The pair of twin blades were glittering and mesmerizing.

“Manjushage? This is one of the best mid-top grade weapons, well-known across the Illusion Realm! Hubby, did you get it from the elders of the Luo family?” Xiao Zhiqing recognized the weapons instantly.

Yang Chen shook his head, unable to recall such trivial matters. "Previously, I murdered a large number of members of the Xiao and Luo families. I did obtain some weapons from them, but they are not worth the attention. Only this set of blades struck me as lovely and perfectly suited to Zhenxiu. So I decided to give her a present. Why? Is it that well-known?"

"Yeah, dual blades are rare, and the Manjushage is the rarest of all.  The Manju can thicken spiritual energy to create a type of resistance that can be employed for both offense and defense. Meanwhile, the Shage has the ability to greatly lessen spiritual energy resistance and improve one's speed in an instant. It is preferable to catch your opponent off guard. If these blades are used correctly, they provide a powerful twin-blade combination. The opponent would struggle to adjust to the change of fighting style. However, because these are close-ranged weapons, if your techniques aren't up to par, you'll endanger yourself." Xiao Zhiqing elaborated.

Before Yang Chen could say a word, Zhenxiu had already snatched the blades from his hands, hugging them with a blushed lovely face.

“I don’t care. Brother Yang said it was for me, so it’s mine. I’ll practice properly. I promise I will not use it if I can’t master it.” Zhenxiu answered swiftly.

This pair of blades are undeniably gorgeous, as if they were a work of art created by a god. Calling them weapons for killing would have tainted the honor conferred upon them. Its beauty made the other females envious.

“Hubby, how can you be so biased by only giving Zhenxiu a present.” An Xin was the first one who was not satisfied as she hugged Yang Chen’s arm and flirted with him.

Zhenxiu immediately gave her a ghost face. “Sister An Xin surely isn’t shy at all. Still able to flirt at this age.”

“You…you little girl!” An Xin blushed and leaped over to tickle Zhenxiu.

Seeing the two ladies getting in a mess, Yang Chen quickly dumped a bunch of weapons from his space ring. All of them were laid on the grass for them to choose from.

“Stop arguing. I still have a bunch over here. Everyone gets one alright, don’t panic!”

Staring at a variety of weapons (approximately twenty to thirty) glowing and radiating a strong cloud of spiritual energy, everyone was dumbfounded. 

Yang Chen took Xiao Qiufeng's middle-grade Wooden Spirit Sword and handed it to An Xin. "Here you go. Because your True Yuan is ascribed to wood, Baby An Xin, this Wood Spirit Sword has the potential to greatly improve your battle power. It also doesn't look bad. You are more than welcome to have it."

Xiao Zhiqing shouted. “OMG! Isn’t this…Xiao Qiufeng’s weapon?!”

Yang Chen smirked. “Qing’er, that fake brother of yours got killed by me. It is okay for An Xin to have this weapon, right?”

Xiao Zhiqing shook her head. “Of course! I was just shocked for a second.”

In fact, she was more than happy. Those people would only want her to suffer so she did not care who their weapons belonged to.

Even though An Xin received the Wood Spirit Sword, a sense of dissatisfaction still lingered around her as the appearance of her weapon was nowhere on par with Manjushage.

Yet, Yang Chen could not satisfy everyone as there was only one pair of twin blades.

Although Yang Chen asked the ladies to pick any weapons they like, they did not do so, instead, they waited for Yang Chen to assign them.

It was simply because having Yang Chen giving them something served a special meaning. Also, they believed in Yang Chen’s decision as it was choosing weapons, not toys.

In the end, Rose had gotten the Sanhua blade, Cai Ning had the Thunder Whip and the Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger was given to Cai Yan. Even though the other ladies were still unable to use weapons, Yang Chen gave them at least one or two weapons as a gesture.

Everyone was given one defensive weapon except Lin Ruoxi as she had the Feng Xiang Bangle on hand.

Up to the present, Yang Chen, even with such a high cultivation level, could not determine the grade of the Feng Xiang Bangle. It seemed that the grade was linked with the wearer’s cultivation. Perhaps Lin Ruoxi’s cultivation was unable to demonstrate the true power of the bangle.

As for the low-grade weapons, they were useless, especially to Yang Chen who reached a high cultivation level.

Yang Chen randomly picked a beautiful low-grade flying sword for Lanlan as a toy, or else the Fatty would be pouting all day long.

Besides, the ladies who had not had a space ring were given one. Although the storage of each ring was different, it was enough for them to keep the things they wanted. The ladies were more attracted to the ring itself rather than its usage of it.

It was already evening when the present distribution session almost ended. At the same time, there was a unique True Yuan appearing in the northwest direction. It was Jane.

Since they had nothing else to do, Yang Chen and the ladies came to the beach for a walk. Just then, they caught sight of a gigantic British Royal Family cargo ship slowly mooring to the jetty. The Welch royal family flag on the ship was swaying to the wind.

Under the command of an officer, a group of royal soldiers were unloading many large boxes off the cargo ship. They were all placed onto trucks and transported to Jane's desired location for her laboratory.

In the meantime, a helicopter descended slowly at the far end and a few figures walked down from it.

She was in a white-collar button-up fitted nicely, rolled-up sleeves and pants with patterns on both sides. That amber hair of hers seemed messy as being blown by the sea breeze. Elegance and royalty were emitting within her.

Jane walked towards them with a smile as two ladies followed tightly behind her. One was a rich lady and the other was a timid white girl.

The beautiful yet mature lady who looked like Jane was Queen Catherine. She was hot and sexy in that navy blue sleeveless blouse that seemed to be supporting her pair of mountains on her chest.

“Oh my, Lil’Jane, walk slower. Wait for mama!”

Catherine was shouting from afar but Jane acted as if she heard nothing and made way to the group of people.

Lin Ruoxi and the rest greeted Jane and Yang Chen hugged her naturally.

“Why is your mom here too?” Yang Chen was slightly nervous at the sight of Catherine.

Jane smiled helplessly. “She knew it when I was moving things out and insisted on coming over together, saying that she was afraid I might stay on the island forever and abandon her.”

Yang Chen nodded. If it was Catherine, she was likely to make such a decision.

Just then, Catherine jogged to Yang Chen, full of excitement. Not hiding any of her excitement, she opened her white arms and hugged Yang Chen tightly. 

“Oh, my dear Yang Chen, it has been a while. Don’t you ever miss me? *Muuuuacks*” 

Catherine gave Yang Chen a hard kiss on the cheek, leaving an obvious mark.

For that one second, Yang Chen sensed a chill running down his spine and turned around with an awkward smile. Obviously, the ladies were all staring at him with a creepy look.

Yang Chen was terrified. Although the embraces and kisses were a kind of etiquette and he and Catherine were only friends, it was apparent that they had had a sexual relationship.

Jane was considered his woman at present, so did that mean Yang Chen nailed both mother and daughter?!

“Hello, your majesty Pluto!”

A nervous yet young voice came from the side. It was the white girl who had never spoken previously.

Yang Chen was so occupied a moment ago and had no time to greet her. He recalled something and smiled. “You must be Grace, the student Jane accepted.”

Little Grace’s eyes shined and her face turned as red as a tomato, nodding heavily. “Yes! Your Majesty Pluto still remembers me!”

“Of course, you saved my lady. I’ll forever remember you.” Yang Chen reached out to caress Grace’s head as this girl looked like a little sister to him.

Grace blushed. “It was my teacher who saved Lady Xiao, I…actually didn’t do much…”

The ladies were confused about what they were talking about and hence, Jane explained the incident where she saved Xiao Zhiqing back in London. Only then, Xiao Zhiqing recalled and expressed her gratitude to Grace.

“Why did you bring her over?” Yang Chen asked Jane. This Grace seems to have known some of my backgrounds.

"As my apprentice, I discovered that she is a quick learner. Most importantly, she has a positive outlook and a kind heart. Furthermore, she appears to be gifted in professional studies. I suppose her talent was simply buried because she had not previously received a proper and good education. I've already begun teaching her to be my first assistant in order for her to inherit some of my abilities. So I need to make her aware of the location where she needs to look over the trials and study."

Grace lowered her head with a blushed face as she was happy to receive compliments from her teacher.