As the cultivators of the Luo family had already run in different directions, the Chaos did not bother to chase each of them down.

It had been paying attention to everything Yang Chen had gone through while hiding in Yang Chen prior. It was aware of the whereabouts of many cultivators, such as the Xiao family, the Ning family, and the Hongmeng in the center. It intended to visit those locations one by one because there was no reason to just pursue the Luo family.

Since Chaos was a demonic beast that would never die or diminish, its wisdom grew with time. Yet, it did not make it any human. Its flaw was unable to control its greediness.

Chaos would always want to eat all humans, no matter what the scenario was. That was what distinguished a beast from a regular person, and it was also the reason why ancient cultivators would risk their lives to steal it away.

They knew that the elimination of mankind would happen if Chaos was not sealed away. Chaos was born to devour and absorb all living beings. That was its destiny rather than its choice. 

However, it was unable to be killed or else, it would have died long ago.

“Hmm…they are surely good at running.” The Chaos mumbled while it was enjoying the aftertaste of the last flesh. It then laid its eyes on Xiao Zhiqing. Swiftly, it stood in front of her.

Seeing the Chaos staring at her, Xiao Zhiqing shivered. “What…what did you do to my husband…”

“Having the courage to speak right into my eyes. You are surely brave enough, little girl.” The Chaos smirked. “Your man is no longer here. From today onwards, the body belongs to me.”

“You liar! My husband will not lose to you!” Xiao Zhiqing screamed with tears, carrying that little glimpse of hope inside her.

"Hahahahahah, I don't have time to waste on bullshit with you.  Yang Chen had the audacity to ask me to defend his women. I agreed at first, but I've since altered my opinion. To restore my powers, I'm busy devouring cultivators. I don't have time for you disgusting humans."

The Chaos was filled with the need for vengeance. "How can Yang Chen not respect me while I was weak. You're his lady. I can eat you first, then proceed to the island to eat the others. That will put an end to my hatred! But now I wish I could see Yang Chen’s lady begging me for mercy. I'll spare your life if you can make me happy."

Xiao Zhiqing jolted but she smiled coldly. “Looks like you’re just a pitiful little bug. Kill me as you wish! Do you think I would beg you for mercy? Even a weak woman like me is going to look down on you!”

Frowned, the Chaos smirked once again. “Alright! Since you don’t know your place, I’ll rip your body apart and eat you up! I wonder how Yang Chen would feel if he knew he ate his own woman!”

Upon finishing its sentence, Chaos aimed for Xiao Zhiqing’s chest, wanting to grab her heart out!

Yet, before its arm could reach out, the Chaos had a shock!

“How…how is it possible…you…damn it…no!”

Chaos' face began to crumble, and its body began to convulse. The bleeding red color in the eyes was like flashing lighting at the same time. The demonic aura was also unstable...

Xiao Zhiqing who was closing her eyes and preparing for her death noticed something was off. Seeing what was happening caused her mixed feelings. She was worried but also filled with hope!

At that moment, there was a strong mental force breaking Chaos’ oppression in Yang Chen’s sea of divine sense. It was struggling to break free!

“You bastard! I knew you won’t keep your promise. Protecting my women?! Don’t treat me like a three-year-old kid!”

Yang Chen’s roar came from the deep side of the divine sense. There was a strong spiritual mental power overpowering the Chaos’ divine sense!

In an instance, the long-lost divine sense of Yang Chen appeared once again, on par with the Chaos’.

In the sea of divine sense, there were two Yang Chen!

Staring the vengeful spiritual energy radiating from Yang Chen, the Chaos thought of something!

“That’s the mental powers of that divinity?!”

The Chaos finally recognized it. That was the divinity inherited from Hades!

However, for some reason, the power radiating from the divinity was way greater than before!

Yang Chen smiled as his eyes filled with battle spirit!

"How are you feeling right now?" You'd never guess I had something up my sleeve. Even though you have regained part of your powers, the Chaos Cauldron has locked your actual essence. That's why you can only use my body. Your inner soul, if I'm not mistaken, isn't powerful enough to swallow me. Otherwise, you would have done so instead of enticing me with a slew of gimmicks and compelling me to hand over power."

Chaos was frustrated after being exposed by Yang Chen.

Indeed, the seal from the ancient cultivators was very strong. Its true soul was locked in the Chaos Cauldron. Without completely recovering its powers, there was no way it could escape from the restrictions of Chaos Cauldron.

Due to the effects of the cauldron, it was also difficult for it to fully recover as it could not run away. It could only attach to Yang Chen’s body.

If its true soul was strong enough, it would have devoured Yang Chen straight away. There was no need for it to tempt and persuade Yang Chen multiple times and be disrespected.

Chaos seized the opportunity this time because, first and foremost, it believed its abilities had recovered sufficiently to repress Yang Chen's true soul. In terms of eating his soul, maybe in the future.

Second, the Chaos reasoned that no matter how powerful Yang Chen's actual soul was, as long as it surrendered now, there would be no chance of resistance, until the Chaos itself surrendered control. It was the same assumption that it had previously been unable to take over Yang Chen's body owing to his unwillingness.

Never had he thought Yang Chen’s mental powers would rise in a sudden!

The mental power and divine sense might sound different but they were the same thing. Both were part of the true soul!

In terms of divine sense, there were eight parts: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, consciousness, manas, and ālaya-vijñāna. 

Ālaya-vijñāna was known as the seed of thoughts in Buddhism, the source of happiness, anger, sorrow, and enjoyment.

As for the mental power, it was a power released by the consciousness in a human’s mind.

The human’s consciousness was mysterious while the gods used the mysterious ‘divinity’ to turn consciousness into strong mental powers. They could release and hide it anytime anywhere. It was similar to the concept of unlocking the restrictions.

The mental power that represented consciousness was the most important part of a strong divine sense. The divine sense was a form of true soul.

At present, Yang Chen’s mental powers were released from the divinity, along with Hades’ vengeful aura. This surely had increased the Chaos’ pressure!

“How is it possible…how did your mental powers grow so strong?!” The Chaos was struggling as it realized its divine sense was being suppressed!

Yang Chen's excitement grew as he approached. "You may only speculate and witness my behavior, but you will never grasp my inner thoughts. Long before the Heart of Gaia began to heal, the divinity's mental power had expanded enormously. The gods' mental abilities were also growing. You wouldn't know, though, because I don't apply the Law of Space. You have no idea how different my divinity was from before! My real soul will be instantly strengthened as long as I unleash the mental powers from the deity, even if my cultivation remains unchanged! Do you honestly believe that my divine sense is on par with or even weaker than yours? If that's the case, you're entirely wrong! I’ve long surpassed you and there’s no way you could catch up!”

Yang Chen’s words crushed Chaos’ ego. No matter how hard it struggled, it was to no avail!

The growing mental powers from the divinity helped Yang Chen’s true soul in overcoming the Chaos’ and completely suppressed it!

“No…I will never lose to you…This is unfair! Argh…”

It was useless for Chaos to even try since it was not aware of it in the first place. The Heart of Gaia had supplied a great number of mental powers to the gods. Its divine sense was no longer on par with Yang Chen’s at present.

Yang Chen muttered arrogantly as he saw the Chaos weakening. "I've told you that you're nothing more than a pet. How dare you play mind tricks with your owner?! I have complete authority over you now that you have revealed all of the cultivations you hid previously. I'll arrive at Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning and be unstoppable. Chaos, if you don't want to descend into the infinite deep abyss, I suggest you be my faithful lapdog!"

“Filthy humans…No!!!”

The Chaos’ scream faded away and in the end, disappeared in Yang Chen’s sea of divine sense…