Once Yang Chen had control over his body, he kicked Chaos out of the sea of divine senses. The malicious aura had also faded away.

The bloody red eyes had returned to normal, sharp as usual. Apart from the trails of blood and flesh on his face and body, he looked nothing abnormal.

Since he had reached the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Full Cycle, Yang Chen was overflowing with confidence, greater than before.

As Yang Chen hugged Xiao Zhiqing, the Chaos Cauldron shrank in size and returned to his body.

After what had happened, even if it wanted to, the Chaos Beast would have a difficult time turning the tables. With Yang Chen's actual soul being so powerful, the Chaos Beast will be unable to preserve the portion of spiritual energy that it consumes in the future. Yang Chen would have spotted it right away.

Hence, only on the occasion where Yang Chen suffered severe damage to his true soul or he died, Chaos could take over control. Or else, it would forever be Yang Chen’s servant.

With the complete oppression of Chaos and full control of the power of Chaos, his powers had surpassed any ordinary cultivators of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Full Cycle.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Yang Chen looked at Xiao Zhiqing who stared at him with tearing eyes. She was glad.

He smiled and tapped his woman’s nose. “Dumb Qing’er, why are you crying? I’m all good here, ain’t I?”

“Hubby…I thought you’re already…” Xiao Zhiqing was terrified by recalling the incident moments ago.

“As I said, I want to ‘bet’ it. Did you expect I would lose? You don’t believe in me?” Yang Chen shook his head with a sigh.

Xiao Zhiqing pouted. “How do I know what you meant back then…You didn’t tell me either…”

“Lil’dumbdumb, if I were to tell you, do you think the Chaos would be tricked?” Yang Chen rolled his eyes.

Xiao Zhiqing blurted out a laugh. “The Chaos Beast is screwed this time around. Hubby, you’re so cheeky.”

"I don't have any other options.  All these old people are cunning. I must have something under my sleeve. Despite this, Luo Qianqiu and Luo Hang escaped. Oh, no. Fortunately, I'm currently on the Tai Ching Heavenly Lightning Full Cycle. I can kill them all whenever I choose to!" Yang Chen was still enraged by the Luo family's father and son.

Excitement instantly filled Xiao Zhiqing’s eyes as she asked. “Then are you going to advance to Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning? With the aid of Chaos Cauldron, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to pass the tribulation. Besides, your physique was stronger than ordinary.”

Yang Chen was helpless. "My cultivation and wisdom are sufficient, but I require the proper timing for this round of affliction passing. An opportunity for me to gain a better comprehension of heavenly law. It's the same reason Luo Qianqiu had to wait eight years to pass through the tribulation. I can't do it now. It'll happen sooner or later."

Xiao Zhiqing nodded. Perhaps happiness had gotten the better of her, she wrapped her arms around Yang Chen’s neck and kissed him twice.

Yang Chen quickly pushed her away from a little. “Hey, don’t kiss me yet! That damned Chaos just ate an old lady. Her flesh and blood are still on my face.”

“I don’t care. I’ve tasted so much poison, there’s no way I’m afraid of this bit of flesh.” Xiao Zhiqing pouted. 

Yang Chen caressed her head with an idiotic smile. "I've finally gotten you out, baby Qing'er." Relieved that we weren't hurt and that we received bigger rewards. I'll take you back to the Mediterranean Sea right now. When I'm through, I'll go back to the illusionary dimension and kill them all!"

Xiao Zhiqing nodded in full excitement as meeting Su Xin had always been something she desired.

Without any delay, Yang Chen grabbed her and fled towards the southwest. It was where Luo Qianqiu ran to but chasing after him was not Yang Chen’s intention. He just wished to return to the mediterranean sea as soon as possible. 

Along the journey, Yang Chen recalled something and asked Xiao Zhiqing out of curiosity. Since Su Xin was her nanny, she must have fed her breast milk. Yet, Su Xin did not have any children and so it was impossible to do so. 

With a laugh, Xiao Zhiqing explained that she addressed Su Xin as her nanny because she was the one who brought her up. All this while, she had been drinking milk powder since the mundane world and the illusionary dimension were interlinked. 

Hearing that, Yang Chen felt sorry for Su Xin. With the incident of Xiao Qiufeng raping her, she suffered more than one could imagine. Yang Chen had no idea how to inform Xiao Zhiqing about this. Hence, he decided not to mention it since it was a nightmare for Su Xin too.

Even though Yang Chen headed in the same direction where Luo Qianqiu did, they did not encounter each other as the landscape of illusionary dimension was too great.

Without encountering any cultivators, they got out of the Illusion Realm.

After traveling half of the globe, they arrived at the time just before the sunset. Not to mention, the sea breeze welcomed them too.

Yang Chen’s divine sense was strong enough to pinpoint Su Xin’s location with just a glance at the area. Coincidentally, Su Xin was hanging around together with Wang Ma and the other ladies outside of a wooden house.

Before they arrived, Yang Chen had already cleaned both of their clothes and bathed so that they would not frighten anyone. With that, they headed there straight away. 

It was the wooden house that Ron spent his retirement at. Under the roof, there sat Wang Ma, Su Xin, Tang Wan, Mo Qiani, and Liu Mingyu around the table.

Meanwhile, Lin Ruoxi in a white blouse was playing with a chubby little girl at the beautiful swing covered with flowers and vines.

Although Lanlan could tear the metallic swing apart, she was still a child who loved having fun at the swing.

When Yang Chen landed in the sky with Xiao Zhiqing, everyone turned around in shock. Yet, excitement and gratefulness instantly filled them as they saw Xiao Zhiqing.

“Hubby! Qing’er?!” Mo Qianni shouted.

“Omg, what a surprise! Can’t you guys notify us before coming back?” Tang Wan was joking around.

Lanlan who was not far away hopped down and ran towards her father at lightning speed. Lin Ruoxi who was fallen behind, smiled faintly while shaking her head.has screwed

Lin Ruoxi seemed calm as she was not surprised by Yang Chen and Xiao Zhiqing’s sudden arrival. 

Wang Ma burst into tears at the sight of them. After confirming that she was not dreaming, she rushed towards Xiao Zhiqing and hugged her.

“My daughter! Oh, man…Qing’re, you surely made me worried…” Wang Ma checked Xiao Zhiqing’s face and body to ensure she was fine.

Xiao Zhiqing hugged back tightly with her mother as tears rolled down her cheek. As she looked up, she saw Su Xin tearing up with her hands covering her mouth. She whispered. “Nanny.”

That whisper prompted Su Xin to rush over for the hug.

The scene of the three women hugging and crying together moved Yang Chen. It was, however, uncomfortable for a man like him to join them. As a result, he casually hugged his daughter, who was approaching him and smiled at Lin Ruoxi and the others.

“So, what do you guys think? Is your husband efficient in saving people?” Yang Chen smirked.

For the first time, the ladies did not roll their eyes at him, instead, they asked him what had they been through in the Illusion Realm.

“Woah, don’t worry. I’ll story y’all later. Anyway, where is that old folk, Ron? Ron! Ron!”

With a glance, Yang Chen noticed Ron was in the forest behind the wooden house. He shouted out loud. “Ron, you little old freak, better come back now!”

The ex-president of Mafia Alliance, Ron was gardening on his precious flowers in the forest. After hearing Yang Chen’s shout, he jolted and instantly ran back.

"You have returned, Your Majesty Pluto." Ron gave a kind smile. He was dressed in a rough farmer's uniform, wore a straw hat, and held a little shovel. He inquired without delay. "Do you have any orders?"

“Hey, old folk, this set of clothes suits you a lot…Hehe, I want to celebrate the reunion of my Qin’er, Wang Ma, and Sun Xin. Get me some good wines from my cellar.” Yang Chen ordered.

Ron asked politely. “Does the 1982 Margarita sound good, your Majesty Pluto?”

“Yeah, I don’t even know what’s left there. Just bring a few others will do.” Yang Chen waved his hand.

Ron nodded and walked towards the wine cellar with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi stared at Yang Chen and grumbled. "Mr. Ron is the world's top architect as well as a revered elder." How can you treat him as if he were a servant? That's far too rude. Don’t you know Lanlan is watching your actions over there?”

“Oh wifey, that’s where you’re wrong. If I were to be polite with these fellas, they would think that I want to kill them. Only if I treat them impolitely, they would consider me as their kind.” Yang Chen laughed as he pinched Lanlna’s chubby cheek. It felt relaxing after returning home.