After checking that no one was around, Yang Chen smiled and sat down. He took a sip of the bittersweet tea and asked, "Why are you suddenly so concerned about Tang Wan? I remember that you don't like her."

"That's what you think. As a woman, I think she's quite nice." Lin Ruoxi turned to look at the city as she replied. Her voice was so soft that it seemed like she was mumbling to herself. 

He stared at her silently for a while before parting his lips to remark, "Ruoxi, you've changed a lot recently. I can't get used to it.."


"I never thought you would get along with them so well. Although it's what I've always hoped to happen, you changed so quickly that I can't help but feel there's something wrong." Yang Chen chuckled wryly. "You might think I'm hard to please. It's a good thing, yet I'm grumbling."

With a half-smile on her face, she asked, "Are you scared?"

Yang Chen was stunned and did not know how to respond. Nonetheless, her query had hit a nerve. 

"You realize things are different from what you imagined, so you fear the unknown future. You think you can't seem to understand me anymore, but you don't want me to think that you're overly suspicious. That's why you're talking to me in a leisurely manner." A smile lifted the corners of her lips. 

Feeling guilty, Yang Chen forced a laugh. "Anyhow, it's a good thing. It's fine if you don't want to tell me the reason. I was worried that you wouldn't want to live with them. Now that I see you're willing to shop and eat with them, I'm grateful towards you."

Lin Ruoxi looked at him deeply. "Truthfully… I just don't know when days like these can last, and I want to have a more calm and carefree life. What if everything changed someday? Wouldn't it be a pity if all I could reminisce about is our fights?"

"Why are you saying that suddenly?" Yang Chen's smile was forced, his eyelashes trembling. 

She did not answer and instead headed to the stairs. "I'm going to accompany Mom. If you're free, go look for Lanlan and Yanyan. I don't want them to cause trouble like yesterday when they intruded on someone else's yacht, and those people thought they were assassins."

A sigh escaped him. "All right, I get it, dear."

Soon came the next day, the day of the UEFA Champions League. Yang Chen brought his family to the VIP room he booked in Wembley Stadium. 

Although most of them were there to watch Hui Lin's performance instead of the football match, they still would enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

As the host, Katherine welcomed them cordially. It was her first time meeting Guo Xuehua, and she discreetly interacted with her as if they were of the same seniority. 

In the middle, she even sneaked a few proud glances at Yang Chen, which amused him. 

Before the football match began, a performance was scheduled to liven up the mood. Under the spotlights, Hui Lin appeared, clad in sportswear, something she rarely wore. 

With her elegant bearing and beautiful appearance, she shone brightly on the screen.  

Hui Lin was no longer the inexorable girl she once was. Using the aura of a mighty global superstar, she caught the breaths of everyone present. 

Because she was supposed to sing a majestic English song that differed from her usual ones, she had been practicing nonstop. 

Fortunately, she had a wide vocal range, so her singing was surprisingly remarkable and unique, taking all the football fans by surprise.  

Amidst the thundering cheers, Hui Lin left, and the football match began officially. 

Once the performance was over, she hurried to the VIP room. Expectedly, they showered her with praises, and she accepted them bashfully, unlike the confident look she displayed on stage. 

"Our superstar is becoming more and more popular now. I bet she's earning buckets for President Lin's entertainment company," Cai Yan teased. 

"No, my income is nothing compared to her other businesses." Hui Lin shook her, acting rather reserved around Lin Ruoxi. She wished the latter would acknowledge her efforts. 

Lin Ruoxi nodded at her. "Impressive performance."

A look of joy appeared on Hui Lin's face as sighed a breath of relief. She initially thought Lin Ruoxi would ignore her.  

Soon after, everyone took their seats and chatted as they watched the football match. 

In this round of competition, a football team of Scotland's Premier League would be playing against the team from Spain's La Liga. The Premier League received a lot of support. 

The ladies in the room did not particularly support a team, except for Jane and Katherine who supported the Scotland team because they were from Wales. 

Therefore, other than the excited Lanlan, the rest did not pay much attention to the football match. 

The little girl had never seen football and thought it was so tiring to chase after a ball on the field. Unable to contain her curiosity, she asked a lot of funny questions. For example, "Why can't they bear the other team up?", "Why are they so weak that they can only kick the ball that far?", and "Why are they running so slow?"

Hugging her daughter, Lin Ruoxi answered all the questions patiently, though Lanlan still seemed clueless. 

Soon, it was half-time. 

At that moment, a group of formally dressed people came into the room.  

Yang Chen, who was drinking a can of beer, frowned and turned to look at the door. 

The bodyguards did not intend to stop the bigwigs. A couple of Caucasian men accompanied a Chinese man into the room. 

Astonishment colored the ladies' faces when they recognized the Chinese man to be Ning Guangyao. 

Lin Ruoxi cast a glance at Yang Chen, indicating that she did not know about his arrival.  

Katherine stood up. "Callum, Boris, I'm sure you could've gotten a private room of your own to watch the match."

"My apologies, Your Majesty." The Caucasian man in the lead was the current prime minister of the United Kingdom, Callum. Smiling, he explained, "It's because our friend from China, Premier Ning had just attended a function and wished to meet everyone, especially Mr. Yang…"

Callum knew Yang Chen's background and the relationship between Lin Ruoxi and Ning Guangyao. The Security Service of the United Kingdom was not for show. 

However, he was unaware of the true purpose behind Ning Guangyao's trip. Since the matter involved Yang Chen, he had to be cautious not to overstep the boundaries. 

"You sure are influential, Premier Ning, coming to London and finding us immediately," Katherine mocked. She knew Ning Guangyao a little. Despite never meeting him, she looked down on him. 

"I'd heard a lot about the Queen of Wales, but I didn't expect to see her here. You're every bit as impressive as everyone says. As China's representative, I came here to attend an urgent international meeting. It's about the strange weather that's been occurring all around the world. And since I heard my daughter and her husband were here, I decided to visit them "Ning Guangyao smiled as he continued.

His explanation was perfect, and it made him seem close to Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen. 

After he spoke, the sensible prime minister and the mayor of London soon excused themselves from the room. 

Once they were gone, Yang Chen spoke up. "If you're here to make me meet the patriarch of your clan, you can leave now. I'm not interested in meeting him. If he wishes to see me, he should come over here himself."

The smile on Ning Guangyao's face faded as he sighed. "Yang Chen, must you be so unceremonious towards me? I might have made some mistakes in the past, but we don't have a deep grudge between us. Besides, I only did those things so that you and Ruoxi can live happily together."

While speaking, he shot a pleading look at Lin Ruoxi, who ignored his gaze by looking at the football field.  

Yang Chen snickered. "You wouldn't have been still alive if it weren't for your relationship with Ruoxi. Now, cut to the chase."

Ning Guangyao was stumped for words as fury raged between him. No matter how displeased he was to be ignored, mocked, and treated as a dogsbody, he could only contain himself. 

"Fine, I'll be frank then. The patriarch would like to discuss some matters with you. If you refuse to go to the illusionary dimension or return to China, he's willing to talk to you via video call. He has a very important message for you. If you refuse to listen, you'll regret it sooner or later."