Mentioning Catherine at this moment stunned Yang Chen as his little monster almost went soft.

Luckily, Yang Chen reacted fast enough and bit the woman’s red cherry lips. “Oh you little demon, do you think I’ll give in by just mentioning your mom? The more you try to resist it, the greater my desire to try it. I’ll let you taste a bit of pain!”

Jane laughed non-stop, not taking Yang Chen’s ‘threaten’ seriously. She could not wait for him to apply full force.

Not wishing to show any weakness to the virgin lady, Yang Chen started pumping with great force in the laboratory. 

The empty and cold laboratory was then filled with the lady’s moan.

It lasted until late midnight before it went off.

In the end, Jane begged for mercy as her body was less inhumane compared to Yang Chen’s monstrous body. 

Yet, being able to transform from a girl to a lady in her favorite laboratory represented great meaning to Jane.

To Yang Chen, he wanted to try on Jane’s other amazing part but the look of Catherine kept on flashing through his mind. Hence, he put the desire aside since he had plenty of time to test it out in the future.

After the pleasure they had, Yang Chen carried his woman to the observatory on the top floor, laid down together on a table and star-gazed with Jane laying on his arm.

Under the starry night, it was romantic.

“Hubby…with your current cultivation, can you fly to outer space?”

Jane posted a random question moments later.

Yang Chen frowned. It was not that he did not think of it or test it when he was cultivating alone, but…

“I can’t,” Yang Chen answered helplessly. “Although I can enter outer space with my True Yuan, the Heaven and Earth energy would reduce as I get further away from Earth. There would be a point where there’s no Heaven and Earth energy for me to sustain. Besides, space has no oxygen. Without both essential elements, I couldn’t withstand a single second even if I don’t use the True Yuan shield and my body could withstand radiation in space. Also, the feeling is terrible.”

“As expected…there lacks more superior energy to sustain the cultivator’s life, just like the spaceship. The problem of requiring resources is still yet to be resolved…” Jane mumbled as her mind strayed away.

Yang Chen’s lips curled up as he saw the lady go into deep thought. “My lovely Lil’Janejane, please don’t tell me you started thinking about your experiments again at such a romantic moment.”

Jane jolted and made a ghost face. “Oops, I’m not on purpose, it’s just an occupational hazard…”

“It’s okay even if you did it on purpose. I still like it no matter what you do.”

“Is this considered those flirty and lovely words often said by men?”

“Nope, I speak from the bottom of my heart.”


Illusion Realm. Luo clan fortress.

The trails of the great battle earlier on were still clearly to be seen. Like many of the white jade buildings crumbled to pieces, the Luo clan fortress was no longer in its glory state.

However, it was not over as long as the key figure was still alive.

In the Luo clan’s meeting room, Luo Qianqiu was sitting on the patriarch seat. Below him stood two rows of people, each of them being all leaders of the family affiliated to the Luo clan. Everyone was tense with their heads lowered, waiting for Luo Qianqiu’s orders.

When Luo Qianqiu was at the peak of the Ruo Water Stage, these people were already afraid of him and dared not reject his orders. But now, he has become a cultivator of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage. Their fear for him increased to a great extent.

“......As mentioned by everyone here, Yang Chen is an extremely evil villain. He colluded with the lady of Nine Yin Meridian to sneak into our Luo clan, killed the Grand Elder Luo Feng, our housekeeper, Luo Lei, and also two Great Grand Elders of ours with the help of the demonic beast in the Chaos Cauldron! This disrespectful action is not acceptable. Hence, I call all of you to work together and make him pay hundreds of folds of what he did!”

Luo Qianqiu’s voice rumbled across everyone’s ears but each leader was worried and concerned. 

“Patriarch…” One of the elders in the front greeted him respectfully. “Since Yang Chen is so strong, how are we able to defend against him if he comes to the Illusion Realm again in the future?”

Luo Qianqiu squinted and replied in a deep tone. “Leader Pang, there’s no need to be worried. To counter Yang Chen, my grandfather Luo Changchun has brought back some of the elders with the Ruo Water Stage. Also, my father, Luo Pingchao has been guarding the fortress with a few Ruo Water Stage Great Grand Elders. Since I’ve advanced to the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage, I’m on par with Yang Chen. I’ll continue to increase my cultivation in this period too. If Yang Chen dares to come again, I would hope everyone will work together and show their strength according to the position held. We have thousands of cultivators in the clan, there’s no way we would be afraid of one single person, right?”

“Oh? The former patriarch is back?!”

In no time, some of the leaders cheered for the great news.

Even though Luo Qianqiu’s grandfather - Luo Changchun was powerful, the one who snatched the throne of the Luo clan from Luo Feng with pure talent and strength was Luo Pingchao.

Since Luo Pingchao stepped down from the patriarch role and disappeared from the Illusion Realm, he was known to be the top swordsman throughout the past few hundred years. The sword addict, Xu Shaogong might be strong but he was considered as a junior to Luo Pingchao as he was nowhere near the latter’s strength.

When such a genius of the Luo clan decided to return, it was normal for them to guess that since Luo Qianqiu was already at Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, perhaps Luo Pingchao was too…

Yet, Luo Qianqiu mentioned nothing about his father’s cultivation level. All he did was reassure the leaders of the preparation of war.

When the people of the affiliated family had left, Luo Qianqiu left the fortress and headed to the forest in the east.

Miles outside of the forest, there was a piece of flat land filled with various unique plants and their scent had mixed with every single air particle.

In the middle, there stood three or four huts, blending into the surroundings and making it a Utopian place away from the turmoil of the world.

At this very moment, around the stone table, Luo Changchun was playing reversi with a middle-aged man in a beard who looked very much alike to him.

Upon landing, Luo Qianqiu glanced at the game and noticed the number of black and white pieces was about the same. Yet, when he looked into detail, the middle-aged man’s white pieces were having the upper hand and they might easily defeat the black ones.

However, he did not comment much on the game but greeted the two figures in front of him. “Greetings to grandfather and father from Qianqiu…”

No matter how strong and terrifying he was in the Illusion Realm, Luo Qianqiu was still respectful towards his grandfather and father. This was because the two of them were powerful individuals that deserve such respect.

“Mmmm…have the people of the affiliated family gone back?” Luo Changchun was hesitant with a black piece in his hands as he asked.

“Yeap, I’ve already given them the Communicating Rune. If Yang Chen decides to eliminate them one by one, they would receive the news first hand. I’ve also informed them about father’s return.” Luo Qianqiu explained.

Luo Changchun noded. “That Yang Chen hasn’t made a move yet?”

"The spies we sent to the mortal realm returned with the information that Yang Chen had previously interacted with members of the Yang family. So it might be confirmed that he regained control of his body after we all dispersed that day. I have no idea how he accomplished it. He must have gone to a faraway country for the time being. The spies in the Illusion Realm have yet to report any news. Or perhaps Yang Chen was involved in an incident. It's a nice time for us to rest and rebuild our strength...but...also it's conceivable..." Luo Qianqiu's eyes glowed with concern.

“It might be possible that he wishes to advance to a greater level, for example mastering the power to control the Chaos Cauldron or maybe completely understanding Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning…And eliminate us in one shot…” Luo Changchun finished what his grandchild wanted to say and placed the black piece on the chessboard.

Luo Qianqiu smirked and nodded. "However, I guess I'm simply overthinking it. Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning is not something that can be mastered as much as one wishes. He was simply fortunate that day since the Chaos beast aided him. Father and I are both Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning in the Luo clan, and father is nearing the conclusion of his stage. If Yang Chen dares to return, I doubt the Chaos beast can help him much."

At the side, Luo Pingchao who was about to place his white piece stopped and glanced at Luo Qianqiu.

“I remember telling you to never think so highly of yourself. An opponent capable of killing Nanny Luo Chenxiang, putting how strong he is compared to us, is someone not to be dealt with easily. Just got the advancement to Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning and you’re already this arrogant?” Luo Pingchao mocked him.