The creepy smile on “Yang Chen”’s face sent chills down their spines. It was as if numerous bloody eyes were staring at them!

“His cultivation…is not right…” Luo Qianqiu affirmed as he was the first to sense the difference.

Luo Changchun and the rest seemed worried.

Indeed,  “Yang Chen”’s cultivation increased tremendously compared to a moment ago!

Even though they could not predict how great his cultivation was, his True Yuan’s oppression at this moment was totally a different level to before!


The Chaos did not bother how the seven of them looked at it, instead, it heaved an enjoying rumble. It took a deep breath.

“Delicious…the taste of breathing…”

Luo Chenxiang wore a solemn expression. "Hmph, he's making fun of us!" Don't be duped! He most likely employed some quick tactics to activate his talent. At this level, no one could randomly enhance their cultivation."

“That’s right! Don’t let him run away!” Luo Changchun nodded. He drew a few runes on his palm and pushed it to the sky above. A gold light shined. “Star Stream - Sky Breaking!”

In an instance, there was a huge cloud of spiritual energy gathered above the Chaos. With the triggering of True Yuan, it expanded and formed a long gigantic energy pillar!


The terrifying pillar fell from the sky, bombarding every part of its surrounding!

The True Yuan radiating from the explosion was so great that it was as if the entire space was about to be destroyed!

However, the Chaos did not even lay a glance at it, allowing the energy to strike on it….

What the seven of them saw in the very next second shocked them!

All the explosive energy turned into a small stream of spiritual energy and was absorbed upon coming in contact with the surroundings of the Chaos!

In a blink of an eye, the tremendous attack disappeared into nothingness as if none of it had ever happened!

Of course, to the Chaos, these types of attacks were too ordinary to it. They were all none other than little snacks in its perspective.

Approximately four hundred thousand years ago, the ancient cultivators possessed the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning cultivation. The arts and methods they performed were the epitome of ground-breaking. Despite this, it took tens of thousands of cultivators to bring the Chaos down.

If it was not that Yang Chen’s body was not on par with its actual body and it had not recovered a hundredth of its power during its prime, it could just crush these people like ants.

After controlling Yang Chen’s body, Chaos transferred out the spiritual energy stored in the Chaos Cauldron. That was the reason why Yang Chen’s cultivation had reached the true powers of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning cultivation.

Yang Chen could barely complete half of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning cultivation before absorbing multiple Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning, three strikes of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, and countless experts and pills. It was because Chaos only shared a portion of his spiritual force with him.

Since Chaos had taken over Yang Chen’s body, there was no reason for it to hide anymore. It took it all out as they belonged to it anyways.

The Chaos had always wanted a body to cultivate instead of being fed in the Chaos Cauldron where it was sealed.

At this very moment, “Yang Chen” had reached the complete stage of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning in terms of True Yuan cultivation and understanding. In addition with the Chaos’s devouring attributes and the power of Chaos, these seven people were no longer a threat to him.

Despite having the highest cultivation in the area, Luo Qianqiu was only in the mid-stage of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning in terms of True Yuan cultivation. His comprehension was significantly inferior to that of "Yang Chen", let alone the other six cultivators.

“Is that all? Can you guys…give me something more exciting?” The Chaos smirked at them.

As it spoke, it threw Xiao Zhiqing and the Chaos Cauldron to a side, protecting the woman with it.

Xiao Zhiqing knew the man in front of her eyes was not the man she knew. She was frustrated and worried but did not dare to make a sound at the same time.

Luo Qianqiu then thought of something and shouted. “You aren’t Yang Chen! You’re the demonic beast - the Chaos?!”

“What?” The others blurted in shock.

The Chaos laughed loudly. “It doesn’t matter who I am. What is important is which of you will be my appetizer…”

“How dare you! Still trying to act cool when you’re about to die! Ink Dragon Art - The Dragon’s Rage!”

Luo Chenxiang was not afraid of her adversaries since she was the type of person she was. A splotch of black ink swirled in front of her, releasing a massive, fearsome dragon. The dragon's size increased tenfold in the flash of an eye, racing at the Chaos with its razor-sharp jaws!

The Chaos did not dodge but went head-on with the dragon!

Before even touching the Chaos, the black ink was turned into numerous streams of spiritual energy, absorbed by it. The attack may sound great but it did not harm at all!

“Grandma, be careful!”

Luo Qianqiu shouted but it was too late!

The Chaos was already dashing at her. Luo Chenxiang did not expect it would come after her directly but all she could do was to go head-on with her Ghost Cry Sword!

“Cling, cling, cling!”

Chaos' power surged in an instant. The dark grey energy shattered the blade, transforming it into metallic spiritual energy that could be absorbed.

An ordinary top-grade weapon was just trash in the eyes of Chaos.


Luo Chenxiang’s scream filled the night sky as she was captured by Chaos. Its hand slammed at her head!


The old lady’s head was torn off by the Chaos. Even her skull and bones were crushed!

Stream of blood shot out from the lady’s neck like a fountain!

The Chaos was smiling crazily. Just when everyone was shocked by what happened, it bit her neck and started its long-awaited feast!

*Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch*

The sound of flesh being eaten terrified Luo Qianqiu and the rest, including Xiao Zhiqing!

“Ah!” Xiao Zhiqing covered her eyes as she was too frightened to watch.

The other cultivators of the Luo family from afar were dumbfounded, either their legs went soft or their faces turned pale. They did not understand how the table was turned in just a second!

The Great Grand Elder who reached the peak of the Ruo Water Stage was killed instantly by “Yang Chen” and got eaten?!

Chaos looked up after a few nibbles. Its entire face was covered in blood and flesh, as if it had just emerged from a pool of blood. Even though there was blood all over its body, it smiled enthusiastically.

“The taste that I’ve always dreamt of…the fresh flesh of a human cultivator…it has been a while since I last tasted it…Gosh…”

If anyone who heard that sentence, saw the scene and still did not believe what Luo Qianqiu said earlier, the person was probably crazy!

The Chaos?! This Yang Chen’s body was possessed by the Chaos?!

A moment ago, they were suppressing Yang Chen but now their attacks were like eggs hitting a rock. They finally understood the reason why.

“Run! Quickly run! In different directions!”

Luo Qianqiu formed a great True Yuan orb while shouting the order to all members of the Luo family!


There was no way they could win! Staying here with a beast being able to skill Luo Chenxiang in an instant and crushing a top-grade weapon like it was nothing would only mean death!

Luo Qianqiu ran towards the south-west almost at the same time giving out the orders!

It was not some random place. That was where the Ning family was located. He knew it was useless to run anywhere as attracting the Chaos to a place where greater experts were at was the only chance to prevent it from hurting the other cultivators.

Yet, Luo Changchun and the other five reacted slightly slower despite knowing they must run away.

The Chaos was pissed. These ants dare to run away?! Running away makes no difference! As he had already possessed Yang Chen’s body, it was a matter of time for it to devour them all!

However, running in different directions made it difficult for Chaos to capture them all at once. It could only choose the nearest direction and chase after the Great Grand Elder with the Ruo Water mid Stage!

“Ahh! Don’t eat me!!”

When he saw the Chaos charging at him, he yelled out, unconcerned about his image. He was resistant for a few hundred years of cultivation of his to be eaten away so quickly!

Despite this, the Chaos was much faster than the older. The elder's arms that tried to resist were swiftly crushed by Chaos' might. With its grasp, it crushed his neck and absorbed all of his cultivation!