In her heart, Hannya didn't know what to do or how to respond. She simply thought of a way to postpone time after secretly sending Yang Chen a message.

Hannya's phone rang just as she was about to say something, and when she picked it up, she saw that Yang Chen had sent an English text message.

"Find a way to obtain more information and gain a better understanding of the Meng family's history."

Yang Chen used English because he was concerned that these guys could see the words above with their sharp eyes. Even if they saw it, these reclusive old antiques should not be able to understand."

Hannya was aware that Yang Chen had arrived, and he was adamant. He apologized to Meng Daozhang and the others, saying, "I see, elder, please forgive me. Yue'Er, too, wishes to inform the family as soon as possible, but it's a shame that Grandfather, the Guardian Elder, and others died so suddenly, and Yue'er didn't know how to contact the clan, so..."

The elder responded by saying, "Don't blame yourself; we all know how difficult it is for you. You managed to take care of the Meng family well in such a short period of time; if everything is in order, the patriarch will be pleased."

Hannya gratefully nodded "Elder, please forgive Yue'er for her abruptness; could you please tell Yue'er the true history of my Meng family? So that Yue'er will have a clearer path to be able to do her best for the clan in the future?"

"Because you have become the only option for being the family patriarch, you are naturally qualified to know the true origins of my Meng family." Meng Daozhang sighed and said, "Initially, the head of the Meng family of successive secular families does not require a great deal of knowledge. Your grandfather, Meng Kaiyuan, knows very little about it... However, the situation is changing, and it is difficult to predict what will happen next. The family believes that the secular Meng family should have greater access to information. This time, they're letting me tell you everything."

Yang Chen, who was eavesdropping in the air, was happy. This is convenient for him to obtain information.

What Yang Chen never expected was that when he heard Meng Daozhang talking about the history of the Meng family, Yang Chen was also shocked...

Their history should be traced back to more than 50,000 years ago...

At that time, it was a long time before the gods came to the earth from Mars.

After the ancient immortal era hundreds or thousands of years ago, the earth's civilization reached a new peak.

Although it was not like in the past when there were many super masters of Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation and above, masters of Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation were also in the majority.

Along with those ancient beasts and divine beasts, they vanished along with the ancient immortals, leaving not only humans but other races at a relatively low level with enough room for development.

Consider the demon clan.

The variety of demon clans could be compared to the stars in the sky. There were only a few demonic cultivators who had gained access to spiritual wisdom.

However, because the demon clan's reproductive ability was far superior to that of humans, the total number of demon cultivators was far greater than that of humans.

Among them, the Qingqiu Fox Clan, and the Dragon Clan were the two strongest demon clans. The Fox Clan was superior in terms of wisdom and magic tricks whilst the Dragon Clan was superior for their inborn super combat prowess and their body of a King Kong.

Of course, human beings were not too far behind, inheriting the immemorial immortals the mantle handed down, many cultivators had Tai Qing, Shang Qing, and even Yu Qing-level cultivation. It was not uncommon for some super masters to hold two or three immortal artifacts.

However, some of them are not satisfied with just Yu Qing, they believed that the reason why the immortals were gone was that they have entered a higher level, that was, the legendary immortal world...

It's just that they have had faults in their civilization because of their long history, and they have not found new methods of promotion again…

Through the cultivation of the demon cultivator, the cultivators who liked to open up among the human beings discovered that the demon cultivator did not care about the so-called demons, neither did they care about the devil, how magical.

As such, the communication with the demon clan revealed a new way of cultivation. While cultivating oneself, cultivating inner demons, rather than abandoning and suppressing inner demons.

In the end, the line of devil cultivation was born!

The cultivators who thought they were orthodox human beings, sneered at the devil cultivators at first, but gradually, they discovered the seriousness of the problem!

First, the combat power of devil cultivators was generally greater than that of orthodox cultivators of the same level, because the demon-possessed body was equivalent to doubling the battle. It was even more powerful because it acted on the instinct to fight.

Second, the practice of magic was not guaranteed to be risk-free. Some cultivators had extremely high cultivation, but there was a problem with inner demon cultivation. Humans were greatly harmed by ruthless monsters.

Finally, it was also what humans were most concerned about. The devil cultivator was very close to the demon cultivator because it came from communication with the demon cultivator. If these people were assimilated by the demon cultivator and turned against them, it would cause severe damage to the cultivation's orthodox world and even cause the human population to decline...

In fact, this kind of worry was not superfluous, and many masters of demon cultivators thought so.

By transforming humans into devil cultivators and twisting the relationship between orthodox cultivators and the demon clan, they can divide the humans and eventually overpower them...

This was neither good nor bad.

Humans and demons, to put it bluntly, were two species. Humans wanted to kill demons to sacrifice and refine magic weapons and medicines, while demons wanted to eat people and suck essence, or even simply fill their stomachs.

Natural selection was the most primitive principle, but the two parties were not only fighting for courage but also wits.

The flames of war began to ignite without knowing it. The orthodox human cultivators and the demon cultivators and demon clans who had not yet truly formed could be said to be shattered.

This war was fought for nearly a hundred years before it completely subsided.

The orthodox human cultivators ultimately prevailed, despite the struggle. But, in the end, they discovered the 'Ten Thousand Demon Realm,' which had been left by the ancient immortals hundreds of thousands of years before!

Nobody knew who found it first. The human cultivators were invincible after the appearance of the Demon Lock Tower, which was connected to the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, and sent the masters of the demon cultivator into the Ten Thousand Demon Realm one by one.

The worst offenders were the demon cultivators. Their forefathers were subdued because they were unable to fight the ancient immortals at the time. They did not lose to humans from the same era, but to ancient immortals hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Of course, all of the demon cultivators couldn't be sucked in at the same time. The demon cultivators withered away after some strong people left, and they were all a group of weak people. Some orthodox cultivators believed that it was unnecessary to kill them all...

The descendants of these demon cultivators and devil cultivators were placed in an area called the Great Desolate Realm, located in today's Tianshan Mountains.

It was similar to Hongmeng's Illusion Realm, which was left by the ancient immortals, but it was relatively much smaller, about one-third of the Illusion Realm, but it was enough for these people to survive.

Gradually, demon cultivators and devil cultivators also faded out of the stage of history.

However, times were changing. The orthodox cultivators of mankind, after ignoring the descendants of these demons and devils, slowly began to wither their talents, the old died of old age, and some died in the battle…

Demon cultivators and devil cultivators slowly recovered their vitality. The Great Desolate Gate was established, and the interior was divided into Demon Gate and Devil Gate.

The Dragon clan of the demon gate had been completely lost, so the host was the Qingqiu demon fox lineage, and the devil gate was headed by the Meng family, only because the Meng family was the most powerful, and the ancestors had produced many amazing super demons.

However, even after tens of thousands of years, the Great Desolate Gate was not enough to defeat the orthodox human cultivators.

First, the strong blood of the demon clan was insufficient, and the Dragon clan lacked. Second, the demon cultivator's cultivation method was difficult for those who remained, and the environment was not comparable to 50,000 years ago. As a result, there weren't many Demon Sect members who could cultivate inner demons.

Even so, it was still convenient for them to act in the world as human demonic cultivators.

In the battle of the gods 20,000 years ago, the Great Desolate Gate who did not participate found an opportunity. They found that the orthodox cultivators, that was, the later Hongmeng, had greatly reduced their strength, and they no longer needed to be particularly afraid.

So it was decided that the Meng family was the leader of the demonic cultivators, and began to operate forces in the secular world to deliver some supplies to the Honghuangmen, just as Hongmeng used to let the Tang family deliver supplies.

Hongmeng initially discovered that there was movement in Great Desolate Gate, and there were indeed bad relations, but later they found out that they were nothing too different, even if Hongmeng was stronger, they didn't have a bloody enmity with each other.

In the end, Hongmeng didn't pay much attention to the Meng family established in the secular world by the Great Desolate Gate, and they also endured silently, cooperating with the rulers of Huaxia's previous dynasties, and there was no overstepping.

Because the two had existed for thousands of years with almost no intersection, most people in the Illusion Realm were unaware of the existence of the Great Desolate Gate, the demon cultivator, and the devil cultivator.