With a smile, Yang Chen knocked Jane’s forehead lightly. Yang Chen and Catherine were the only ones who dared to do such actions to Princess Jane, a figure respected by all nation’s leaders.

“Are you even old enough to want an heir of your skills? Act up all you want in front of your student but not in front of me. Alright, let the soldiers carry those cargos and we head back for dinner. Oh yeah, do join us, Grace.” Yang Chen invited her.

Jane smiled awkwardly at Grace, pretending as if nothing had ever happened as she felt embarrassed in front of her student.

They then headed back to Yang Chen’s castle. The air was once again filled with chatter and laughter during dinner.

Yang Chen asked Jane if she wanted some weapons but she rejected him immediately. The reason being was those weapons were too weak and she felt that she did not need any weapons for her realm skill.

Meanwhile, Catherine grabbed this opportunity to trick some low-grade pills to sustain her beauty from Yang Chen. Yang Chen even gave her a list of techniques that could help her in preserving health and beauty. As for whether she could master it, that was not something Yang Chen bothered.

To Yang Chen, he was not in the opinion that everyone he knew must share the same hundred or thousand years of lifespan as he did. It was too torturing. He must learn to part ways with some of them throughout his life.

Luckily, as his cultivation and understanding grew, Yang Chen was able to grasp the meaning of life.

The ladies were having a good time while enjoying the western cuisine prepared by the chefs. On the other hand, Yang Lanlan was sitting in her special child seat. That piece of steak she dropped accidentally was the eighth piece…

“Hubby, how long do you plan to stay here? I heard from Qing’er that you planned to return to the Illusion Realm to kill the Luo family members?” Cai Yan asked with excitement written all over her face.

While slicing the sirloin on his plate, Yang Chen smiled. “Yanyan, I know what you’re thinking but I must tell you this. Even though you possessed the Heart Flame, your cultivation is too low. Luo Qianqiu that bastard could kill thousands of people like you with just one Golden Crow. So, don’t you ever think of me bringing you there.”

“Come on, you will be there, ain't it. Can’t you protect us?” Cai Yan begged with her puppy eyes. To her, it was torturing to only cultivate but not be able to participate in a real battle. Besides, she, a person filled with a sense of justice, was pissed when she knew how those bastards treated Xiao Zhiqing.

“That’s enough, Yanyan. Having us tagging along with hubby will only increase his burden. He may be inevitable in the Illusion Realm alone. But with us, he would have weaknesses.” Cai Ning advised her sister.

Cai Yan pouted and rolled her eyes against her sister. “Sis, you talk as if you don’t wish to go. I’m really curious how the Illusion Realm looks like.”

“Nothing special. The Illusion Realm was just huge pieces of forest and snowy mountains and a bunch of weird houses.” Yang Chen laughed.

Rose then asked. “So, when are you going back there hubby?” With your current strength, killing the father and son of the Luo family should be easy right?”

Yang Chen pondered as he set down the cutlery. He replied gently, with a casual smile. "I'm going to put it on hold after considerable thought. That's because I'm certain I'll be able to kill them. There's no point in rushing. I can easily pass the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation now that I've gained complete mastery of the Chaos Cauldron. What I really need to do now is master the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning. If I could master it before returning to the Illusion Realm, Luo Qianqiu would have no chance. I currently have some comprehension of it. I should be able to break through when the perfect time comes. Although, in my heart, I wish they'd just come to me so I wouldn't have to waste my time looking for them one by one. But, before that, I'd like to spend more time with you and see my child grow day by day. That's the life I've wanted, even though killing others is also for the sake of a better life. I couldn't possibly forget the genuine intention, can I?"

The atmosphere went silent as the ladies looked at Yang Chen with gratefulness.

“It’s so not you saying such cringy words formally.” 

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi who was beside Yang Chen glanced at him from the corner of her eyes as she spoke.

Yang Chen laughed out loud. “A married man always turns mature quickly. We’ve been married for almost three years, it’s all because of your coaching, my lady boss.”

“Stop kissing my butt…” Lin Ruoxi pushed Yang Chen’s head away.

Yang Chen pouted. “Besides, at Hanzhong City, there was still no news from Hannya who disguised as Meng Yue. I’m waiting for the hidden force behind the Meng family to make a move. That’s something I have to settle too. Also, I wish to wait for all your cultivation to grow before dealing with those fellas. Only then, even if I pass away, I’ll rest assured.”

"You're talking as if you're so amazing. We may not be able to battle beside you, but if something bad occurs to you, we shall perish as well. So, to begin with, you're never alone." In a serious tone, Mo Qianni said.

Her words spurred a wave of resonance among the ladies. From the moment they decided to be with Yang Chen, they had prepared for the worst.

The mood was strained, and Catherine couldn't bear it. As a result, the Queen set down her spoon and made a recommendation. "I say...since Yang Chen has returned and everyone is here, staying on the island may be too monotonous. What about going to London to see a football game? It's all on me."

“Football match?” Jane frowned. “Mom, why football all of a sudden? And since when do any of us watch football?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Catherine explained. “Lil’Jane, all you know is research and experiments, you don’t care about what’s happening around you. On the 8th of May, the final of the UEFA Champions League is going to be held at Wembley Stadium in London.”

“So? How is that related to us?”

"Of course! This time, they invited Miss Hui Lin to the opening ceremony as a special guest. She would sing the theme tune. Do you know that being able to appear live on the UEFA Champions League finals and sing a solo is something that those superstars have always wanted? This has never happened before. She is China's superstar!" Catherine's pupils dilated.

Everyone then realized the fact.

Lin Ruoxi frowned and was unhappy. “Damn that Hui Lin didn't even tell me about it. What a great milestone for her. Also, the United Kingdom is not far away either.”

“Chairman of a multinational company group, do you think you have the time to bother about a small entertainment company under your group? I bet Hui Lin is so busy preparing for it that she did not have the time to inform you yet.” Yang Chen mocked her.

Because of Catherine’s suggestion, everyone felt that they should fly over to watch the match, even if they were there just to support Hui Lin.

In addition, the ladies wished to breathe some fresh air as staying on the island to cultivate is not something interesting.

Since Yang Chen had returned, the ladies were less worried and could spend some time shopping around the malls in various countries.


At the same time. Illusion Realm. Ning family.

In the clan’s meeting room, Ning Zhengfeng did not look good as he was listening to the report from the spy with his back facing Ning Zhenggang, Ning Zhengchun, and the rest. 

“Alright, stand down.” Moments later, Ning Zhengfeng waved his hand. 

The spy fled out of the meeting room instantly.

As he turned around, Ning Zhengfeng sighed and stared at his brothers and the elders. With a bitter smile, he explained. “That Yang Chen, surely is lucky. He survived…”

"What's scarier is that, if what the spy stated is true, even Luo Qianqiu and Luo Changchun, as well as those elders with Ruo Water Stages of mid or above, were entirely overthrown. They all dispersed in an attempt to flee. That could only indicate one of two things. Yang Chen's might may be greater than the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning..." Ning Zhengfeng's expression was solemn.

“God damn it…How did that bastard reach such high cultivation? He wasn’t that creepy when we first saw him. Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning? You must be kidding me! There was only a handful of those two hundred thousand years ago! Is it possible for one to reach there at present?!” Ning Zhengchun grumbled.

“Being able to possess a legendary item such as the Chaos Cauldron means that Yang Chen is no ordinary man. My lord, even if our Ning family could not befriend him, we must not be enemies. Or else, I’m afraid even if the Great Grand Elders of our family come together, we might not withstand his anger.” An elder with greyish white hair suggested.

After a thought, Ning Zhengfeng squinted at Ning Zhengchung. “Old Forth, go and tell Ning Guangyao to contact her daughter. Through him, I wish to…meet Yang Chen privately.”

“What?! Big brother…that’s too dangerous! That man is a killing demon!” Words blurted out of Ning Zhengchun’s mouth.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained…”