After confirming what he heard, Yang Chen nodded with an awkward smile. “Yeap, it’s round to the edge. Quite good looking.”

Upon receiving compliments from Yang Chen, Jane’s eyes glowed with sparks and began to introduce the background of this cannon, including its design concept, the physics, mechanics, and mathematics theories…

Yang Chen was shocked by the overwhelming information. Knowing Jane was not going to stop, he quickly interrupted her with a question. “About that…Jane, how about you just tell me what it is for? A weapon to kill people?”

“Killing people?”

Jane burst into laughter at an instant. “This actually can be used to kill people but I designed it to block the meteors and asteroids for the spaceships in the future!”

“Come again?”

Yang Chen’s jaw dropped in bewilderment. Why is it related to spaceships out of the blue?

Jane explained patiently. "What my friend Hawking stated is correct. There are far too many planets in the universe. From a statistical standpoint, the likelihood of another living species other than humans existing in our cosmos is incalculable. Even if no aliens have been discovered, their existence is almost certain. So, if the aliens find us before we do, it means that we humans, who can't even land on Mars, are vulnerable to them. As a scientist, if one could contribute anything to the living species on Earth, the most important goal would be to travel into space and preserve a human successor. It has been proven that humans will enter a galactic period in which we will be able to travel around the cosmos rather than simply on Earth. As a result, we may encounter asteroids, meteor showers, and other potentially hazardous scenarios. We could use it to erase the massive impediments when the time came. Also, humans cannot go into space with a large amount of equipment. As a result, I wanted to create a weapon that is built on the foundation of particle light beams. It's similar to the weaponry in sci-fi movies, only I came up with the genuine thing. Of course, this is simply a test. If we were to use it on a spaceship, we would need to develop a larger particle accelerator and additional technology that is appropriate for the situation. To summarize, it is not difficult to create another weapon using this prototype. What I need to figure out now is how to convert the energy activator into solar energy or any other form of renewable energy in the cosmos. But that's not a big concern to me because I'm convinced I'll be able to pay it in a few years."

After listening to Jane’s explanation, Yang Chen swallowed as he laid his eyes on the weird equipment. This thing…can destroy an asteroid? Does that mean, if its powers increase, it can easily destroy a city with just one shot?

He scratched his forehead and exclaimed. “Luckily your man is me, or else the world would be in deep trouble if someone steals it away.”

Jane grinned as she put her arms around Yang Chen's neck. "Don't be concerned, honey. I'm aware of the limitations. Every deadly item I created has a set of safety protocols. No one could activate them without my decryption. Forcing them to activate would only result in self-destruction. Even if my study data is stolen, it is useless. No one in this world can decode my encryption... To be honest, I haven't been able to locate someone capable of competing with me in certain disciplines since Yan Buwen died. "I kind of miss that odor."

“Don’t ever miss him. The only man who should appear in your mind is me.”

Yang Chen sat on an empty table and held Jane to sit on his lap, one hand hugging her skinny waist while the other was caressing the smooth white legs underneath the lab coat.

“Lil’Janejane, I’ve something I’ve always wanted to ask you.” Yang Chen whispered closely at Jane’s ears. 

Her face blushed instantly as she roughly knew what was going to happen. Although she was mentally prepared and that she was the one who wanted it in the past, when it happened, she was still nervous. 

“Uhh…ask…ask away…”

Yang Chen then recalled the scene when he first met Athena. “Previously in Korea, when I met that lady, Athena, she said…I don’t understand the theory of space. She also said that in space, there exists no ‘force’. I’ve always not understood what she meant. Since you’re the expert in physics and astronomy, can you explain it to me?”

Jane’s blue eyes were glittering as if two precious sapphires were attracting much attention.

“Well…actually, it’s very simple to understand. Just that you didn’t try to understand it…”

Biting her lips, Jane smirked as she grabbed one of Yang Chen’s hands and placed it on her breast…

Yang Chen could feel the mountain's flexibility and wonderfulness as he covered it. She inherited all of Catherine's good genes because she was Catherine's daughter. She was still a virgin, but her mountains were magnificent.

“Help me unbutton, would ya.” Jane blinked.

Yang Chen swallowed as he did not know what the woman was up to. Swiftly, he unbuttoned them.

A pair of huge mountains bounced out, getting free from the cage. Breathing the fresh air, the two cherries seemed delicious. 

Seeing her man staring at her gigantic pairs, Jane grabbed his index finger happily.

“Honey, now, imagine one of my breasts as a space and the nipple is a planet, let it be the Earth or the sun. So, if the mass of the planet increases…”

As she explained, Jane slowly pressed Yang Chen’s fingers on the red cherry, forming a gentle sag…

“Then, the space will form into this shape. It’s equivalent to that within this sag, every matter will be controlled…unless, there’s another planet with a greater mass appearing, forming a larger sag and absorbing these planets into another circle…”

Yang Chen was paying full attention and was also attracted by Jane’s creative way of teaching. Didn’t know scientific theories can be this interesting…

At the same time, Jane could feel her man’s spear was sticking out long ago as if it was about to pierce through her pants. Her breathing fastened.

“In other words…in space, there exists no force because the presence of mass will alter the shape of the space which eventually produces the ‘force’ we are talking about. But of course, this is just the most surfaced knowledge I shared…”

Suddenly, Yang Chen grabbed the back of her head and kissed her on the lips crazily.

The desperate kissing slowly got Jane laying on the white table. Yang Chen’s hands were squeezing the lady’s pair of mountains…

“Enough…I have understood now…If I continue listening to you…I would go crazy for holding back so long…”

Yang Chen greedily kissed the woman’s cheek, neck, and all the way down. He was enjoying every part of it as Jane’s body scent was different from the rest. It had a faint scent of disinfectants due to her long working hours with medical equipment and other biological matters.

Even though it was weird, Yang Chen enjoyed it a lot.

Similarly, Jane was cooperating enjoyably. When she tried to take off her lab coat, she was stopped by Yang Chen.

“Don’t take that off. You can take off the inner one but keep the lab coat on. I like how you look in uniforms…” Yang Chen smirked.

Jane was stunned for a second and rolled her eyes against him. Yet, she accepted the man’s weird kink.

The woman was completely naked except for the lab coat as she crawled on the table. The bouncy butt was sticking out and she looked at Yang Chen with puppy eyes. Yang Chen’s heart was about to melt.

What came after that was predictable. Jane’s unique physique would not allow her to feel any pain. When the man’s massive stick entered, all she felt was the urge of being filled. 

Yang Chen then bent down to hug her up. Feeling his stick being wrapped tightly, he asked with a smirk. “Is it comfortable enough?”

Jane smiled shyly. “Honey, yesterday, mommy told me that your thing is very big and you like to play from behind. I believe it now but you can’t come in from behind alright? It will be painful…”