As soon as he agreed, Meng Daozhang brought him together immediately.

Sending Hannya an email with instructions on how to keep the Meng family secular and informing Lin Ruoxi and the others about Yang Chen's journey to the Great Desolate Gate, that email was a secret message from Yang Chen. However, despite her concerns, Hannya was forced to carry on with her work as she had been instructed.

He was in the Tianshan Mountains in a flash, which were always covered in snow.

Due to Meng Daozhang and his group's fear of Yang Chen, they kept quiet the entire way.

Meng Daozhang took out a black token engraved with golden runes, activated his True Yuan, and reflected a huge pale gold rune in the sky.

It was then that a space door slid open.

In the sky, through this gate, you could see a strangely dim yellow desolate desert.

"Please come in, Young Master Yang," Meng Daozhang felt a little more at ease at this time, probably because he entered his own territory and had a backbone.

Yang Chen stepped into the prehistoric territory, and after the others entered one after another, the door behind him also closed.

Even though the Great Desolate Gate's spiritual energy density was slightly higher than that of the outside world, Yang Chen frowned. It was still incomparable to that of the Illusion Realm. There were also deserts with little vegetation and a lot of flying sand and stones around here.

This place, compared to Hongmeng and the Hidden Clan's home, the blue sky, clear water, and the scent of birds and flowers, appeared to be a place where prisoners were exiled. '

Under the leadership of Meng Daozhang, Yang Chen flew to the northern part of the desert with the group.

"This is the vast desert on the periphery, with scarce water and resources. Most of our Demon Sect and Devil Sect people live near the Great Wild Lake in the central area. There is the largest water source, extending three major rivers. Only in the area along the river can there be forests suitable for cultivation and living." Meng Daozhang introduced.

Yang Chen asked curiously, "Have any of you been to the Illusion Realm?”

Meng Daozhang, along with the others were stunned, and all shook their heads.

"Young Master Yang, the Great Desolate Gate, and Hongmeng have nothing to do with each other. Taking someone into the Illusion Realm is a surefire way to end in tragedy "That's what Chen Yijin told me.

Yang Chen sighed in his heart, if these guys had been to the Illusion Realm and come to see where they lived, I'm afraid they would have been extremely unbalanced already.

After half a cup of tea, the landscape in front of me had gradually changed into woodland and some hills, with rivers and small lakes appearing one after the other.

Slowly, the number of cultivators and demon clan members grew, but most of them were afraid to approach Meng Daozhang and others because the black robe and gold pattern were the iconic outfits of the Meng Family elders' association, and ordinary people in the Great Desolate Gate would not dare to offend them.

The majority of the encounters along the way were with demonic beasts with common cultivation. These demons had not yet taken human form, but they had opened their intelligence, similar to the case in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

Although it felt a little pitiful for these guys to be imprisoned here, Yang Chen couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if these demonic beasts were unrestrained and entered modern human society. If they were released, the world would be in chaos, and ordinary people would indeed be vulnerable in the face of demonic beasts, with the only outcome being to be eaten.

The ancestors of mankind, those ancient immortals, probably also realized that it was impossible to have the best of both worlds, so they subdued those beasts one by one, and created the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, the Great Desolate Realm, and these different spaces to divide races.

When Yang Chen arrived in the Great Desolate Realm's central area, he was taken aback by what he saw.

It was a city similar to ancient Huaxia here!

Two massive palaces on the east and west sides combined the architectural features of many dynasties.

The same could be said for the extension. The eastern half of the city was quite beautiful, with its various pavilions, whereas the western half was elegant and old-fashioned, with few colors or patterns.

Because of the connection with the outside world, the roads and buildings in the city were divided into rows and buildings in a very neat and reasonable manner. Many members of the demon clans and demonic cultivators lived in the city quite leisurely.

"Although the secular Meng Family is a branch of our actual Meng Family, it also serves as a bridgehead for demons and devils from the outside world. As a result, when it comes to the secular Meng Family, the Demon Sect's viewpoints cannot be ignored. In fact, both parties decide on the governance of the entire Great Desolate Realm. Previously, the Devil Sect planned to modernize the Great Desolate Realm by introducing secular world technologies such as wind and hydropower, building business districts and financial districts, and attempting to perform external connections with outside world signals, among other things. However, the Devil Sect later objected, believing that it has little practical effect for most demonic cultivators and that it is easy to incite rebellion among some young people within, so there is no consensus..."

Yang Chen listened to Meng Daozhang's simple narration and finally had a general understanding of the demons and devils in this world. It seemed that they still had a certain gap with Hongmeng, even after tens of thousands of years and they had not recovered their vitality.

It was not difficult for Hongmeng to contact the outside world, but in the Great Desolate Realm, it could only be contacted through the secular family of the Meng family. It could be seen how cautious the people of the two factions of the Great Desolate Gate were.

Meng Daozhang led the way to the palace in the west, and the group landed on a high platform in the palace.

"Young Master Yang, I'll take you in to meet our patriarch and colleagues of the elders," Meng Daozhang said to Yang Chen after asking the others to step back. But first, could you please return our clan treasure to this old man here so I can report to the higher-ups?"

"What's the hurry?  It makes no difference whether I return it sooner or later. Besides, I'm not going to lose it. I even went to your base, but you still don't believe me? Are you concerned that I will escape?" Yang Chen stated obliquely.

What a hoot; even if you didn't know how to use it, it was a treasure. Yang Chen had no intention of returning it easily; the reason for coming here had not been fulfilled, but they were already attempting to retrieve the treasure? This did not fit Young Master Yang's style at all.

Meng Daozhang was aware that this kid was a bit of a rogue due to his high cultivation level, but he couldn't help himself, so he turned around and led the way into the palace, secretly thinking, aren't you acting like a robber right now?

The architectural style of this palace was somewhat like the Potala Palace in Tibetan areas, but it was relatively more imposing. After all, it was built by cultivators.

Walking into the palace, some cultivators were above the Soul Forming Stage guarding all the way. When they saw Meng Daozhang, they would all bow to pay respect and greet him one by one, but they were a little suspicious of the unfamiliar Yang Chen.

Someone had already notified the people that Meng Daozhang was back in the faction. In a huge conference hall on the highest floor in the middle of the palace, the head of the Meng family, as well as the main patriarchs of several other devil sects, and the members of the council of elders had all been waiting for their arrival.

Walking into the huge conference hall, Yang Chen immediately discovered that hundreds of pairs of eyes were on him.

This was a huge circular venue with a total of more than seven or eight hundred square meters, and in all directions, there were layers of high platforms, giving the people standing below a solemn pressure.

On the high platform, a large number of men, women, and children wearing black robes, as well as many cultivators in robes of other colors, sat around.

On an eye-catching high platform directly opposite, there was a long seat composed of more than a dozen masters with cultivation bases above the early Weak Waters Stage.

And a man in the center, with short black hair, a handsome face, a burly body, and a dazzling purple robe with white gold patterns on it, was the most special looking character.

Yang Chen frowned. Before he came in just now, he had already noticed that there were a lot of masters inside. There were at least fifteen people above the Weak Waters Stage, and this purple-robed man was at least in the middle stage of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation.

Fortunately, Yang Chen didn't find that other people had the cultivation base of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation or above, otherwise, he would be in danger if he came here.

"Reporting to the patriarch, this is Yang Chen, and my clan's spiritual treasure is in his hands. He claims to have important information to see the sect master, so... I brought him here," Meng Daozhang reported respectfully.

The purple-robed man nodded and smiled politely, "Elder Daozhang has worked hard, go back to your seat."

Seeing that the patriarch didn't have the means to blame, he hurriedly flew back to his seat.

"My name is Meng Zike, I am the current head of the Meng family, and the master of the Devil Sect in the Great Desolate Gate," Meng Zike introduced himself to Yang Chen with a smile.

Yang Chen was a little surprised. The patriarch of the Meng family had a good temper, and said calmly, "Sect Master Zike, I think you already know very well about who I am, so I won't introduce more. Today, it's mainly..."

Without waiting for Yang Chen to continue, a violent shout interrupted his words.

"Evil thief! How dare you call the patriarch's name directly!? Hand over my clan's spiritual treasure quickly!!”

A middle-aged buff cultivator stood up from the long row firmly and shouted at Yang Chen.