Tang Wan's account began with the letter addressed to her after Tang Zhechen's death. 

If he did not die, she would never see that letter. However, because his and Yan Buwen's plan failed, he knew he could not live on, so he chose to tell her the secrets between the Tang clan and Hongmeng. 

In the beginning, as the clan responsible for providing goods from the mundane world to Hongmeng, every head and heir of the clan would interact with the messenger. 

Tang Wan's father, the eldest son of the clan, Tang Lun, was groomed as the heir because of the talent he displayed at a young age. Naturally, he knew the messenger at an early age. 

At that time, the Hongmeng messenger was Xuan Jizi, a cultivator in the Huang realm. 

According to the protocol, the messenger would relay the needs of the illusionary dimension to the Tang clan, who would then arrange everything, let the messenger check it before the goods were sent to the illusionary dimension. 

As it was a professional relationship, they should not be interacting outside of work. 

However, upon meeting Tang Zhechen and Tang Lun a few times, Xuan Jizi, through his divine sense, discovered a woman with a pure Yin body in the Tang clan. 

Unlike Xiao Zhiqing's Nine Yin Meridian that would harm her body, women with a pure Yin body were born to be cultivators. Due to the purity of the Yin energy within their meridians, their bodies would inadvertently attract and absorb pure Yin energy since birth. 

However, after receiving Yang energy through sexual intercourse, the pure Yin energy accumulated in their bodies since young would deplete rapidly, especially after giving birth. 

That was why most of the women would choose to abstain from sexual intercourse lest it affect their cultivation.

This woman was Tang Wan's mother. Despite having given birth to Tang Wan and being pregnant with Tang Jue, Xuan Jizi discovered that her body still contained a large amount of pure Yin energy. 

At that, a wicked idea formed in his mind. As he was still in the Soul Forming stage, the pure Yin energy would help him advance into the Tribulation Passing stage. 

Knowing that he would lose the opportunity after returning to Hongmeng, he had to act decisively. 

Besides, he did not have much time left. If he acted after Tang Wan's mother gave birth to Tang Jue, there would not be much Yin energy left within her. 

Normally, Hongmeng's cultivators would not harbor such malicious intent. First of all, they were mostly benevolent. Secondly, they were not courageous, and lastly, they would have the means to extract the pure Yin energy. 

Unfortunately, Xuan Jizi was daring and also knew a technique to extract Yin and Yang energies. However, as it was too wicked, he would be condemned by righteous cultivators if word got out. Therefore, he could only cultivate the technique in secret. 

Due to the time constraint, he sneaked into the Tang residence on the night when Tang Lun was not home and took advantage of Tang Wan's mother. 

He threatened her to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to save her baby. 

The pitiful woman only wanted to protect her child, so she dared not resist the stranger who showed up out of nowhere. 

Just like that, Xuan Jizi visited the Tang residence for two months. After dozens of sessions, he finally extracted all of the pure Yin energy within Tang Wan's mother body. 

Devastated, Tang Wan's mother had a difficult labor and almost died with her son. 

At that time, Xuan Jizi had left for Hongmeng, and another Huang cultivator took over his position. 

Before leaving, he threatened Tang Wan's mother to keep it a secret as it would not bode well for the Tang clan if she revealed the truth. After all, the Tang clan served Hongmeng. Thus, the best solution was to pretend that it never happened. 

That threat worked well. Since Xuan Jizi appeared and disappeared without a trace, the innocent woman felt that the Tang clan could not compete with him. After all, she was not the patriarch or the heir, so she did not know about Hongmeng. 

For her family, Tang Wan kept her grievances deeply hidden with her, but Tang Lun was not a fool. He soon realized something was wrong when she acted weirdly and talked in her sleep. 

If it was before, her actions could still be attributed to her pregnancy, but since giving birth, she had been restless and feared spending the night with him. 

Finally, on a rainy night, Tang Wan's mother could no longer contain the pain and told Tang Lun the whole thing with his coaxing. She cried and pleaded for his forgiveness.  

When Tang Lun heard the whole thing, he was shocked as if he was struck by lightning. 

The initial shock he felt changed to disbelief, rage, helplessness, devastation, and heartache. 

Indeed, as Xuan Jizi had said, the Tang clan was just a normal clan in the mundane world. Though they might be one of the four major clans, without their connection with Hongmeng, they were nothing compared to the Ning, Yang, and Li clans. 

The fact that his wife was assaulted while being pregnant made the proud Tang Lun feel as if his world had crumbled. 

In actuality, he did not blame his wife. However, as he could not take revenge on Xuan Jizi, the pent-up hatred soon made him lose his sanity. 

Seeing that his son and daughter-in-law were behaving differently from before, Tang Zhechen was worried but could find out the truth. 

In the end, unable to stand the torture anymore, Tang Lun killed his wife and himself. 

The whole matter was written in Tang Lun's will, but he did not give it to his father. Probably, although he did intend to end his own life, he was unwilling to die without avenging his wife. Despite hesitating, he still broke down and lost his sanity. 

After learning the truth, Tang Zhechen changed utterly, thus colluding with Yan Buwen to take revenge on Hongmeng. 

Of course, he did not know why Xuan Jizi sexually assaulted his daughter-in-law. 

Regardless, it was the truth that Xuan Jizi destroyed his son and daughter-in-law, his grandchildren's childhood, and his clan. 


Tang Wan's eyes were misty when she finished the story. 

"I learned about all these from Grandpa's will, but I never knew if it was true since he had lied to us many times… Moreover, Hongmeng is too large, and I know I don't have the power to verify the whole incident. I also don't want you to do anything reckless for my sake. I-I just never thought of hearing Xuan Jizi's name today, so… I couldn't control myself…"

Although her tone was flat, he could still feel the turmoil of emotions within her.  

In truth, she believed Tang Zhechen was telling the truth, but the other party's identity was too special, so she had to keep everything bottled. 

No ordinary child could let such a grudge slide. 

Even as Tang Wan's man, Yang Chen was filled with murderous intent. 

"If I'm not mistaken, your mother must have a special physique that attracted Xuan Jizi. He must have used such a despicable method to boost his cultivation." He quickly made an accurate guess. 

"Maybe…" Tang Wan smiled as she wiped the corner of her eyes. "Now that I've told you all of this, I'm feeling much better... I've been debating whether or not to tell you about it. Now that I have, I don't want you to act rashly and cause difficulties for everyone because of me. It does not appeal to me."

"Don't worry. As I have said, everything will have to wait till the vacation is over. Since Hongmeng sent Xuan Jizi to talk to me, I doubt they would give up so soon. I'll know what to do when I meet him," Yang Chen consoled while smiling, though, in his mind, he had already planned on killing the man he had never met.

Only after cheering Tang Wan up did Yang Chen leave the room. 

Feeling frustrated, he decided to walk on the deck and take a breather. 

When he arrived, he found Lin Ruoxi drinking tea under a parasol. 

As if she had expected his arrival, the woman pointed at the other seat and cup of tea. "Sit down. Is Tang Wan all right?"