Luo Changchun continuously released an infinite quantity of "Star Stream" in the sky, making it difficult for Yang Chen to maneuver.

Yang Chen was constantly being bombarded by them along with Luo Chenxiang's black ink and sound waves, leaving him no time to command the Chaos Cauldron.

This time, Yang Chen's Ruo Water shield could not withstand the Golden Crow True Fire's bombardment, as it appeared to be weakened by the continuous attacks.

The surging waves of True Yuan kept emitting shockwaves from Yang Chen. They vibrated outwards, lighting up the sky in an odd way as if countless deadly fireworks were set off.

The cultivators of the Luo clan from afar watched this scene excitedly but were also somewhat impressed by Yang Chen because he could hold his ground under such an attack, not to mention he had a woman in his arms.

Luo Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, was holding onto the corner of her clothes tightly. Her eyes were glistening with tears as her heartfelt squeamish. Yet, there was nothing she could do.

Why am I reacting this way? He hurt me several times and nearly killed me before. I don't get it. The more he hurt me, the stronger our bond became.

Yang Chen noticed that his True Yuan was becoming more messed up and that his meridians were beginning to inflate. This was because the other party's cultivation level was not significantly higher than his own. In reality, they piled up to a nearly insurmountable obstacle. This put him under a lot of stress.

If it were not for his inhumane physique, he would have died.

This was not good news for Yang Chen. Even though he was fighting them with Ruo Water and blue fire, and even utilizing the Chaos Cauldron occasionally to disrupt them, it was all for naught.

If this went on, he might make a mistake and lose because his True Yuan failed to replenish in time or ran out of energy.

Regardless of the things racing through his mind, what bothered him the most was the fact that the four middle-stage Ruo Water elders had yet to make a move.

Even without Xiao Zhiqing, he might not be able to resist a besiege carried out by those seven people.

What should I do!?

All of a sudden, Yang Chen realized he was very close to death.

Meanwhile, far to the southwest of the Luo clan fortress, Ning Zhengfeng stood in a black forest more than a hundred miles away.

With an unfathomable expression on his face, he remained still in the wet, black land, quietly waiting for something.

Behind him, four middle-aged cultivators, dressed in traditional clothes and of profound cultivation, sat in silence at four points.

They were two men and two women.

Other than them, a dozen other Ming Water cultivators were stationed around, each wearing a nervous expression.

At that moment, an ordinary-looking Kui Water cultivator quietly descended from the air came before Ning Zhengfeng, and knelt on one knee.

This individual was one of the spies planted in the Luo clan by the Ning clan. With thousands of members in the Luo clan and cultivators having a great level of autonomy and independence to roam about, spies installed by the Xiao and Ning clan were unavoidable. In reality, this was true for all clans.

"Why are you so late? What is the situation? What just happened?" Ning Zhengfeng asked unhappily.

The spy replied, "Forgive me, sir. It's really because the situation was too shocking. Luo Qianqiu had just successfully advanced into the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation!" The spy's voice was trembling as his heart still palpitated from the lingering fear.

As soon as these words were spoken, the Ning clan cultivators behind them all revealed shocked expressions.

The two men and two women had their brows knitted as well.

Ning Zhengfeng's face was unreadable before he finally sighed quietly. "How's Yang Chen?"

"It doesn't look too good. He shouldn't be able to last long. Six Great Grand Elders of the Luo clan came at once. There seems to be Luo Chenxiang, the expert who became famous centuries ago, and Luo Changchun, the former patriarch. The other elders are also experts who have been famous for over a hundred years. Yang Chen can barely handle Luo Qianqiu, much less seven people. Although he is doing his best, it is probably a matter of time before he is killed or captured."

The corners of Ning Zhengfeng's mouth twitched, and he gritted his teeth. In the end, he waved his hand and said, "Got it. Go back to the Luo clan and don't get caught."


The spy immediately leaped into the air and left.

Ning Zhengfeng looked up at the sky, thinking for a moment before turning around and saying to the four middle-aged people.

"Elders, my apologies. It seems that I've made you all come here for nothing," Ning Zhengfeng apologized.

One of the female elders said, "It wasn't a waste of time to come here. Since we learn that Luo Qianqiu can advance into another realm, it means that we still have a chance. Note that in the future, the Luo clan's strength will rise to another level, so you should keep an eye on them, Zhengfeng."

"Not bad," one of the male elders drawled. "We know that you're more focused on the mortal world, but as the patriarch, cultivation is also extremely important. Learn from Ruozhu. We think that the girl will be our greatest hope among the younger generations to counter Luo Qianqiu."

Ning Zhengfeng's cheeks trembled a few times, and he forced a smile. "Thank you for your teachings. I dare not forget!"

The four elders said nothing more, for they knew they could save Yang Chen if it was just the six Great Grand Elders. However, with Luo Qianqiu, who had stepped into the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, there was a great chance that Yang Chen would die.

Thus, without waiting for Ning Zhengfeng to speak, they had flown away and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Ning Zhengfeng's face instantly turned gloomy. Then, he threw out a platinum-colored True Yuan, shattering a dozen heavenly trees in succession and shaking the forest.

"Sir, are we… giving up?" A Ming Water cultivator came up and asked reluctantly.

Ning Zhengfeng said in a deep voice, "We'll only be sending ourselves to our death if we don't give up. Why should we risk it to get a favor from Yang Chen? Go back!"

Having said that, Ning Zhengfeng took the lead and flew away.

The group of Ning clan cultivators had expected a big fight, and for this reason, even four of the Great Grand Elders were summoned back. To their dismay, they gained nothing, so they went back with their heads hung.

Unbeknownst to Yang Chen, he had the chance to flee as the Ning clan was planning to help him out of his predicament in exchange for a favor. 

Unfortunately, Luo Qianqiu's ascension disrupted their plan utterly.

Well, it was not as if Yang Chen intended to rely on anyone's help. He had expended all his efforts to save Xiao Zhiqing and thus was mentally prepared for such a situation.

At the thought of dying here with her, he refused to resign to his fate.

My child and women are still waiting for me at home. I can't be killed by these shameless old folks!

Despite his reluctance, he was losing the energy to gather Heaven and Earth Energy each time.

Yang Chen could hear his breathing and heartbeat and felt that Xiao Zhiqing had become weaker and weaker from being attacked by the sound waves several times.

The Chaos Cauldron went from attacking to guarding his side. Using Chaos Energy, he formed a barrier to strengthen his defense.

No matter how strong the Chaos Cauldron was, it was not a good enough plan. Sooner or later, the barrier would be breached.

The golden crows, the magnificent Star Stream, and the long ink dragons that kept twirling made it impossible for Yang Chen to even see what was going on outside.

Just then, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his mind!

"Heh." The voice laughed satirically as if he was reading a joke.

Yang Chen was stunned. His divine sense tensed for a moment. Deep in his mind, he uttered in shock, "Chaos!?"

A shadow, identical to Yang Chen, formed in Yang Chen's consciousness. With a teasing expression, it said, "Long time no see, little fellow."

"How… How are you…" Yang Chen expressed his shock while subconsciously defending against the attacks from outside. 

"How am I still here, and how am I still able to communicate with you?" Chaos scowled. "Do you think you can subdue me by devouring one Buddha's Heart Relic, you dumb and despicable human? You're hallucinating! I'm an immortal Great Ancient Divine Beast who was born since Hongmeng's inception. The possessor of that relic was a minor Buddhist monk from the Great Ancient era. I could easily consume hundreds or thousands of him in a single meal! Do you want to conquer me with that shattered relic? Get up!"

Chaos's tone was full of contempt.

Yang Chen suddenly realized what was going on and exclaimed, "You… You did it on purpose!?"

"Haha! It's not too late for you to catch on." Chaos grinned. "If I didn't pretend to be suppressed by you, I couldn't have continued to eat cultivators to recover my strength since you wouldn't use your actual cultivation."