As it was early May in which the UEFA Champions League would take place soon, the affluents from all over the world headed to London, and many of them chose to dock their luxury yachts at Canary Wharf. 

As it was London's famous central business and shopping district, the weekly mooring fees cost more than ten thousand pounds. 

Of course, it did not faze the riches who viewed money as numbers. Even if they were willing to pay the exorbitant price, the spots were limited. 

Being able to dock their vessels into Canary Wharf would be a symbol of wealth and status. 

At that moment, an extravagant yacht that overshadowed the other ones was docked at the center of Canary Wharf, a golden spot with the best accessibility to everywhere. 

Unbelievably, missiles were built onto the giant yachts, glimmering under the sunlight.  

What bothered some billionaires the most was that the owner of this particular yacht had also bought the two spaces beside it as if they disdained them. 

That yacht was Yang Chen's toy, Erebos. 

Having accepted Katherine's invitation, Yang Chen brought his woman and daughter to London to watch Hui Lin's first performance and also the football match. That was so that they could take a break and have a change of environment after cultivating for a long time. 

As it was a family trip, Yang Chen did not forget to bring Wang Ma, Su Xin, Minjuan along and also invited Guo Xuehua and his in-laws. 

Those who agreed to come were the Cai sisters' mother, Jiang Shan, Mo Qianni's mother, Ma Guifang, Liu Mingyu's parents, and Li Jingjing's parents. 

The elderly were outraged at first because Yang Chen had gathered so many women by his side without their knowledge. However, because their daughters had informed them about Yang Chen's condition and were now cultivating under his guidance, they understood they couldn't regard Yang Chen as a regular person.

They were old and might be able to live up to a hundred years old with Yang Chen's medicinal pills and cultivation techniques, but their daughters could live up to thousands of years. 

What right did they have to judge Yang Chen when he had changed their lives? Perhaps, they should even be grateful towards him. 

The in-laws did not know each other, and a disparity in social standing existed between them. Nonetheless, Yang Chen treated them cordially and tried to be fair as much as possible. Thus, the elderly curbed their temper.

Besides, it would be impossible to be angry at him when Yang Chen had picked them up with an A380 private jet, brought them to the most luxurious yacht ever, and even hired them a group of maids to serve them. Their days in London were so blissful that they felt like they were an emperor.

Even Jiang Shan, a rich woman in Beijing, and the mafia Liu Qingshan were a bit befuddled by the lavish lifestyle, much less Li Jingjing's parents and Ma Guifang.

They were not fools, so they understood they couldn't find anything wrong with Yang Chen when he treated them with respect, despite his cultivation and status. They would be considered tactless if they wanted to cause him trouble. As a result, they had no concerns.

In no time, the atmosphere on Erebos was merry.

Just as expected, the ladies went shopping in London.

Though London did not have high-end shopping districts like Ginza, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and Fifth Avenue, Knightsbridge and Harrods were good spots for them to splurge.

Even the calmer ones like Lin Ruoxi, Cai Ning, and Tang Wan could not restrain themselves from entering all the luxury shops.

As for Xiao Zhiqing and Zhenxiu, who did not know much about the brands or their history, were intrigued and did not stop asking questions or following the older ladies.

Their mothers were of different ages, but they eventually became closer through shopping.

Initially, Yang Chen wanted to accompany them shopping but quickly realized he could not even chime in. Utterly ignored, he chose to sit at the lounge with Lanlan.

As she was still young, Lanlan only had an interest in the toy shops. Her mother and aunts would buy her outfits, so she was still more interested in having snacks from all over the world.

Her father was also a glutton, so they both had a good time. Besides, Yang Chen was happy to have Lanlan at his side because she was always loyal to Lin Ruoxi.

A rich woman's ability to shop was immeasurable. By the third day, the ladies' space rings were filled. Left with no choice, they could only take out some items and left them on Erebos.

Fortunately, the yacht was designed to accommodate dozens of people. That made Yang Chen glad of his foresight. Otherwise, there would not be enough space. 

Oh, their fourth day in London, their passion to shop had died down, so they were having lunch at the uppermost deck. 

A few tables were pushed together to get enough seats for everyone. 

Although it was noon, Yang Chen realized his in-laws were wearing thick jackets as if they found the weather cold. 

At that thought, he sensed that something was amiss. Turning his head, he asked Jane, "Jane, the temperature in London during this season shouldn't be this low, right?"

As one who lived in London all year, Jane knew the seasons best. Nodding, she answered, "Did you just realize it? The temperature has been dropping in all regions around the world. Technically, the temperature in London now should be 15-18, but now it's only 10."

"When you two were shopping two days ago, I was watching TV on the yacht. The news reported that the global temperature has gone haywire as if global warming no longer exists. Even the glaciers in the South and North Poles are thickening. The scientists are researching the reason," Liu Qingshan piped up while cutting his steak. 

Although Yang Chen and Jane were speaking in English, Liu Qingshan understood them. 

That took Yang Chen by surprise. According to him, he learned English and Russian to do business in the West. 

"Uh…" Yang Chen smiled. "You sure know a lot. As expected of the leader of Green Dragon Society."

"Don't flatter me; it doesn't work." Liu Qingshan grunted. 

Liu Mingyu giggled. "Dad, he's not flattering you. You're smart. I didn't even know you could speak foreign languages."

In a resigned manner, Liu Qingshan shook his head and sighed. 

"Right. Even the scientists can't figure it out? Why don't you research it?" Yang Chen asked Jane. 

Though he was joking, Jane nodded in agreement. "I've long found out about this odd phenomenon, so I've asked Grace to collect data from all over the world. I presume we could start the research by next week."

"Sister Jane, you're amazing. It's like you excel in every field." Zhenxiu stuck out her tongue, her eyes filled with admiration for Jane. 

Jane was used to receiving praises, so she responded calmly, "Every group has someone who's the best and one who's the most mediocre. I'm just lucky to have a great mind."

While she was speaking, Yang Chen's phone rang. He picked it up and realized it was from Cai Yuncheng, one of his fathers-in-law who did not join their trip. 

Upon casting an odd look at Cai Ning, Cai Yan, and Jiang Shan, he saw they looked oblivious. 

"Hello, what can I help you with?" Yang Chen answered while smiling.