Hearing this series of historical facts, Yang Chen couldn't help being stunned.

In the illusion, Zi Mo once informed himself that the Ten Thousand Demon Realm was considerably older than Hongmeng, which was correct, but in terms of time, the demon cultivator entered during the period of the ancient immortals, but the devil cultivator entered 50,000 years ago.

The history of human cultivators was too long. There were probably too many dusty histories in between, and the truth could no longer be seen.

However, after roughly understanding it, Yang Chen still sighed that compared to those ancient cultivators who were like bright stars, he was too small...

But then again, thinking about it this way, the Great Desolate Gate didn’t seem to be necessarily an enemy.

This was because, in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, Yang Chen had received the great favor of Yu Xuening, Song Tianxing, and Zi Xiao, the devil emperor, were good friends. Logically speaking, he had good dealings with the seniors and even ancestors of those people in the Great Desolate Gate.

It would be too unkind to be favored by Yu Xuening and kill her clan.

Hannya was also stunned when she heard it, but fortunately, Meng Daozhang knew she would be shocked, so he didn't care when she came back to her senses.

"Thanks...Thank you elder for telling me...Yue'er is frightened..." Hannya gulped.

With a cold light in his eyes, Meng Daozhang waved his hand indifferently "So, while the secular Meng family has harmed many people this time, it is not a major issue for our Meng family. Our devil cultivators are not those Hongmeng cultivators who claim to be orthodox but are only interested in fame. They are unforgivable; the most important thing right now is to locate the villain named Yang Chen and the spiritual treasure of my clan that he possesses!"

Hannya was very clever, and asked, "Elder, what is the use of the clan’s spiritual treasure? Will there be any bad consequences if it is taken away?"

Meng Daozhang paused briefly before responding, "It's okay to tell you that the people of our Great Desolate Gate only knew that this spiritual treasure was linked to our clan's revival as well as the Gate's survival. But... the ancestors never told us what it was for, and we have no idea what the true name of this spiritual treasure is."


Not only was Hannya surprised, Yang Chen, who heard this in the air, was dumbfounded.

Even the Meng family didn’t know what the use of that thing was. Obviously, that’s the case as even he couldn't detect what this black thing was with his current cultivation level.

Meng Daozhang continued, "But one thing is certain, that spiritual treasure is the treasure left by a gifted devil cultivator from our ancestors. The reason why it was placed in the secular Meng Family was that this spiritual treasure could bless the development of the Meng family. Nothing major happened for thousands of years since then and it has been protecting the Meng family to grow and develop. But I didn't expect that there would be such a villain as Yang Chen that dared to steal our family treasure, how evil!”

Several people in the Meng family were sullen, obviously, for them, this treasure had a different meaning.

What the ancestors conveyed was that this spiritual treasure was the key to revival. Although it had never been truly revived for tens of thousands of years, it was undoubtedly spiritual sustenance.

This inexplicable treasure gave the Meng family a glimmer of hope in their darkest age with extraordinary meaning.

Hannya fell silent, not knowing how to answer because Yang Chen didn't give her any instructions. Should I continue to make something up, or show my hands?

At this moment, a voice came from the air into the back hall.

"Stop looking, I'm right here."

Yang Chen slowly fell from the sky, bypassed the front hall, and appeared in front of everyone.

Hannya asked Yang Chen what to do, Yang Chen motioned to let her continue to play as Meng Yue, the latter immediately shouted in surprise, "Yang Chen!?"

Meng Daozhang and the others suddenly stood up one by one, as if they were facing a great enemy!

They didn't even notice that someone was eavesdropping! Didn't this mean that Yang Chen's strength far exceeded that of Meng Daozhang in the early Weak Waters stage!?

"Meng Yue, is he Yang Chen?" Meng Daozhang couldn't believe it, although the family sent him out, meaning that the opponent was not easy to deal with, but how could such a young cultivator be ridiculously high?

Hannya nodded and said, "Be careful elder, he is very strong."

"Yang Chen, since you came early, you must have heard our words"?

"I heard it, it's a pity, so you don't know what that dark thing is," Yang Chen said regretfully.

"In this situation, I'll be generous enough to give you some advice." According to Meng Daozhang, "This spiritual treasure is linked to my Meng family's dignity and spiritual inheritance. Although I don't know what it's for, it's really important. You can hold it in your hands, yet it makes no sense. If you restore the spiritual treasure, my Meng family will forgive you for what you did to us, and I will request that the patriarch not hold you guilty for the deaths of so many Meng family members."

Yang Chen couldn't help but laugh and exclaimed, "Someone just called me an 'evil thief' a few moments ago, and now you're trying to sugarcoat things? In fact, you should know in your heart that if I make a move, none of you want to come back alive, which is why you're being so nice."

Meng Daozhang and others looked a little ugly, indeed, they were very clueless, they had no contact with the Illusion Realm, and they didn't know what Yang Chen was doing in there.

Another female senior, Chen Yijin, smiled sweetly from the side "Young Master Yang, you are a brilliant cultivator with a high level of cultivation. We should be open-minded and not take ourselves too seriously. Perhaps Elder Daozhang mentioned something incorrectly just now, but as a direct descendant of the Meng family, I hold the Meng family Lingbao in high regard... But, after all, Young Master Yang admitted that you took the wealth, so it should be a draw."

"Well... women always speak better. Actually, if I want to kill you, I don't need to come in and talk nonsense with you." Yang Chen laughed.

He didn't want to do it, Meng Daozhang breathed out a sigh of relief, "Then... Yang... What is Young Master Yang's plan?"

Yang Chen paced a few steps, thought about it, and said, "Originally, I planned to treat the Great Desolate Gate as an enemy, but after listening to your origins just now, I changed my mind. There is some more important information that I need to tell your leaders, so... I want you to take me to see the head of the Great Desolate Gate.”

“Head?" Meng Daozhang was a little uneasy "We have a demon sect master and a devil sect master, and the demon sect master is the clan chief of Qingqiu, while the devil sect master is the clan chief of our Meng Family... There isn't a head..."

Yang Chen sighed and rolled his eyes "Then I'm going to see your sect master!"

"This..." Meng Daozhang looked about; it appeared that the situation was considerably different from what they had anticipated, and they were at a loss for what to do for a while." 

Yang Chen grinned "You should be able to tell that I don't harbor any murderous intentions toward you and that I don't regard you as enemies. If you have to be ignorant and make me anxious, I won't be so patient."

Meng Daozhang and several people were sweating coldly behind their backs, and the two elders, Chen Yijin and Li Xun were silent, obviously not wanting to take any responsibility.

In the end, Meng Daozhang gritted his teeth and felt that his life was still at stake, so he said, "Okay, since that's the case, let's take Young Master Yang to the Tianshan Great Desolate Gate.“

Yang Chen smiled cheerfully and took a step forward to touch the old man on the shoulder "Is that correct? It's far better to speak politely; you don't have to use a knife or a pistol for everything. Don't you think we could sit down and drink together in the future?"

Meng Daozhang appeared uglier when he laughed than when he cried. Who wants to drink with you? If I hadn't known I couldn't win you, I would have killed you to avenge my descendants!