Yang Chen was embarrassed by his own stupidity, not only did he get tricked by Luo Qianqiu but also the Chaos!

Chaos, on the other hand, was a demonic beast that had survived for hundreds of thousands or millions of years. Although it spent the majority of its life hibernating under the seal, its intelligence was far superior to that of any regular human being. So that wasn't all that bad after all.

When Chaos came at this precise time, Yang Chen realized things were about to get tough.

“Then, why did you come out now?” Yang Chen asked.

Chaos responded arrogantly, "Do you think you can still handle all of this if I don't come out now? If you have the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning cultivation, you may have greatly boosted the strength of Chaos Cauldron and all of these assaults would have been destroyed or absorbed. However, your cultivation is insufficient, which is why you can't absorb large-scale attacks with the cauldron. You will not be able to survive if you continue in this manner."

"I don't think it's the Chaos Cauldron that can't absor, it's just you doing it on purpose. You didn't seem to mind absorbing the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning just now, did you? All of this must be a part of your plan." Yang Chen wasn't going to be tricked.

Chaos was not bothered by his words. "You don't have to be angry, it's pointless. You're just a small little doll in my eyes. I wouldn't have bothered with you if it wasn't for your excellent physique that suited me. Yes, if I come out myself, don't talk about Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning; not even the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning can frighten me! I can eat them all. But why should I help you if I don't get anything in return? I've taken good care of you by enabling you to survive until now."

“You aren’t helping me. You’re just planning the future for yourself.” Yang Chen said.

The Chaos laughed loudly, “So what?! Every time I devour a cultivator or absorb heavenly lightning strikes, and True Yuans, I share partial spiritual energy with you, allowing you to increase your cultivation and strengthen your body. Even though I did all these to prepare your body for my use in the future, you can’t deny that I still helped you.”

Madness surged through Yang Chen’s body. He felt as if he was just a pet being fed by the Chaos just because it wanted his body in the future.

The feeling of being wrapped around its little fingers drove Yang Chen crazy!

However, Chaos was not bothered by any of it. Instead, it laughed. “My advice is you better not get mad now. If you’re smart enough, you should know that you’re no match for these cultivators! If you wish for your woman to leave this place safely, I can consider lending you a helping hand…”

Yang Chen was dumbfounded. Looking at Xiao Zhiqing whose face and lips turned pale, his heart ached. He swallowed without saying a word.

“Hubby, how are you… *cough* *cough*...”  Xiao Zhiqing asked when she saw Yang Chen looking at her. Yet, she coughed more mouthfuls of blood, indicating that she was injured on the inside.

The conversation between Yang Chen and Chaos was undetectable by anyone in the surroundings.

At that very moment, Yang Chen felt severe pain in his heart as if it was tearing apart.

Yeap, if I try to withstand all these stubbornly, my woman will die here. Even if she doesn’t die, she will suffer greater torture… Also, there is no way these people will let go of my women at home…and my child…

The Chaos seemed to see through Yang Chen's thoughts and said more enticingly. "Consider the people you want to protect... and consider their efforts on your behalf... Do you want to see their lives dictated by others? If you let me use your body, I pledge with an ancient beast's oath that I'll repay the favour by protecting all those women and your family members. I'm not going to let anyone provoke them. I'll eat anyone who dares to hurt them... Also, these folks here, I'll slaughter them all for you, leaving no trace of their bones behind. What are your thoughts?"

Yang Chen dared not believe its words. If it knows how to keep its promise, it won’t be called a demonic beast.

The Chaos was not in a hurry for the answer too as it smiled quietly, waiting for Yang Chen’s decision.

Although it could collide with Yang Chen’s divine sense by force, it might cause reluctance from Yang Chen. It would not benefit as its beast’s soul might be damaged or even self-exploded.

Yang Chen was struggling to decide in such a short time…

On the outside, Luo Qianqiu, Luo Chenxiang, and Luo Changchun were impatient as Yang Chen was not defeated even if they attacked him for so long.

“Hmph, this Chaos Cauldron surely is an ancient artifact beyond everything else. Can’t believe it could hold this long.” Luo Chenxiang said with frustration.

“I think he is already at his limits and has no way to escape. How about all seven of us attack at once?” Luo Changchun suggested.

After confirming Yang Chen had no place to escape, the other four Great Grand Elders gathered and released a strong True Yuan of middle Ruo Water Stage.

Luo Qianqiu had no opinions on that, just that it was pitiful for not getting the techniques to master the art before Yang Chen’s death. However, thinking that maybe Yang Chen’s family members knew something about it, he went along with the suggestion.

Suddenly, Yang Chen was shocked when he sensed there were four more True Yuan outside preparing to attack him.

Do these old folks really want to kill me that badly?!

Yang Chen’s head was so painful that it was going to explode. His old illness was about to erupt as a bloody red color flashed in his eyes.

I have no choice but to bet on it!

Yang Chen lowered his head and mumbled to Xiao Zhiqing. “Qing’er, I can only bet with the Chaos. I’m sorry…”

Xiao Zhiqing was lost when she first heard his words. Yet, when the Chaos Cauldron’s aura got stronger, she realized something! 

“Hubby…you decided…” Xiao Zhiqing dared not finish her sentence as tears filled her eyes. Knowing Yang Chen had made that decision, a sense of guilt surged through her body.

Yang Chen was no longer able to hear what Xiao Zhiqing said as his consciousness started to fade off. It was getting dizzy, and dizzy until he let go of control.

The Chaos was glad. During that time, the spiritual energy absorbed had recovered some of its powers. 

Even though it was nowhere near its prime period, the time now was different from the past. Those ancient folks who could kill and seal it were no longer alive.

In this world, it had plenty of time to strengthen itself and regain its prime again. Taking over Yang Chen’s body was just the first step.

On the outside, each of the four Great Grand Elders had amassed a colourful attack. All of these guys were professionals who had mastered the Luotian Sutra. The strikes, filled with a large number of True Yuan and focused at Yang Chen, were like nuclear bombs about to be detonated.

“Bring him down with one blast!” Luo Chang Chun shouted.

At the very next second, all seven of them gave it their all. The power of True Yuan was like a tsunami, splashing towards Yang Chen.

Gold, black, white, green, blue… Countless True Yuan clashed together, exploding and tearing everything apart!


The blinding light was so bright that the remainder of the Luo family's cultivators instantly backed away, unable to look at it directly.

The aftershock of the combined attacks from the seven experts was as if cracking the world apart. A mere Tribulation Passing Stage cultivator could have been shocked to death.

It was on par with the Tai Ching Heavenly Lightning powers.

In addition that Yang Chen was already at his limits, this attack was a death sentence in their minds.

When the light faded, they noticed Yang Chen and Xiao Zhiqing were nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, the Chaos Cauldron was spiraling in the air slowly. The power of Chaos showed signs of fading too…

“It’s over.” Luo Chenxiang smirked casually.

Luo Changchun replied. “It should have ended long ago. He was just resisting.”

The cultivators of the Luo family were cheering for the victory and were so energetic after seeing such great attacks.

However, Luo Qianqiu frowned. His pupils contracted and looked up at an instance!

“How is it possible?!”

His shock prompted the other Great Grand Elders to look up too!

Everyone gasped at the very next second!

There was a shadow standing far above them, a few hundred meters from the Chaos Cauldron.

A chilly breeze flew by. “Yang Chen” was carrying Xiao Zhiqing with one hand while caressing his chin with the other.

His eyes were painted red, and he exhibited no traces of humanity. He appeared to be surrounded by a mist, emitting an ancient eery aura.

“Impossible…How did he escape?! We didn’t even realize how he dodge it?!” Luo Chenxiang was dumbfounded.

In the sky, “Yang Chen” looked down at the seven people who were completely startled with an evil smirk. He licked his lips, showing off his greediness…