Two days later. At the Forgotten Realm.

The Britain navy team left the island after Jane’s laboratory was set up under an efficient workforce.

Yang Chen was enjoying his life for the past two days. Day or night, he would have fun with his ladies whenever he had the chance.

No matter on the hidden white beach, behind the reefs, in the jungle, the lady’s room, or even on the yacht…

The trails of them having intercourse were everywhere to be seen. Yang Chen’s incredible stamina during the continuous fun was once again shown.

He was never an innocent man at all. He couldn’t resist being surrounded by various sexy and beautiful ladies.

Furthermore, every one of the ladies wanted to become pregnant, so they never said no to Yang Chen's desires until they were fatigued or someone else was in the vicinity. They just came to a halt at those moments.

Yet, if that someone was a relatively close sister, she would be asked to join in together. Yang Chen was on cloud nine as he was able to have ladies in both of his arms. It was so enjoyable that one would lose track of reality. Luckily, Yang Chen was still clear of what he was doing and what he had to do.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, did not have a good time with Zhenxiu and Jane. It's not that he didn't want it; it's just that he felt strange around Zhenxiu. As for Jane... She had no free time because she was too busy in her lab conducting tests and research. She was working nonstop with her little aide, Grace, on everything from setting up the laboratory to building various pieces of equipment.

Yang Chen drank with old pals who had come to visit him on the island on the third night. When he returned to the castle's master bedroom, he noticed Lin Ruoxi reading some documents sent over by Zhao Hongyan near the table.

She was dressed in a half-transparent white lace sleeping blouse, her back to the door. Looking at her from head to toe, it was easy to notice her slim delicate calves, smooth thighs, skinny waist, and those two massive mountains...

Yang Chen swallowed as he walked up to her. Hugging her from the back, his hands casually moved to Lin Ruoxi’s mountains…

Lin Ruoxi swept her hair and glanced at him. “Go sleep in someone else’s room tonight. Lanlan wants to sleep with me.”

“Aww, come on honey. Lanlan can come whenever she wants. It’s not like I’m going to do anything naughty to you. Isn’t it good that the three of us sleep together?” Yang Chen smiled as he gently squeezed the two red beans of hers.

Lin Ruoxi moaned gently with a blushed face. Yet, swiftly, she pushed his hands away. “Enough, I have a serious matter to discuss with you.”

Yang Chen was taken aback and questioned, a bitter smirk on his face. "A serious matter?  Is it true that my mother called you again? *Sigh* Did she say something mean to you again? Don't worry about her; there's always a squabble between the mother-in-law and the wife. It's natural for her to be upset now that we've relocated overseas. I'll bring Lanlan to see her tomorrow to calm her down."

“It isn’t about mom…” A sense of reluctance and mixed feelings could be seen from her eyes. Biting her cherry lips, she sighed. “It’s Premier Ning.”

The smiling and joking expression on Yang Chen’s face was instantly replaced by a serious one.

“What’s with him? What did he say to you this time?”

Seeing that expression from Yang Chen, she knew the man had gotten serious and had no intention to joke around.

“He wanted me to tell you that the patriarch of the Ning family…wishes to meet you privately. Wonder if…if you could meet him for my sake. You choose the time and venue.” Lin Ruoxi mumbled.

Yang Chen was surprised. The patriarch of the Ning family? Then, it should be Ning Zhengfeng.

He kept silent for a moment before answering. “Ruoxi, you said…for your sake. Did that come from your own will or…he forced you to say that?”

Lin Ruoxi looked up at him and asked. “Does…that make any difference?”

“Of course it does,” Yang Chen took a deep breath. “If it was from your intention, I’ll go meet him because I’ll never reject my wife's request. But, if it was Ning Guangyao trying to take advantage of our relationship to make me meet someone I don’t wish to meet, then...I’ll not go. I don’t wish to waste my time meeting someone who will never be my friend. It’s either not having any relation or killing him sooner or later, with those kinds of people.”

Lin Ruoxi stared at her man while holding her breath. Moments later, she smiled as if a burden was lifted off her shoulders. “Then, don’t meet him. I’ll reply to him. Don’t bother about my sake.”

Yang Chen did not smile but he mumbled instead. “Must you keep in touch with him…Can you just…not have any dealings with him again?”

“For now…it should be fine I guess…” Lin Ruoxi replied. “I won’t do anything stupid. I can make judgments.”

“That man, Ning Guanyao, is too terrible. If any parents could truly abandon their child, he would be the only one.” An urge of hatred ran through Yang Chen as he recalled the ending of Luo Cuishan and Ning Guodong. “I’m just afraid he will harm you sooner or later.”

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head without saying a word. 

However, Yang Chen knew that his advice would be useless and that he could only give his all in protecting his lady.

Because of the disturbance of such a matter, he was not in the mood to flirt with Lin Ruoxi anymore. He then left after caressing his daughter’s head when she hopped into the room in polka dot pajamas. 

Standing on the cliff outside of the castle, Yang Chen was looking into the night sky. He wondered what was the Ning family scheming. Just then, from the corner of his eyes, he spotted a light shining.

It was from Jane’s newly set-up laboratory. Despite being late in the night, Jane did not return to her room for a rest but was still doing research.

He suddenly recalled that he had some questions for the genius lady and so he flew to the lab. Upon noticing there was no one on the first floor, he climbed up the stairs.

There were a total of seven floors in the laboratory because Jane’s research covered a wide range of fields. The number of weird and rare equipment was so great that the other scientists might not even know how to operate them.

Yet, those were all Jane’s treasures. The ladies of her age would have preferred branded bags and jewelry but the love of this princess was different.

Before reaching the top floor, Yang Che could hear Jane and Grace shouting…

“...Teacher, the accelerator has reached the critical point of the force field…”

“What’s the conversion efficiency?”

“99.998% and above!”

“Coordinates checked. Start the countdown…”

“Yes! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

Yang Chen who reached the top floor was curious about what they were doing. Why are they counting down? Are they trying to launch a rocket?

He almost fell off to the ground after seeing what they were doing from the exit of the stairs.

In the middle of the lab, there was fine white cylinder equipment, facing the starry sky.

A light beam at the size of a palm was shot out from the cylinder equipment. It pierced through the clouds and went straight into the sky.

Yang Chen was shocked at the sight of it. Even though he had no idea what it was, it seemed that…it accumulated a strong and scary power!

As the light beam faded, the brightness of the lab returned to normal.

Only then, did he notice Jane and Grace were wearing goggles throughout the process and they were operating them at both sides of the stage.

“Teacher! According to the data, there are only 0.1 attometers off from the accuracy of the shot! It has reached your requirements!” Grace hopped excitedly.

Jane, who was in a white lab coat, took off her goggles and the hairband that was tying her ponytail. With a satisfactory smile, she looked at Yang Chen who was waiting at the stairs. “Little Grace, you’ve done a good job today. You can head back for a rest. I’ll clean up the remaining stuff.”

Grace had also noticed Yang Chen who appeared out of nowhere. With a blushed face, she hopped down the stairs after greeting Jane and Yang Chen goodbye.

“Tsk tsk, looks like you’ve picked the right student. That little girl surely is excited and satisfied with your research.” Yang Chen nodded as he walked to the center of the lab, circling the white cylinder object. He could not figure out what that was.

"Grace was mainly interested in medicine at first, but I realized her natural talent as a scientist." Jane removed her rubber gloves and approached Yang Chen. "Honey, showing up at my lab at such an inconvenient hour isn't you."

Yang Chen tickled his cheek with an awkward smile. “Let’s not talk about that first. What’s this thing? It seems powerful.”

Jane smiled excitedly as she caressed the cylinder object carefully. “This is something I worked on for almost a year. I named it ‘The Cumberbatch Particle Lightbeam Cannon’. What do you think about it? Doesn’t it look cute?”