls were corroded. They died miserably without even making any counterattacks.

As the Chaos Cauldron devoured the five of them, it glowed with a murderous aura. A deep roar was unleashed as if it was saying it was not filling.

Yang Chen’s aura was indifferent from the Chaos Cauldron. Murderous and fierce. Swiftly, they arrived on the first floor.

On the first floor, there were only a few more elders and servants with even lower cultivation. The two elders who were concocting pills did not even have a chance to react as they were all devoured by the Chaos beast. One after another, it swallowed them all, capturing every single bit of spiritual energy that it could.

The rest were all killed by Yang Chen’s purplish flame dragon. Even the ingredients were all burned to ashes, except for the good ones which Yang Chen kept in his space ring.

The horrifying True Yuan suppression and the evil power of Chaos coming from the room terrified the two elders guarding the room. They quickly open the gate to have a look.

Upon entering the hall of the first floor, they caught sight of Yang Chen and Xiao Zhiqing walking towards the gate.

There was a burning purple flame swirling on the palm of that man. He looked unfamiliar but like a devil from hell, walking towards them with an evil smile.

Meanwhile, there was a gigantic dark-green cauldron giving off a bloody yet turbid aura. It was like a spear bearer clearing the route for its master. In no time, it dashed at the two guards!