Tang Wan bit her lip and stared intently at the half-dead Xuan Jizi. Pain fleeted across her eyes as she struggled to make a decision. 

On the other hand, Ling Xuzi and Absolute Sword Taoists had a frown on their faces. They never expected things to progress in such a way. Although Xuan Jizi was too insolent and that the order from Sky Island was over the top, they still thought that Yang Chen was too daring. 

He’s actually planning to fight against five enemies—the three major hidden clans, the hidden force of the Meng clan, and Hongmeng—by himself? That would be more than ten thousand cultivators, unlike soldiers in the mundane world! Is he arrogant, crazy, or insane?

Ling Xuzi could not fathom it. He felt like the young man whom he once thought to be immature had grown so much. 

As for Absolute Sword Taoist, he was apprehensive, worried that Yang Chen would kill him in a fit of fury. If he does, I won’t be able to resist, let alone flee. 

A long time passed, yet Tang Wan did not make a move. Seeing that, Yang Chen frowned and said, “Lil'Wan, if you don’t want to dirty your hand, I can just break him into pieces.”

Xuan Jizi almost fainted from fear when he heard that. 

“It’s fine.” Tang Wan suddenly looked up and sneered. “Leave him like that. Killing him to avenge my parents is too much of an easy way out for him. Since his dantian and meridians could no longer gather any True Qi, he’ll be a worthless man, worse than a beggar in the mundane world. Instead of killing him, let him suffer in the world. He’ll get to have a taste of how it feels like to fall from the heavens and into hell.”

“Eh, that’s a good idea.” Yang Chen chortled. 

He then turned to face Ling Xuzi and Absolute Sword Taoist. “Go back now, you two. Relay my message to the elders of Hongmeng. If they want my artifact and spiritual pills, come and snatch them from me, just like what the mad dogs in the hidden clans did! When it comes to cultivators of our level, there’s no need to play by the rules of the mundane world. Doing so will only make me look down on them. The strongest one rules. And the one who lives last will be the rule!”

Having said that, he grabbed Xuan Jizi and strode out of the backyard. 

“Yang Chen!” Ling Xuzi blocked his way in a flash. “Are you really planning on waging war against Hongmeng? This isn’t a game! The mundane world and the illusionary dimension would be in havoc!” He sounded extremely worried. 

“I’m quite fond of you because you don’t have the haughtiness and that you don’t have malice towards me. If you hadn’t come over today, I would’ve killed all three people.” Yang Chen smiled. “That is why I’m grateful for your concern. But, please move away.”

A bitter smile crept up Ling Xuzi’s face. Are you pulling my leg? Saying that you like me in front of Absolute Sword Taoist. I might be targeted when we return to Hongmeng.

Nonetheless, he knew he could not stop Yang Chen even if he wanted to. Left with no choice, he glanced at Xuan Jizi and met the latter’s pleading gaze before stepping aside. 

After walking out of the backyard, Yang Chen ordered the guards to toss Xuan Jizi at the most bustling commercial areas and have him taste the cruelty of society. 

As Hongmeng would not want a worthless being, Ling Xuzi and Absolute Sword Taoists would not bring him back. 

Tang Wan had no objections to Yang Chen’s decision. After all, as a woman in her forties, she was far more mature than the young ladies. 

With Xuan Jizi’s downfall, she soon let go of the grudge and did not dwell on the traumatic past. 

Once Ling Xuzi and Absolute Sword Taoist had left, Yang Chen went to the courtyard and found his grandfather working in the garden.

“Is everything settled?” Yang Gongming asked as he looked at the slightly wilted plants with a troubled expression. 

Yang Chen nodded and recounted the whole event. 

“Heh, that’s a huge commotion.” Yang Gongming smiled and did not say anything else. 

Nonplussed, Yang Chen frowned and asked, “Old man, is that all you have to say?”

Yang Gongming pondered over it. “What else should I say? Oh, I wonder what has been going on recently. My tomatoes and zucchini are ruined because of the low temperature. Ah, this goddamned weather. I’ve never experienced such a strange situation in my lifetime…”

Touching his forehead, Yang Chen thought his grandfather was getting better at pretending, so he went straight to the point. “Hey, once Hongmeng receives my message, I don’t think I’ll be able to stay in China anymore. Do you want to go overseas with me? I don’t mind if you want to bring some other people along.”

Yang Gongming turned around and looked at him smilingly. “Overseas? Why?”

“Isn’t that obvious? I don’t want them to threaten me using you.”

“I’ve extricated myself with all the affairs regarding the hidden clans, Hongmeng, and the Meng clan. That’s a fight between you and them. They didn’t declare the Yang clan as their enemy nor have they attacked us,” Yang Gongming replied. 

“That’s the past. Who knows if they’ll be desperate,” Yang Chen said seriously. 

Yang Gongming shook his head and said calmly, “Even so, I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay here.”

“Why would you do that? It’s not the time for you to play the hero.” Yang Chen was puzzled. 

“I’m still the patriarch of the Yang clan till the day I hand the clan over to you. Your great-grandfather entrusted me with this residence, and the thousands of lives in our clan. If I flee, what would they think of me? The more precarious the situation is, the more I should stay here. I can’t let them down. As for your survival, it doesn’t matter. After all, it’s not like we’ve never lost an heir. I’ve long come to terms with it.” 

Having said that, Yang Gongming continued to tend to his garden. 

Yang Chen wanted to berate him for being stubborn, but at the same time, he felt that Yang Gongming would not have made such a decision unless he was a hundred percent confident. 

Until then, Hongmeng and the hidden clans had not done anything to the Yang clan, only to him and his ladies. Thus, Yang Chen believed there must be more than met the eye. 

Since Yang Gongming was insistent, Yang Chen did not persuade him anymore. After looking for Tang Wan, he prepared to bring her back to the Mediterranean Sea. 

However, the woman missed Tangtang and wanted to reunite with her, so she requested to head back to the Tang residence. 

Naturally, Yang Chen had no objections. Tang Wan could return to the island through a private jet whenever she wanted. 

To his surprise, just as he readied himself to leave, his phone buzzed. It was a message from Hannya!

“Master, an odd group of people came to ask about your whereabouts. Hanzhong Meng residence.”

Yang Chen grinned. They went over as expected. Even though it’s later than the time I’ve anticipated, it’s still better than having them arrive before I go to the illusionary dimension. 

Having learned that the force behind the Meng clan might be an organization called Honghuang Sect, he grew excited to meet them. 

Before leaving for the Meng residence in Hanzhong, he greeted Tang Wan goodbye. 

At that moment, Hannya was standing in the middle of the hall located at the back of the Meng residence. It was a place used to receive guests. Standing before her were a few Meng clan members who she had never met.  

Hannya had replaced the core members of the Meng clan with Jounins of the Yamata Sect. Besides, she was also very familiar with Meng Yue’s character, which was why she put on the latter’s usual nervous countenance, not daring to sit. 

With the Blinding Leaf, Yang Chen hovered in the air. The elders could not sense his presence, but he could tell how many people were inside the hall. 

There were a total of seven old and young people, two women, and five males, all dressed in black robes. The one with the highest cultivation was in the initial phase of the Ruo Water stage, with two being in the middle phase of the Ming Water stage, two in the Ye Fire stage, and the last two in the Kui Water stage. 

“You’re the current head of the Meng clan in the mundane world, Meng Yue?” An elderly man spoke. His hair and beard were white, and he wore a jade hairband on his forehead. He was the one with the highest cultivation amongst the seven people. 

Hannya nodded and answered timidly, “Yes, I was recently pushed to take the helm, so I’m not sure how I should address you guys…”

"It's fine because even your grandfather, Meng Kaiyuan, wouldn't recognise us." The old man's face was serene. "Hello, my name is Meng Daozhang. I'm a member of the main branch. Elders Li Xun and Chen Yijin, as well as four cultivators, joined me. We've come to see what's going on because we haven't heard anything about convicting the thief who stole our treasure. The fact that the clan's leader has changed goes above and beyond our expectations."