Yang Chen had been meaning to use his cultivation to subdue Luo Qianqiu, but he never realized that although fast, his purple-red lightning had only a certain reach. If he were to attack Luo Qianqiu from multiple directions, Luo Qianqiu would have not been able to deflect them all!

Although it would not be as powerful as a solely concentrated attack, he doubted Luo Qianqiu's lightning could withstand the corroding power of the Ruo Water. 

"Hah, you sure know a lot." Luo Qianqiu shot a cold look at Xiao Zhiqing before raising his voice to speak. "Luo Qianli, bring those above the Ming Water stage to break the Chaos Cauldron's defense!"

Standing afar, Luo Qianli finally got a grip on reality. He originally wanted to collaborate with Luo Feng to get rid of Luo Qianqiu, but now that Luo Feng was dead, he had to listen to Luo Qianqiu's command to live on. 

When his gaze fell upon Xiao Zhiqing, who was shielded by the Chaos Cauldron, he smirked and led a dozen of Ming Water cultivators over.  

As the Luo clan had plenty of powerful cultivation techniques, a myriad of marvelous-looking attacks came showering down on Xiao Zhiqing, with Luo Qianli in the lead. 

The grey-colored Chaos Energy withstood the attacks but it could not absorb them all.  Inevitably, the Chaos Cauldron suffered some damage and its aura was flickering.

Frowning, Yang Chen reckoned that if the Chaos Cauldron remained on the defensive stance, it should be able to last for a long while. 

At that thought, he summoned all the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, and it gathered within him like ferocious waves. 

Facing the purple-red bolts of lightning that kept attacking him amidst the fire, Yang Chen conjured a giant Ruo Water shield to block them. Then, he directed the Ruo Water to roll into a giant ball with a circumference of about ten feet. 

The grey ball kept gurgling. Though it dimmed occasionally from the purple-red lightning, it continued to grow. 

A sense of dread washed over everyone, and it felt as if the sky and ground were trembling from the corrosive energy.  

Luo Qianqiu's expression finally grew solemn, for he never expected Yang Chen to be able to gather such a large amount of Ruo Water as doing so required immense control and strong True Yuan. 

Below them, the Chaos Cauldron persistently emitted the grey-colored Chaos Energy, forming a light shield around Xiao Zhiqing to block all sorts of cultivation techniques and artifacts.  

The sounds of explosions seemed never-ending, which made Xiao Zhiqing feel that she would be reduced to ashes anytime soon. Appalled, she cowered beneath the Chaos Cauldron with her lip tightly bitten.  

Fortunately, the Chaos Cauldron had absorbed many of the Luo clan's skilled cultivators, so it was filled with energy. At that moment, it was slowly spinning around with the Chaos Energy spilling out endlessly, making it impossible for the dozens of cultivators to breach through. 

Luo Qianqiu was highly on guard. As he continued to attack the Ruo Water shield with the bolts of lightning, he wondered what Yang Chen was up to. 

Just then, Yang Chen felt that the time was right, so he yelled as he flung the giant Ruo Water ball up to the air. 


After injecting the core of the giant Ruo Water ball with True Yuan, it burst open and shot out droplets of water to a few hundred kilometers radius!

This was different from the Ruo Water dispersing after being struck by Luo Qianqiu's lightning. Instead, it was a huge range attack!

No way to dodge the droplets, the cultivators, who were attacking the Chaos Cauldron, stared above them with wide eyes.


A shrill shriek broke the silence as the first drop of Ruo Water came into contact with a Ming Water cultivator. 

Following that, the rest of the cultivators, too, perished from the corroding power of the Ruo Water.

Seizing the opportunity, the Chaos Cauldron greedily absorbed their cultivation energy. Judging from how quickly it started to spin, it was exciting. 

At the same time, Yang Chen was struck by the purple-red lightning. However, it did not kill him as the Ruo Water did to the Luo clan's cultivators.

Luo Qianli dared not take risks since he did not have a cultivation level comparable to his brother. Only by forming a True Yuan shield around him and dodging swiftly did he manage to stay alive.  

As for Luo Qianqiu, he received most of the Ruo Water droplets but remained unharmed and did not even budge due to the True Yuan shield he had around him. 

Nonetheless, his attack towards Yang Chen ceased since his physique was not inhumane like Yang Chen's, so he could not be unfazed by the Ruo Water.  

Yang Chen was not hoping for that attack to take him down anyway. With an extensive range attack, the power of Ruo Water would diminish by a lot. What he wanted to do was only to get rid of the nuisance—the Luo clan's cultivators—and have them know this was not their battle. 

Seeing that Luo Qianqiu's attack had halted, Yang Chen knew he had made the right choice. Almost immediately, he followed on by conjuring dozens of Ruo Water balls and attacking Luo Qianqiu in the same manner. 

Forced to stay in the same spot and watch his True Yuan shield being corroded bit by bit, Luo Qianqiu knew things did not bode well for him. 

Anger flashed across his eyes, not only because of Yang Chen's tactic but also because he had killed off many of his capable cultivators. 

"How dare you! You're seeking your death!"

At that point, he was too furious to care about the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" and only wanted to get rid of Yang Chen.

"Have a taste of my ‘Three-legged Golden Crow Secrets', the Golden Crow True Fire!"

Golden flames blazed around Luo Qianqiu, taking up the shape of an odd three-legged bird about a dozen feet tall. Its wings were about thirty-odd long when spread out. 

Yang Chen watched as the odd bird spat out golden flames towards the sky, as if announcing its arrival as the king of all beings and that they should bow down to it. 

The sun-like glow kept expanding in the air. 

Surrounding Luo Qianqiu, those bright and blazing golden fires dispersed all the Ruo Water droplets. 

At that moment, Luo Qianqiu was glowing as if he was the core of a small sun. 

Yang Chen had heard about this cultivation technique from Xiao Zhiqing, so he knew it was the Golden Crow. However, he did not expect it to be so terrifying. Such a ferocious mystic fire was nowhere inferior to any Heavenly Fire. 

No wonder Luo Qianqiu was the only one who managed to master this out of the world cultivation technique. 

Well, of course, Yang Chen also knew that this was heavily dependent on one's cultivation level. If an ordinary Ruo Water cultivator had mastered it, they would not have unleashed the same power.  

The flames in the form of a three-legged golden crow screeched and flapped its wings.

Although it was made of flames, the speed of the mystic fire was so fast that the friction between air led to the sound of bird cries. 

That took Yang Chen by surprise. He tried to dodge, but one of the bird’s wings still burned his arm. 

A grunt escaped from his lips when he felt his skin burning and bleeding as if boiling oil had scalded him. 

However, even an ordinary oil burn would not cause any damage to his body. 

Yang Chen had not felt such pain in years. 

Fortunately, the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture quickly recovered his skin and tissue, removing the dead parts and growing the new ones. 

I don't think I can hold on if I keep receiving these blows!

Once again, he met someone better than him. Because he mastered the Heavenly Fire, he did not fear the Li Fire, Samadhi True Fire, and Ye Fire, but he was unfamiliar with mystic fire. 

This was similar to a foreign "Dao." Since he could not understand it, he would naturally be injured by it.  

A look of shock crossed Luo Qianqiu's face when he saw Yang Chen's speedy recovery, but that did not deter him from making another round of attack. 

"Golden Crow True Form, Assembly of Ten Thousand Birds!"

One by one, the three-legged golden crows emerged from the dazzling "sun". From afar, it seemed like a hundred of them had appeared and were cawing as they flew toward Yang Chen.

Everyone from the Luo clan was petrified, including Luo Qianli. As for Luo Xiaoxiao, she had a worried expression on her face. 

Since their clan hardly encountered an opponent, they barely had the chance to witness Luo Qianqiu's true capabilities, so the cultivation level he displayed now was truly appalling.