“R-Run! Inform the elders and the patriarch!” 

One of the elders realized the urgency of the situation they were in. Their cultivation was pitiful compared to Yang Chen.

“Hah? Do you think that you can run away?” Yang Chen smirked. Before those people were able to run, the Chaos Cauldron had emitted a strong suction to pull them towards it, and no matter how they struggled to cling to the door with their True Yuan, the distance between them kept getting closer. 

Filled with the act of gluttony, the Chaos Beast pounced onto their heads, swallowing one, and tearing their bodies apart with its bare fangs… 

Xiao Zhiqing, who was following behind Yang Chen, paled from shock.

She never expected Chaos to recover at such speed. Although Ming Water cultivators were considered elites in the Illusion Realm, the two elders were nothing before the Chaos Beast.

Rather than saying that the Ming Water cultivators were too weak, it was more like the Chaos Beast’s oppressive aura was too intense that it kept them staggered. In addition to Yang Chen’s interference, they had no time to even take their artifact out. Otherwise, they would have been able to fight for some more time.

Yang Chen brought Xiao Zhiqing out of the place in the blink of an eye after clearing the room.

Just as he was about to retract the Chaos Cauldron and leave, he felt unprecedented shattering oppression. 

Alarmed, Yang Chen frowned. When he sensed an odd fluctuation of power behind him, he tossed the Chaos Cauldron to his back to block the attack.

With a loud rumble, the ground shook. Even the buildings rustled vigorously until it seemed like the whole Luo clan was about to collapse. 

In that split second, Yang Chen saw a bolt of purple-red lightning traversing the sky and about to strike them. 

The bolt of lightning went against the Chaos Cauldron, painting the sky in streaks of red and purple.

Struck by the bolt of lightning, the Chaos Cauldron was infuriated, but it acted with much more caution than before.

Seeing that, Yang Chen was astonished. If I hadn’t reacted in time, Zhiqing would’ve been badly injured, even if I managed to block the attack! Such a powerful technique and a terrifying True Yuan!

With a face as black as thunder, he turned to look up at the sky, where he saw a middle-aged man dressed in a green robe.

He had his arms behind his back, with his chin raised in a lofty manner.

“Luo Qianqiu.”

Though Yang Chen had never seen him before, he could say the man’s name without a doubt. 

Then, he quickly realized he could not tell Luo Qianqiu’s cultivation level. Even though he could assess that the latter was in the Ruo Water stage, the profoundness of his cultivation was way beyond his imagination.

If he had to compare Luo Qianqiu’s cultivation with Xiao Tingxu’s, he would say that the latter’s cultivation was like a glass half-filled with water. In contrast, the former’s cultivation was a brimming cup.

Moreover, he had a feeling that Luo Qianqiu would be a perfect example of someone who could advance into the Nine Heavenly Tribulation from the Ruo Water stage.

All of a sudden, Yang Chen felt pressured for belittling Luo Qianqiu.

Glancing at Yang Chen’s outfit, Luo Qianqiu commented in a teasing manner while smiling oddly. “How audacious of you. Well, I suppose you’ve killed Luo Feng.”

His statement startled Yang Chen, who had a bad feeling. “Y-You knew about it long ago?”

“Brat, you look down on me. What makes you think I won’t be on alert after you’ve wreaked havoc in the Xiao clan. How could I fail to guard the Luo clan when it’s my territory?”

Just then, thousands of cultivators emerged from all directions of the Luo Fortress, which was expected because of the immense fluctuation of the True Yuan. If they could not sense it, they would surely be sacked. 

In an instant, elders of varying cultivation levels gathered behind Luo Qianqiu, while the guards, the collateral relatives, and the cultivators who had sought refuge from the Luo clan surrounded Yang Chen and Xiao Zhiqing. 

Even Luo Qianli, Luo Hang, Luo Xiaoxiao, and the rest were present. 

The moment Luo Hang saw the two, resentment flashed across his eyes.

On the other hand, Luo Xiaoxiao covered her mouth in astonishment, baffled by the turn of events. 

With a wave of his arm, Luo Qianqiu transmitted the sound waves all across the fortress via the True Yuan.

“Everyone, listen to me! This is the thief that killed the Great Grand Elder, Xiao Tingxu, in the Xiao clan. His name is Yang Chen, and he’s the lover of Xiao Zhiqing! Today, he used schemes and intrigues and murdered our head butler, Luo Lei, and our eldest elder, Luo Feng! Earlier on, he even robbed the items in our pill concocting room, murdered dozen of our elders and cultivators, then tried to bring Xiao Zhiqing out of here!”

At his words, the thousands of people in the Luo Fortress gasped in shock.

Luo Feng, the Great Elder in the Ruo Water stage, is dead?!

Upon hearing his words, Luo Qianli, standing far behind, paled. It suddenly dawned on him when he looked at Yang Chen’s clothes.

With a loud voice, Luo Qianqiu continued, “This crafty man has profound cultivation and possesses the Chaos Cauldron. There’s no need to sacrifice yourselves in vain. I’ll punish him on my own!”

His order earned him looks of respect from the cultivators.

Though they could not tell Yang Chen’s cultivation level, they could feel the pressure he exerted on them.

Luo Qianqiu’s declaration had won their hearts as he was willing to step forward and stop them from putting their lives in danger.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was furious at being tricked by Luo Qianqiu.

Luo Feng was Luo Qianqiu’s nemesis. As the patriarch, he could not get rid of the former openly, so he let Yang Chen do it for him.

Then, he only showed up after Yang Chen had robbed the pill concocting room so that he could catch him in the act. With the concrete evidence, he could win everyone else in the Luo clan over whilst getting rid of Yang Chen.

Chuckling, Yang Chen stared right into Luo Qianqiu’s eyes. “You sure have a high endurance. Since you’ve long found out what I’ve done to Luo Lei and that I would also attack Luo Feng, you must’ve known that your wife has an illicit relationship with Luo Feng and Luo Lei, right? Hah, you’ve cuckolded for years, yet you dare to confront me openly. Aren’t you embarrassed?” 


The Luo clan members exclaimed in surprise, staggered by the revelation.

However, Luo Qianqiu remained unperturbed. Smirking, he said, “You’re making a last-ditch effort by spouting nonsense. You murdered Luo Lei and Luo Feng, and now you’re slandering my wife and brother. Do you think you can leave here in one piece just by saying so?”

Once again, it “occurred” to the Luo clan members that the “cunning” Yang Chen was trying to deceive them. With that, they shot murderous glares at Yang Chen.

Luo Qianli was sweating buckets. Now that things had come to this point, he was certain that his brother was only pretending to be clueless since Yang Chen did not have any evidence.

Luo Hang and Luo Xiaoxiao wore complicated expressions on their faces since their mother and family members were involved.

As for Yang Chen, he was surprised that Luo Qianqiu managed to evade it easily. That rendered him speechless, and he wondered if the latter was being generous or that he enjoyed being cuckolded. 

Suddenly, Luo Qianqiu spoke to him using his True Yuan.

“Brat, you’ve underestimated me. Do you truly think Leng Qingqiu would have any effect on me? Let me tell you—she’s only my wife if I say so. I’ve never treated her as my woman, so why should I care about who she dates? If you’re tactful enough, surrender the authentic ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’, and I’ll spare you. Now that you’ve entered my territory, you can never escape…”

No one else in the Luo clan had higher cultivation than him and Yang Chen, so that conversation was essentially private.  

Yang Chen was startled for a second when he realized he had lost the upper hand.

He’s telling the truth. Luo Qianqiu doesn’t even treat Leng Qingqiu as his wife, so he wouldn’t care less about being cuckolded. Their marriage was just nominal. I’m such a fool. I should’ve known that an elite like him has his extreme views.