Yang Chen's face darkened suddenly, and Xiao Zhiqing, who was in his arms, glanced at him with concern. She blamed herself for being a burden to him.

Nonetheless, he looked down and smiled at her. He comforted her by stroking her hair "Don't overthink it. I promised you that I will protect you."

"Oh, you still have the heart to be lovey-dovey." Luo Qianqiu sneered.

Those six specialists above the middle level of Ruo Water had emerged in six directions as they talked, enclosing him from a few hundred meters away.

However, to an expert of that level, that distance amounted to nothing.

Sweeping his gaze across, Yang Chen saw three middle-aged men, two old men, and a middle-aged woman.

The woman with the grimace behind the light cosmetics and one of the old guys in the dark blue robe had the greatest cultivation level among them. They were both at the pinnacle of Ruo Water, like Luo Qianqiu, and may progress to the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation at any time.

The other four, all in the middle stage of Ruo Water, could reach the late stage at any time, similar to that of Xiao Tingxu.

The profundity of the Luo clan was now revealed. Yang Chen felt they had additional Great Grand Elders, and these six individuals were cultivating in areas close to them.

The Luo clan cultivators gloried with the presence of the elders, feeling confident that Yang Chen would meet his maker today.

After casting strange glances towards Yang Chen, the elders turned to look at the hovering Chaos Cauldron in amazement before finally sweeping their gazes towards Luo Qianqiu.

"Qianqiu, have you advanced to Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning?" the old man at the pinnacle of Ruo Water asked.

Luo Qianqiu bowed respectfully to him. "Yes, Grandfather. I had an epiphany just now and stepped over that hurdle."

This old man is Luo Qianqiu's grandfather, Luo Changchun!?

Yang Chen recalled Su Xin had stated that Luo Changchun was the one who had taken over Luo Feng's lineage. As a result, it is possible to argue that Luo Qianqiu's grandfather was responsible for a significant portion of Luo Qianqiu's current position.

No wonder Luo Qianqiu still respects his grandfather, despite being higher in levels of cultivation.

"I can't believe you got past the hurdle first. I suppose we're no longer useful." The grim-looking woman snorted and commented distastefully.

Luo Qianqiu burst out laughing. "Grandma Chenxiang, you've seen me grow up, and you're the Luo clan's foundation. I'm just fortunate. Everything I have today is a direct result of your teachings when I was younger."

Though he was no longer a young man, he naturally acted like a junior to these old people. It just felt kind of odd because they were too old.

Only then did Luo Chenxiang, the old woman, feel better. She harrumphed an affirmation and glanced at Yang Chen, who was surrounded in the middle.

"What's up with this kid? His cultivation is unfathomable. And that huge cauldron, is it the legendary Chaos Cauldron from the ancient records?"

"It should be the Chaos Cauldron. This kid looks rather young, but he has such high cultivation. And the woman he's carrying, she has the Nine Yin Meridian, a good vessel for testing pills. Qianqiu, explain it to us," Luo Changchun said.

These old guys were shrewd to see what was amiss at first glance. However, they had been away from the clan for too long, so they did not know the happenings in the clan and needed to ask Luo Qianqiu.

Of course, everyone was on tenterhooks, worried that Yang Chen would try to flee or attack.

Luo Qianqiu briefly recounted the whole incident, pointing out that Yang Chen had killed Luo Feng and Luo Lei and a large number of Luo clan experts and plundered their place.

At that, all the elders scowled, tempted to skin Yang Chen alive.

"Hah, the Ning and Xiao clans never dare to go against us. I've only been cultivating in isolation for fifty-plus years, and our clan has been bullied by a mere kid? Qianqiu, is this how you act as the patriarch of this clan!?" Luo Changchun admonished.

With his head hung, Luo Qianqiu replied, "This brat's cultivation technique is very mystical. He can use the Heavenly Fire and Xuanshui. Its power is far stronger than ours, so he's not easy to deal with."

Hearing this, the elders were all even more amazed. At the same time, greed crept upon their features.

"Enough of this nonsense. Capture this jerk and retrieve his cultivation. Force him to reveal his cultivation method at all cost, and then kidnap this woman as a test subject. According to the legends, the Chaos Cauldron seals the entire soul of Chaos Beast. It is a Great Ancient Treasure that outshines all other artifacts. It will not be difficult to unite the illusionary dimension if our clan can employ it in conjunction with Qianqiu's current development!" remarked one of the elders.

"That's a good point. At least there's something worthwhile this time," Luo Shenxiang said while smirking. "This kid's cultivation is not inferior to ours, and the Chaos Cauldron is tricky. Why don't we attack together and render him powerless?"

The other elders exchanged glances and nodded unceremoniously, feeling that this was the way to go.

As Yang Chen listened to their exchange, he seethed with rage. These old folks sure don't care about losing face. Their combined age is around 2,000 years old, yet they are planning to attack me together.

As a matter of fact, it was because these elders had lived too long to care about the public's opinion. To them, saving face meant nothing. Instead, they strived to obtain the most resources to pursue longevity and power.

"Chenxiang and I will attack him. You four surround and restrict the Chaos Cauldron. Qianqiu, come with us. Let's do this as speedily as possible!" Luo Changchun commanded.

"I know that!"

Luo Chenxiang had already leaped to attack Yang Chen, her entire body surging with True Yuan. Her "Luo Tian Scripture" was even more profound than Luo Qianqiu's.

"Ink Dragon Art - Duo Dragon Dance!"

A black vortex erupted around her body, made of black foreign water that carried a strong Yin aura, extremely similar to her aura.

The two long black water dragons opened their jaws and danced wildly towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen opened his Ruo water shield and formed two long blue fire dragons, facing them head-on fearlessly.

The blue fire corroded the black water dragons instantly and then attacked Luo Chenxiang with its residual power. However, she had already evaded it and took out a three-foot sword which gleamed in her hand. In the middle of it was a red slit.

"Have a taste of my 'Ghost Cry'!"

Luo Shenxiang leaped and waved her Ghost Cry Sword as an invisible blade shot out, forming a ferocious shockwave.

Yang Chen's Ruo water shield blocked the shockwave, but an ear-piercing sound wave was heard!


Xiao Zhiqing heard the sound wave as well. She screamed as a trace of blood trickled down the corner of her mouth.

That sight maddened Yang Chen. The Ghost Cry Sword emitted sonic attacks in addition to the sword aura. It's truly worthy of its name! If that's the case, I can't defend against it. It would be better to dodge. Otherwise, Qing'er can't withstand so many blows. 

However, before he could mull over it, a large amount of dense, colorful True Yuan coalesced in the air. At first glance, he saw hundreds of them, all hanging high and had a size of over two feet wide.

"Star Stream - Falling Thunder!"

Out of nowhere, Luo Changchun had already cast his spell. With his eyes burning brightly, he waved his arm, and hundreds of thick and wonderfully colored True Yuan spheres plummeted like falling stars towards Yang Chen!

Yang Chen roared as raging purple fire burst out of him and shattered the True Yuan spheres around his body. Then, he commanded the Chaos Cauldron to envelop Luo Chenxiang, who was closer to him. 

"How dare you!" Anger was seen on Luo Chenxiang's face as she flicked her wrist. The Ghost Cry Sword rotated in a beautiful pattern, and she hollered, "Ink Dragon Art - Condensing Ink!"

A cloud of mist made of black water filled the air. The Chaos Cauldron was enveloped and slowed down for a while to suck the mist. Seizing the opportunity, Chenxiang broke free from the suction.

Immediately afterward, she continuously swung her sword, sending out dozens of sonic blades. The ear-splitting sounds caused Yang Chen to dodge in a hurry.

Although he could face them head-on bravely, he could not do so because of Xiao Zhiqing. 

Anger surged within him, but of course, it was directed towards his incompetence, not to her.

Seeing that the battle was coming to an end, Luo Qianqiu snorted and came behind Yang Chen. The Three-legged Golden Crow ignited once again, shining like the sun.

"Golden Crow Secrets - Assembly of Ten Thousand Birds!"

Hundreds of Golden Crows have unleashed again, but Yang Chen was no longer just dealing with him alone. The situation was getting more and more perilous for him.