Hearing his words, the elders realized that the actual heavenly lightning was yet to strike. They were concerned about losing a talented employee. After all, the Taishang elders may not be able to enter the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation at all. Ning Ruozhu may be the only one capable of defeating Luo Qianqiu.

A moment later, the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation began to show its wrath. A bolt of heavenly lightning which took the form of a purple-blue scaled dragon slithered and fell on the region where Ning Ruozhu cultivated. 


The deafening sound and terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy intimidated the other cultivators so much that they took a few steps back. Those with weaker cultivation even conjured a True Yuan shield to protect themselves. 

Before them, a purple-blue fire blazed brightly which made it feel like they were in a different world. 

"T-This is too terrifying!" Ruozhu does not have any defensive artifacts with her. "Will she be able to handle it!" Ning Zhenggang exclaimed.

Ning Zhengchun gulped, his face pale. "It's difficult to say... We can't even get within thirty feet of the heavenly lightning without losing our soul. Can she handle it?"

Everyone else was engaged in a fierce discussion. Some of the elders were regretting not sending some defense-type artifact over to Ning Ruozhu. 

Ning Zhengfeng remained quiet, but there was a wicked glint in his eyes as if he was anticipating something. 

Soon, the second bolt of heavenly lightning struck. 

A purple-blue Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning far stronger than before crushed a huge area of buildings in the Ning residence. Even a large crater was formed. 

When the heavenly lightning struck, a golden glow shone from the ground. 

Some saw it but did not notice anything odd from it. 

However, some elites could sense that Ning Ruozhu’s True Yuan did not diminish, as though the heavenly lightning did not deal much damage to her. 

That made the others wonder how she managed to do so. 

Finally, the last and most terrifying Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning crackled as it struck down. 

The ear-splitting sound shocked everyone. 

The golden light appeared again and was covered by the heavenly lightning. 

The dark clouds did not disperse for a long time. The sky was clear once more, but a burnt smell filled the air. During the lightning strikes, some of the metal frames of the buildings melted.

The thousands of cultivators stared at the large crater expectantly. 

“Ruozhu!?” Ning Zhengfeng yelled. 

At the same time, a green figure holding a giant bow appeared before everyone. 

Her long hair was untied, and it flowed along with the breeze. Even that failed to conceal her ethereal beauty—sparkling eyes, oval-shaped face, and fair skin. 

Her green dress fluttered in the wind, which revealed a pair of feet as white as snow. 

Though she did not look frosty or glamorous, she carried an air of loftiness. The smile on her lips did not seem to look more amiable. 

Other than that, the thing that attracted their attention the most was the giant bow. 

Standing at almost the same height as her, the dark red bow exuded the sense of antiquity. On it was a mass of intricate inscriptions and rare beasts. No matter how one looked at it, it was a piece of artwork. 

However, the giant bow did not have a string. 

Although Ning Ruozhu did not deliberately unleash her True Yuan, they could tell it was nothing like that of the Ruo Water stage. Indeed, she had successfully endured the power of the heavenly lightning and thus achieved ascension. 

“Congratulations! From now on, you’re on a greater path in cultivation. No one can beat you in the illusionary dimension!” Ning Zhengchun was the first to approach her. Smiling, he buttered her up and completely disregarded Luo Qianqiu and Yang Chen. 

Ning Zhengfeng appeared to be delighted as well. “Congratulations. I was really worried about you just now, but fortunately, you braced through it safely thanks to your profound cultivation.” 

In his mind, he wondered, Why did she get through the tribulation so easily? She looks completely fine!

Ning Ruozhu grunted nonchalantly. After tucking her hair behind her hair in a graceful motion, she replied, “If you’re congratulating me sincerely, then I’ll accept it.”

Her piercing gaze intimidated Ning Zhengfeng a little, but he still maintained his smile. 

“You really are good at telling jokes. I wouldn't envy my younger sister’s achievement, would I? You’re belittling me.” He chuckled. “We’ll have to hold a proper celebration tonight. With you around, Luo Qianqiu would not dare to be smug.”

Cheers erupted in the Ning clan as they were all in high spirits. The air of melancholy that surrounded them after being subdued by the Luo clan finally dispersed.  

However, Ning Ruozhu did not have much of a reaction as if she was not the one who had a breakthrough. 

Keeping the bow into her space ring, she mumbled to herself, “Luo Qianqiu? He’s nowhere near a threat…”


At the same time, Yang Chen and the rest were done watching the football match. Not interested in watching the award ceremony, they decided to return to the yacht. 

Ning Guangyao did not appear again, for he did come to London to attend an urgent international meeting. 

The issue regarding the drop in global temperature raised concerns in countries all over the world. At least twenty ambassadors brought their experts over to London to discuss and develop a solution. 

The reason they chose to come to London was because of Jane. 

After the match, Jane departed from Yang Chen and the others, heading to the meeting as the expert representing the British royalty. 

However, as mentioned before, she had not collected enough data hence was only there to put in her two cents. There was no way a conclusion could be drawn from the meeting. 

Yang Chen and the others boarded the yacht and were preparing to head to the Mediterranean Sea when he received a call from Yang Gongming. 

“Brat, could you stop being so stubborn?” the old man grumbled. 

Yang Chen was stunned. “Speak clearly.”

“Why did you refuse to meet the Hongmeng messenger? At least talk to him. Because of you, he came to our place. How am I supposed to deal with him alone?”

“Xuan Jizi went to our place?” Yang Chen’s eyes gleamed coldly. 

This man is so relentless. He even went to look for Grandpa just to meet me.

Frowning, he asked, “How did he manage to do so? Isn’t First in Beijing? Why didn’t he do anything about it?”

“When was First ever related to Hongmeng? He’s not someone you can make assumptions about.”

Yang Chen was taken aback. He’s right. First never told me he’s associated with Hongmeng, only the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. 

“The messenger is furious, and he said he would report to the Taishang elders on Sky Island. I’m too old for this. Come back soon. You caused this trouble, so deal with it yourself,” Yang Gongming demanded and hung up. 

Yang Chen put his phone away and told the ladies about the situation and his plan to return to Beijing. 

The ladies were understanding since Yang Chen had accompanied them for a long time. Besides, it would not be nice to trouble those in China.

When his gaze landed on Tang Wan, Yang Chen hesitated before asking, “Xiao Wan, I can bring you to meet that guy, but if you don’t want to… it’s fine.”

Tang Wan clenched her fists and smiled at him. “Of course, I have to go. I’ve thought things through. We have no way out of this. If I don’t face the enemy who caused the death of my parents, how can I be worthy of staying by your side?”

Yang Chen smiled. He then carried her and flew back to Beijing. 

In a few minutes, they landed in the backyard of the Yang residence. Out of respect towards their guest, Yang Gongming had the guards retire from the backyard. 

The old man sat on the stone garden table alone, waiting for Yang Chen’s arrival silently with three oddly dressed men.