Cai Yuncheng was a soldier, so he spoke frankly. Besides, there was nothing to hide from his son-in-law. 

"The Hongmeng messenger wants to see you."

"Hongmeng messenger? Who? Absolute Sword Taoist?" Yang Chen asked in surprise. 

Hearing his words, the ladies turned to look at him. 

"Absolute Sword Taoist and Ling Xuzi also came along. The messenger's name is Xuan Jizi, a Hongmeng elder in the Earth realm. He has requested to meet you in person."

"Xuan Jizi?" Yang Chen repeated the name but did not remember hearing it before. 


All of a sudden, a silver knife fell onto the deck. It was Tang Wan's cutlery. 

Tang Wan, on the other hand, had an unusual expression on her face. It appeared as if she had unconsciously released her grasp on the knife. She smiled at them, embarrassed until she came to her senses and realized everyone was looking at her. 

"I'm sorry… My fingers slipped." She avoided Yang Chen's puzzled gaze and bent down to pick up the knife. 

However, before she could do so, a female server handed her a new one and took away the dirty one. 

Feeling that something was amiss, Yang Chen narrowed his eyes but did not let his gaze linger on her for too long. 

"Did he say why he wants to meet me?"

Cai Yuncheng let out a bitter laugh. "I might have some connections with Hongmeng, but they wouldn't tell me so much information. Just give me an answer."

Yang Chen stated flatly, "Then tell them I'm on vacation and won't be able to talk to them about anything else. Please don't spoil my day. Come to London if he wants to find me, however, I can't guarantee he'll be able to return safely because this is Apollo and Artemis' domain."

"You… I knew you would say this, but… Never mind. You've become much more powerful, so I can't stop you in any way. I'll call you if there's anything else."

"Thank you." Yang Chen chuckled and hung up the phone. 

Cai Yan asked excitedly, "Hubby, was that my dad? What did he say? Is someone challenging you to a fight?"

In a serious manner, Yang Chen answered, "He asked when he could have a grandchild. Ah, that's troubling."

"You…" Cai Yan crimsoned and looked away while grunting. Ever since dating Yang Chen, the usual laid-back woman had become more abashed. 

Jiang Shan stroked her youngest daughter's head, smiled but said nothing. 

Seeing Cai Yan's reaction, Yang Chen let out a hearty laugh but did not hide the truth from them in case they overthink. 

After hearing his account, Su Xin contemplated for a while and said, "Sir, I've heard of this person. He rose to fame in recent decades and is highly talented. In just thirty-plus years, he rose from the Huang realm to Earth. Since Hongmeng sent him over, I don't think it'll be a simple matter."

"Is that so?" Yang Chen cast a glance at Tang Wan. Noticing that she was chewing on the fruit silent as if nothing had happened, he then said, "They can do as they please. Whatever it is, it'll have to wait till we're done watching Hui Lin's performance and the football match."

Lin Ruoxi, who had been silent the whole time, turned to look at him. "Would that be appropriate? Father and Grandpa are still in China, so are the other Yang clan members."

"Yeah, Yang Chen. Don't go overboard. You're the representative of the Yang clan now." Guo Xuehua was worried too.  

Yang Chen gave a kind smile. "Don't be concerned. Xuan Jizi won't be able to make decisions because Hongmeng sent someone over to speak with me. They requested Father to relay their statements in order for them to appear superior and treat me as an inferior person. They would gain the upper hand by ordering me around. I don't take them seriously, and they have no power over me. If Hongmeng were to harm someone in China, they would be breaking their own rule. As a result, they would make such a stupid and pointless decision."

The ladies nodded, thinking that he made sense. Indeed, there was no need for Hongmeng to shoot themselves in the foot. 

Since Yang Chen had wreaked havoc in the illusionary dimension, Hongmeng must have known that the Luo clan could not do anything to Yang Chen, and thus they would not so foolishly go against him. 

Liu Qingshan sighed. "You're only a few years older than Minghao, yet you've already made your mark in the whole world. You're truly incredible. If only my son is one-tenth as good as you. I would be able to retire…"

Yang Chen snickered. "If you want your son to be successful, put him under my care. I'll have him train at Sea Eagles training base for three years. I guarantee that all the gangs in China will be no match for him. Of course, whether or not he makes it out alive, that solely depends on him."

"Never mind! I've worked hard my whole life to provide a good life for my children. Now that Mingyu is living a blissful life, I don't mind if my son isn't capable as long as he's safe and sound." Liu Qingshan waved his hand in rejection. 

With that, the parents began reminiscing about the hardships of raising their child. 

After lunch, the ladies went off to do different things—rest, cultivate, try on clothes, and play. Cai Yan the daredevil brought Lanlan to play on the speedboat. 

On the other hand, Yang Chen went to Tang Wan's room and knocked on the door. 

"Come in," came Tang Wan's gentle voice. 

Yang Chen pushed the door open and entered the glamorous guest room. Tang Wan was sitting on the Persian carpet. Upon seeing him, she smiled and asked, "Coming over to my room immediately after lunch? Aren't you worried about your wife getting jealous?"

Yang Chen did not reply. He walked before her and stared into her beautiful eyes. Those orbs were so bright and calm yet unreal. 

"What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?" She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist. 

"I should be the one asking you this question. What's wrong? Did something happen? Why are you hiding it from me?" Yang Chen asked. 

Tang Wan was still smiling. "Why did you say that? I'm not hiding anything from you…"

While speaking, she pressed her body against him in a kittenish manner. Her breast rubbed against his, her faint scent wafting into his nose. 

"My lover, why must you bring up this topic when we have such a relaxing afternoon to ourselves?" One of her hands roamed around his waist and down to his crotch. 

To her surprise, the man did not have an erection, though his size was still impressively large. 

This was almost impossible for a lustful man like Yang Chen. 

"I might be one to succumb to my sexual impulses, but when it comes to grave matters, I would still use my brain." Yang Chen pushed her away. Grabbing her shoulders, he looked into her eyes and said, "Your reaction after hearing Xuan Jizi's name was abnormal for a woman like you. Tell me—what is your relationship with him?"

Tang Wan's smile was forced as her heart accelerated uncontrollably. "I was just being careless…"

A hint of fury appeared on his face. He loosened his grip on her shoulders and said, "Fine. If you refuse to tell me, I'll go back to China. Once I find him, I'll kill him!"

Seeing that he was not joking, she quickly grabbed his hand and chided, "What are you doing! I haven't said a single word! Have you lost your mind? You'll only gain a powerful enemy for killing the Hongmeng messenger!"

"Old Tang had expressed his displeasure towards Hongmeng before, saying that they harmed your father. Judging from your reaction, I have reasons to believe that it has something to do with Xuan Jizi. Thus, killing him would not be a wrong decision. Besides, do you think I'll care about gaining one more enemy?" Yang Chen responded, his features furious. 

Tang Wan was stumped for words, surprised that he had thought things so far. After remaining silent for a long time, she let go of his hand and grumbled, "I'll tell you… But you have to promise me not to act recklessly or kill him."

"That depends. If he deserves to die, I'll still kill him." Yang Chen did not budge. 

Tang Wan clenched her jaw, vexed by his stubborn personality. 

Turning around to sit on the bed, she parted her lips to say, "Truthfully, I don't know which part of it is true, but it's about my parents…"