This cultivator had a cultivation base of the mid Weak Waters Stage and was regarded favorably. He sat in the row of elders, and it was assumed that he was the highest-ranking elder among the others.

Yang Chen frowned and smiled at the man, saying, "Just hear me out..."

"What's so exciting to hear about!? You're most likely planning another evil scheme; why should we believe you when you won't even hand over our family spirit treasure!?"

Most of the elders nodded one by one after the cultivator with a mustache shouted. They felt that Yang Chen didn’t come with any good intentions as he didn’t even intend to return or take out their spirit treasure.

"Elder Ge, please be patient; since he is already here, we shall listen to Little Brother Yang for a bit," Meng Zike motioned and comforted him.

"Clan leader, it's not that I want to be petty; it's just that this evil thief has repeatedly been an enemy of our secular power, and now he's walked into our Devil Sect with a smile, and he appears to have ulterior motives! How can our people believe him if he isn't willing to return our clan treasure?!"

The demonic cultivators around Yang Chen began to argue about it and became hostile.

Meng Ziki kept quiet and looked at Yang Chen with a grin as if he was anticipating something.

"Why are you so worked up, can I speak already?" Yang Chen asked, touching his chin and squinting his eyes at Elder Ge with a mustache.

"You are truly vicious; surrender now and hand over our treasure; only then will we speak. My men, get this thief down!" yelled Ge Pandeng angrily.

That being said, four Ye Fire Stage demonic cultivators entered the conference hall and stood beside Yang Chen, each holding a metal bangle resembling a magic weapon used to strangle one's limbs and ready to use it on Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was irritated by their actions. These men are truly insensible as if I won't dare to make a move in their lair.

Without further ado, he activated the True Yuan in his body and fused it with Chaos' power. The four Ye Fire cultivators were miles away when the thick and condensed True Yuan of Heaven and Earth Energy boomed!


The impact of the True Yuan created a muffled sound and a deep dent was created on the black marble floor that Yang Chen was standing on. The four Ye Fire cultivators were being thrown out of the hall and all of them were spitting out blood. 

Yang Chen stood motionless, his face darkened, with no intention of moving.

Although no one could see through Yang Chen's cultivation level at the moment, they were all taken aback by the scene.

"And you're still resisting; your intentions are truly evil!"

Ge Pandeng yelled sternly and flew down from his seat, converging a ball of black mist True Yuan in his hand as if a huge gloomy cloud were about to wrap around Yang Chen!

Yang Chen sneered, this spell is interesting, it has a huge amount of toxins in it. Such a pity that I am immune to any type of toxins, guess it’s just not his day today.

Seeing Ge Pandeng jumping down, Yang Chen did not avoid him or move away, but instead, he rushed up at the instance and faced him directly. As he kicked his leg up, the True Yuan oppression got released immediately!


 The entire meeting hall felt a huge wave of oppression, everyone present, including Meng Zike who was sitting still showed a shocked expression!

This True Yuan oppression had far exceeded their imagination, this oppression was way more terrifying than Meng Zike’s oppression!

When Ge Pandeng realized that the situation was not right, it was already too late.

Yang Chen’s leg hit on his back like a stroke of lightning and Ge Pandeng’s body fell straight on the marble floor!


The marble cracked furiously and scattered everywhere. Ge Pandeng’s body was about to be engraved into the ground and he coughed out a mouthful of blood, showing that he had endured severe injuries.

This was just Yang Chen using his body force to hit him, if he used Ruo water or the Lan fire in such underprepared circumstances, he would have been beyond dead. 

Nonetheless, Yang Chen's use of True Yuan to oppress Ge Pandeng and kick the mid Weak Waters cultivator into the ground with brute force had already made everyone present look ugly and horrified.

Some people cast a subconscious glance at Meng Zike, knowing that even if the patriarch made a move, he wouldn't be able to flip such a strong cultivator over right away.

"Didn't I tell you to wait until I finished? Don't you realize it's rude to interrupt someone who is speaking?"

Yang Chen looked at Ge Pandeng who was in the ‘dent’ on the ground.

Ge Pandeng forcefully mobilized his True Yuan and climbed up, even though his entire body was aching like hell, he still gritted his teeth and said, “Evil thief…you…”

Yang Chen was dissatisfied now, it seems like we won’t be able to talk properly without killing this guy.

Shaking his head helplessly, Yang Chen then raised his leg and mobilized his True Yuan once again, with the thought of kicking this man’s head off. 

Just as he was about to kick him, a dull golden color metal light beam shone upon Yang Chen!

A dreadful face, sharp-toothed, muscular body, and a pair of vajra wings behind his back appeared out of thin air!

Yang Chen went in for the kick and it was blocked by the pair of vajra golden wings!


Followed by Yang Chen’s attack, the image was shattered as well, but Yang Chen still didn’t manage to kill Ge Pandeng. 

A huge golden palm came down from above, the dull golden handprint looked like a dragon claw and it was huge beyond belief. He then picked up the severely injured Ge Pandeng and threw him back to his seat. 

Yang Chen frowned and when he looked up, he noticed that there was a dull golden magic wheel spinning behind Meng Zike. The two means of defense and saving people just now was exactly what he used.

It's no surprise that he could become the Devil Sect's leader. While his cultivation isn't as high as mine, his means are somewhat unique. Yang Chen had a different impression of him in his heart.

The Demon Sect members present breathed a sigh of relief and gazed in awe at Meng Zike. Fortunately, the sect master is present, or none of us would be willing to take the risk of saving Ge Pandeng.

"Doesn't the magical figure you just released look like one of the eight guardian gods, Garuda?  " And that palm print is the dragon claw if I saw it correctly? I'm assuming you have a spell that summons the Eight Celestial Dragon figure?" Yang Chen inquired.  

Meng Zike was slightly surprised and grinned, “Little Brother Yang knows quite a bit, indeed this is the dragon and Garuda of the Eight Celestial Guardian Gods. However, this isn’t a spell, but my magic treasure, the ‘Eight Celestial Magic Wheel’ can borrow and use the power of the Eight Celestial Guardian Gods by default.”

Yang Chen was taken aback. No wonder there was one dull golden magic wheel spinning behind him. This thing can summon the Eight Celestial Dragons Figure, which is the Guardian God of the Buddha Sect, indicating that it’s more than just a high-grade magic treasure, it’s probably an immortal weapon already. I guess the Great Desolate Gate does have good stuff with them.

Yang Chen was not surprised as to why the demonic cultivator would have such magic treasure that seemed to belong to the Buddha Sect. Buddhism was just one type of ‘Dao’ and demonic cultivation was also a type of cultivation, but it didn’t conflict with each other.

Meng Zike seemed to have felt the greed in the eyes of Yang Chen. His heart sank and immediately kept his magic treasure away subconsciously, fearing that he might be having other intentions.

“Cough,” Meng Zike coughed twice, he already had a brief idea of Yang Chen’s strength, which made him decide easier, “Little Brother Yang, you are indeed a talent, even I didn’t have such level of cultivation four hundred years ago…”

Yang Chen didn’t realize that this guy was already four hundred plus years old, but then again, it wouldn’t be too fascinating even if he could live up to a thousand years based on his cultivation level. 

“Little Brother Yang, don’t be angry, Elder Ge is just concerned about the safety of our Devil Sect. Let’s just talk in peace, do speak up about your thoughts,” Meng Zike was still holding a smile on his face. He didn’t have much of a choice, if he insisted on defeating Yang Chen with the entire force of the sect, it would not necessarily benefit him, let alone the fact that it was uncertain if they would win. 

"The sect master is the more generous of the two," "What I wanted to say was that the conflict between us stemmed from a member of the secular Meng Family who had inferior motives towards my woman, which is why I stood up against the family for her," Yang Chen chuckled. "Later on, the secular Meng family continued to attack me incessantly; obviously, I couldn't take it all in without resisting, so I fought back and gradually caused the current situation. But, from the beginning to the end, I never intended to fight against the Great Desolate Gate. We'll draw our own lines and live our own lives from now on; that's the best solution, right?"

“Brother Yang is right. But then again, the secular Meng Family is not just the branch of our devil sect, the demon sect also contributed to what they are today. Even if we were to settle this in peace, we will need the demon sect to agree, also… the spirit treasure needs to be returned to us,” Meng Zike was a little confused, Yang Chen seems to be here to draw peace, but why is he acting like a demanding kid just now?