Devil Beast Blood!?

Yang Chen suddenly recalled what kind of aura this was and what he had heard when he was impersonating Luo Lei. It was about how Luo Lei had secretly used the Devil Beast Blood to poison Luo Qianqiu non-stop for three years.

It seems like the Devil Beast Blood had taken effect at this time. But didn’t Luo Feng and the others say it would take another two to three months?

Yang Chen subconsciously looked towards Luo Qianli in the distance, who was wearing an odd expression, at that thought. It was a puzzled expression rather than a worried one. Overall, it was a complicated one—a mix of excitement and apprehension.

Could it be that Luo Qianli also doesn’t know why the poison has taken effect so early? 

Yang Chen had hit the mark. 

In fact, after the Great Ancient Devil Beast Taowu was injured, the Devil Beast Blood obtained from the Xiao clan's deal with Xiao Mohui was left behind. Although it was unknown where the Xiao clan's ancestors obtained it, it had been passed down for tens of thousands of years and could not be a forgery.

The Devil Beast Blood was not all Taowu’s blood, but an extremely magical and powerful poison produced by the Xiao clan’s ancestors after refining and fusing it with other poisons.

For most cultivators, especially an elite like Luo Qianqiu, it would be impossible to poison him, as he could easily assess all kinds of abnormal spiritual energy fluctuations around him.

However, the Devil Beast Blood, which had been modified by the Xiao clan’s ancestors, could do so in such a way that even a figure like Luo Qianqiu could not detect it.

As Luo Qianqiu's closest servant, Luo Lei was always at the former’s side and had access to his practice and living quarters.

For the past three years, Luo Lei had been dripping the Devil Beast Blood into the incense burner where Luo Qianqiu lived and cultivated.

When the Devil Beast Blood was controlled in a certain amount and mixed into the incense, it was undetectable, unless the amount was too much.

Luo Qianqiu had inhaled the incense mixed with the Devil Beast Blood for three years, and only after it reached a certain amount would the poisonous nature of the Devil Beast Blood become apparent.

It would not kill him immediately, but its greatest effect was to erode his soul, making him infected by the ferociousness of the Devil Beast Blood, causing him to lose his sanity, and in the end, undergo deviation in his cultivation.

Needless to say, such a plan would have been perfect.

Originally, it was almost impossible for Luo Feng and Luo Qianli to kill Luo Qianqiu, so having Luo Qianqiu go mad and become inhuman would undoubtedly save them a lot of effort.

Moreover, when that happened, the entire Luo clan, including the elders, would kill Luo Qianqiu to prevent him from turning into a mad devil that killed people indiscriminately. 

It was even possible to say that Luo Qianqiu’s soul would be damaged during cultivation, and he would lose his sanity and thus die from the True Yuan exploding within him. 

Xiao Mohui was willing to trade out the Devil Beast Blood in the first place because the conditions for using it were too difficult. It would be too time-consuming to use it to kill elites, and it would be a waste to use it on the weak. It served no purpose other than to kill people. Second, the Xiao clan desired Luo Qianqiu's death so that the Luo clan's strength would be greatly reduced.

Of course, Luo Qianli and Luo Feng also knew this, but they couldn't care less about it as long as they could succeed in seizing power. It did not matter if the Luo clan was weak for a short time. As they had the foundation, they reckoned the other two families could not do anything to them.

However, things were unpredictable.

First Luo Lei died, and then Luo Feng died, and the Devil Beast Blood did not come to use. 

Yet, by chance, Yang Chen stimulated Luo Qianqiu's soul with his Dark Fire during the battle, which had abruptly brought out the power of the Devil Beast Blood that was supposed to happen only three months later. 

Despite not understanding all of this, Yang Chen could confirm that Luo Qianqiu was emanating the aura of Devil Beast Blood at the moment. 

Luo Qianqiu's Golden Crow True Flame had already gone out, and he was twisting his entire body while roaring in mid-air, as if he had lost the ability to fight any longer.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, would not show him mercy simply because he looked like that, not to mention what the Luo clan had done to Xiao Zhiqing. If he became poisoned during the battle, Luo Qianqiu would not "kindly" spare him and say, "We will fight again in the future."

In a fight between life and death, any mercy would be cruel to oneself.

Yang Chen knew this very well, so he did not hesitate much and conjured a ball of Dark Fire in his hand, ready to rush towards Luo Qianqiu!

"Don't hurt my father!"

Suddenly, a pink figure came from afar and stood before Luo Qianqiu, glaring at Yang Chen. It was none other than Luo Xiaoxiao. 

There were over a thousand cultivators in the area, including Luo Qianli and other members of the clan, yet none of them dared to come out to stop Yang Chen and help Luo Qianqiu. Only Luo Xiaoxiao, who was at the early stage of the Soul Forming stage, stood out.

Yang Chen's figure came to a sudden halt, and he looked at the teary-eyed girl in a daze, feeling a little bewildered.

Normally, anyone who came to stop him would be killed, but Luo Xiaoxiao was different because he felt sorry for her. For starters, he had misunderstood and hurt her. Second, Xiao Zhiqing was indebted to her.

Sure enough, when he looked down at Xiao Zhiqing, he saw her desperately shaking her head, hoping that he would not hurt Luo Xiaoxiao.

"Get out of the way. I don't want to hurt you.” Yang Chen frowned.

Luo Xiaoxiao sobbed and said woefully, "Hurt? Haven't you already hurt me several times? Yet now you want to kill my father, you big bad guy! If you want to kill my father, I'll fight you! I'm not afraid of you!”

The girl's words carried the naivety and fearlessness of youth but were filled with determination to die for her father.

Yang Chen opened his mouth to speak, but the words were stuck in his throat. He wasn't arrogant and could apologise to her if necessary, but he was in a life-or-death situation with Luo Qianqiu right now.

Although Luo Qianqiu seemed to be on the verge of losing his sanity, Yang Chen could not feel at ease until he was killed.

Suddenly, Luo Qianqiu, who had been bending over, straightened up with great difficulty. Evilness was visible through the hint of black and red that continued to surge in his eyes. 

However, Luo Qianqiu was still fighting Taowu's evilness, most likely because his willpower was terrifying, or perhaps because, as Luo Feng had predicted, the Devil Beast Blood would take about three months to completely erode Luo Qianqiu's soul.

At that moment, Luo Qianqiu still retained a trace of sanity because of his profound cultivation. 

He looked up at the fearless girl standing in front of him. 

Even Luo Qianqiu, who was as arrogant as he was, was moved. 

Is this my daughter… How could she be so foolish? With such a weak cultivation level, what’s the point of coming to help me? 

However, he could not help but immerse himself in the heartwarming feeling. 

He had no idea what he was getting himself into when he began to believe that the great Dao was merciless and that the strongest person would lead the world. Other than strength and power, nothing else mattered.

The so-called kinship, friendship, and love are nothing but erroneous thoughts uncontrolled by reason, and the bonds between people are, in fact, fragile.

An upper-ranked pill could turn friends into enemies; the leadership of a clan could make brothers turn against each other. As his cultivation became higher and higher, all these things became meaningless.

He pursued the Dao to heaven, indifferent to all that he considered a fetter, and fought openly and secretly by any means necessary to successfully break through the shackles.

Only at this moment did he have a glimpse of enlightenment.

Suddenly, he felt a marvellous state of mind that had never existed before, and the pain inflicted on his soul by the Devil Beast Blood was no longer so unbearable. The meridians all over his body felt as if he were immersed in warm water.

All of this flashed through his mind one by one in a matter of seconds.

"Xiaoxiao, go away…” Luo Qianqiu said in a low voice.


Luo Xiaoxiao turned back in surprise and tried to give Luo Qianqiu a hand, only to be pushed away by him!


Pushed away by a force that was not actually forceful, Luo Xiaoxiao flew far backward. However, despite feeling anxious, she dared not go forward again.

Luo Qianqiu finally stood up tall and flashed Yang Chen a mysterious smile.

Yang Chen instinctively felt that something was amiss. The Luo Qianqiu in front of him did not seem like he had lost control of his sanity, but as if he had become more and more unfathomable. 

"So that's how it is… I’m finally enlightened."

A faint smile of satisfaction appeared on his face. Instead of attacking Yang Chen, he tilted his head upwards and spread his arms, as if embracing the air.

Streams of the evil energy formed from the Devil Beast Blood emanated from his body, but it did not cause much damage to him as it did just now, only lingering around his body meekly.

After all, the Devil Beast Blood contained the blood of the Great Ancient Devil Beast Taowu. Although the amount was pitifully small, it was valuable because of its authenticity.

At that moment, the remnants of the Great Ancient Devil Beast’s aura in the blood seemed to have been tamed by Luo Qianqiu and had become part of his body!

It should be noted that the Great Ancient Divine Beasts and Devil Beasts' remaining souls can be found in even a drop of their blood. This was why the Devil Beast Blood could be used to disrupt the soul of an expert.

With Luo Qianqiu's attainment of a higher level of Heavenly Dao, it appeared that the residual soul of Taowu in the Devil Beast Blood had chosen to submit itself, knowing that it could not defeat Luo Qianqiu's soul.

A remnant of Taowu’s soul had fused with Luo Qianqiu's!

Yang Chen noticed that the True Yuan emanating from Luo Qianqiu was even more majestic. With Taowu’s soul mixed in, it was far more powerful than before!

Unwilling to let him recover completely and make a breakthrough, Yang Chen immediately stopped thinking and let out a surge of Dark Fire, which soared through the clouds and attacked Luo Qianqiu directly. 

However, Luo Qianqiu did not dodge or evade as he chanted, "Internal Demon Divine Soldier!"

As he spoke, Yang Chen saw a figure flying out of his body. 

Upon looking closely, he saw that it was a "half-translucent Luo Qianqiu," who looked the same as Luo Qianqiu. 

It was as if it was a phantom replica of Luo Qianqiu, but in fact, this phantom figure was unbelievably powerful!


As soon as the Dark Fire touched the Internal Demon Divine Soldier, it just collapsed and disappeared without causing any damage. 

What the hell! What is that! Yang Chen was truly astonished.

Luo Qianqiu was not surprised in the least. He spoke indifferently with his eyes closed. "Eight years ago, my cultivation had reached the pinnacle of the Ruo Water, but my realm was unable to enter the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation... I can't carry any more cultivation because my body can't be refined by the Nine Heavenly Lightning, and the True Yuan in me will become saturated. To avoid damaging my dantian and meridians, I transferred the excess True Yuan to my internal demon after a long search for a solution. Then, as if forging an artifact, I created a doppelganger, the 'Internal Demon Divine Soldier' in front of you. This is my only artifact. Although it is only of the upper-rank at the moment, as my cultivation level rises, it will become a one-of-a-kind divine weapon in heaven and earth!"

The other Luo clan cultivators present were dumbfounded, let alone Yang Chen. 

They were astonished that Luo Qianqiu's perversion had reached such a level. 

To think that his cultivation was so powerful that the Ruo Water’s stage realm could not carry it, so he chose to refine his excess cultivation into an artifact along with his internal demon. 

Not to mention how he stripped his internal demon for his use, the depth of this cultivation alone could no longer be measured as the pinnacle of the Ruo Water stage. He had long surpassed it!

"Boom…Boom… Boom…”

Just as everyone was stunned, at some point, dark clouds had begun to roll into the sky. The wind was howling as if ten thousand beasts were rushing about. Even the sound of thunder could be heard!