Xiao Zhiqing, Wang Ma, and Su Xin finally calmed their tears down and gathered around the table.

Wang Ma and Su Xin wanted to express their gratitude to Yang Chen but Yang Chen stopped them as he felt it was too cringy.

Yang Chen sat down with Lanlan in his embrace and asked. “Why is it only a few of you? Where’s Rose, Yan’er, Zhenxiu, and the rest?”

“The sisters went to an area further away from the island to practice cultivation as it would cause quite a disruption when they battle. It’s more convenient to do it at a place with no one. They don’t have to worry about injuring innocent people too.” Liu Mingyu replied.

Yang Chen was shocked. “Yan’er and Zhenxiu went too? Their cultivation…”

"They succeed," Tang Wan rejoiced. "Yanyan broke through not long after you left. She is now at the beginning of the Soul Forming Stage. I'm not sure what's wrong with her. She was worried when she realised An Xin had broken through at random. Then it was discovered that she had also broken through herself. It was outstanding for lil'sis Zhenxiu. She appears to be gifted. She broke through immediately after Yangyan. She, too, is in the same stage as Yanyan."

Speechless, Yang Chen did not expect things like that would have happened. Not sure what Cai Yan and Zhenxiu realized of a sudden but it's good news.

Zhenxiu’s breakthrough caught Yang Chen off guard. This little girl gets from normal cultivation to the Soul Forming Stage in such a short time!

Even though they had Yang Chen’s great amount of pills as supplements to reach the end of the Xiantian Stage, being able to obtain the understanding and realization was something else.

Yet, there was no absolute in cultivating. Zhenxiu had been through more than any one of her age. All the dangerous experiences in the past must have given her a unique realization and understanding of the world.

Up to date, among his ladies, only Lin Ruoxi, Tang Wan, Mo Qianni, Liu Mingyu, and Li Jingjing who were in Beijing did not break through to the Soul Forming Stage. Xiao Zhiqing was excluded as she could not cultivate in the first place.

“Seeing them breaking through, aren’t the few of you anxious?” Yang Chen joked.

Liu Mingyu laughed. “We’re talking about it earlier, wondering if it was because of the age gap. Those of younger age seem to have an advantage in breaking through.”

Yang Chen smiled as he looked at Lin Ruoxi. “Honey, don’t you feel anything wrong with Mingyu’s words? I think you're the same age as Yanyan right?”

On the other side, Lin Ruoxi elegantly took up a cup of black tea and took a sip. “I’m not in a rush.”

Her casual reply made Yang Chen speechless. Yet, he smiled it through without saying anything.

“By the way,” Mo Qianni said. “Honey, when Yanyan comes back, you can have a look at what she cultivated. It’s a mysterious thing though.”

Yang Chen raised his eyebrow. “Why are you being so mysterious.”

While they were having a great conversation, Ron had already taken a few bottles of Margarita red wine from the cellar. These brews from 1982 were nearly priceless in the market. An ordinary one would be at least twenty thousand RMB, not to mention those of precious collections.

However, Yang Chen’s subordinates across the world always sent him good stuff throughout the year. Hence, he never lacked good wines.

After opening a few bottles of wine, Ron was ordered to stay for a few glasses and have conversations since it was a good day for Yang Chen. He was waiting for Rose and the rest to come back too.

The unique and beautiful packet of the red wine caught Fatty’s attention and she begged Lin Ruoxi for a sip. However, she instantly spits it out after one taste, saying that the red wine was no match for milk and juices.

In the meantime, Yang Chen was explaining what they had been through in the Illusion Realm. Xiao Zhiqing cooperated by not going through those terrifying incidents which would worry Wang Ma and Su Xin. The couple holds strong chemistry.

Knowing that Yang Chen had reached the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Full Cycle and was inevitable in the Illusion Realm, the ladies were surprised and happy.

On the other hand, Yang Chen knew he was nowhere near-inevitable with his current powers.

I’m no match for the First. But my cultivation was not high enough back then. It’s hard to tell what stage he is at.

Ron did not understand a single thing they talked about. He, with a blushed nose due to the alcohol, spoke when Yang Chen was almost done with the conversation with the ladies. “Your Majesty Pluto, since you’re back, I’ve something to report.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

“It’s Princess Jane. She planned to turn her residence on this island into a laboratory. She had already shipped the lab apparatus, materials, and documents needed from London. The estimated time of arrival is this evening.” Ron said.

Yang Chen, who nodded, was unsurprised. "That's her turf, so leave her be. It saves her time from having to return and forth for experiments. She is an insane researcher. She'll most likely perish if she doesn't get access to a laboratory."

This piece of land was a present gifted by Catherine after succeeding the throne as the queen. Hence, there was a place arranged for her and her daughter to stay. It was relatively large too. 

In the past, Jane rarely visited this island. However, the joy of staying with the sisters prompted her to move her lab to the island as well. After all, it would be easier for her to fly over once she had her cultivation.

An hour later, a few elegant shadows flew from the sky in the south. Rose and the ladies had returned to the island.

Catching sight of Yang Chen and Xiao Zhiqing excited them. Another round of laughter and explanation was expected.

Yang Chen saw Rose, Cai Ning, and An Xin were nearing the end of the Soul Forming Stage when they arrived. An Xin's cultivation improved much faster than he expected, making her stronger than Rose and Cai Ning. He received the impression that the ladies had experienced significant alterations. He had a peculiar feeling as he remembered the pair of green eyes.

Meanwhile, Cai Yan and Zhenxiu were at the beginning of the Soul Forming Stage. But Yang Chen believed that with his pills acting as supplements, they could reach the end of that cultivation stage in no time.

“Dear, guess what I’ve achieved!” Not waiting for Yang Chen to ask, Cai Yan’s showing off personality prompted her to ask. A great smile was written on her face.

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “How can I guess it when you make it so mysterious?”

Cai Yan smiled and started swirling her True Yuan. *Woosh* A cloud of white flame appeared on her palm!

Yang Chen was shocked as he had no idea of such a flame. He questioned. “Is this…a mystic flame?!”

“Oh, hubby, you know about it?” Cai Yan then pointed at Su Xin. “Aunt Su Xin told me that this might be the Heart Flame among the mystic flames.”

Heart Flame?

Yang Chen looked at Su Xin and she quickly explained.

The Heart Flame was indeed a kind of mystic flame. It was born from the heart as it usually appeared on cultivators with short tempers. Yet, because of their personalities, it was difficult for them to sit down and cultivate which resulted in such a flame rarely appearing.

Besides, being short temper was not enough to achieve such a flame. One must have an icy heart which means except for throwing tantrums, one must possess the last ounce of calm to control his or her temper.

Cai Yan, by chance, fulfilled both of these prerequisites. She wasn't fully gentle because she used to be the wife of a chief officer. She mistakenly possessed the Heart Flame after studying Yang Chen's skills.

However, Heart Flame was deemed to be a mystic flame obtained through one’s understanding. There were no secrets or techniques on how it could be achieved. How to attack with such flames depends on the cultivator’s way. That was its downside but it also meant that it had great possibilities. 

Yang Chen asked Cai Yan to attack him with the Heart Flame. He then realized that this flame did not actually burn anything but only disrupt one’s mind, causing the victim to be manic.

It might be thought of as a distracting mystic flame. In truth, Yang Chen's cultivation was far superior to hers, therefore it had little effect. However, if cultivators of the same stage as Cai Yan were touched by this flame just once, it was enough to upset their brains. As a result, the flame was still irritating.

As for Zhenxiu, she did not achieve anything special as she merely advanced from Xiantian Stage to Soul Forming Stage. It was normal to everyone but the girl seemed to be unsatisfied as she pouted.

Cai Yan and Jane, who were both in the Soul Forming Stage, each had a specialty. The former was the mystic flame, while the latter was a realm skill. Rose and Cai Ning, too, have their own special abilities. Simply changing ordinary True Qi to True Yuan was insufficient to make Zhenxiu happy.

Seeing the girl acting like a child, Yang Chen smiled as he took out a pair of twin blades from his space ring. He gave it to Zhenxiu.

“Here you go, little girl. These are for you. Mid-top grade blades. I find them suit you a lot so don’t be sad anymore.” Yang Chen cheered her up.

All ladies, not only Zhenxiu, opened their eyes so big as if they were about to drop off upon seeing the weapons.

The length of these two blades was less than one foot. The one with a thicker hilt and gold patterns was crafted with the word “Manju”, while the other was relatively light. It was covered with purple patterns of a blooming flower and named ‘Shage’.