"Sect Master Zike, you got the wrong idea," Yang Chen said as he waved his hand and smiled. "I'm not here to beg your forgiveness or to apologize for my error; in fact, I don't need anyone's forgiveness."

Meng Zike was taken aback; despite having lived for over 400 years, he couldn't understand what Yang Chen was saying. "Young Brother Yang... With all due respect, even though your strength is far superior to mine, it's still not as simple to be the enemy of our Great Desolate Gate..."

“I didn’t say that I want to be your enemy, but I don't feel easy fighting against you all as well, at the same time you shouldn’t be making a move on me. We should…have a more peaceful relationship.” Yang Chen showed his hands.

“Oh? Why so?” Meng Zike got interested as well.

Yang Chen sighed emotionally and said, “I should start from a few months back when I went to the Ten Thousand Demon Realm…”


Meng Zike abruptly stood up and exclaimed, and many of the other elders present stood up and stared at Yang Chen, perplexed.

"This is not something you can simply mention, Little Brother Yang..."

Meng Zike's expression was constantly changing, from shocked to anticipatory.

"I know it's difficult for you all to believe because you all assumed that the Ten Thousand Demon Realm is a place where you can't leave once you've entered... But I actually went in and came out..."

Meng Zike and the other devil sect elders glanced at each other, he then said, “Little Brother Yang, please tell me in detail about what actually happened in there…”

Yang Chen didn't mince words; he explained everything that happened in the realm, including how he and Hui Lin inadvertently activated the Demon Lock Tower and entered the Ten Thousand Demon Realm while fighting Wen Tao, meeting the demon clan, demonic cultivators, competing in the Tongtian Competition, and everything else...

All of the demonic cultivators were extremely excited and engrossed in the story while speaking about the demonic cultivators and being possessed by the Devil's heart.

The major loss of Devil's heart practise scripts, as well as the absence of the masters, contributed to the demise of the demonic cultivators. This resulted in a phenomenon in which only a few demonic cultivators could properly use the Devil's heart; even though they all cultivated together, none of them could perform optimally.

Yang Chen mentioned a demon clan that was very similar to the demon sect's ancestors.

When they heard about the Demon Emperor Zi Xiao, the Nine-tailed Heaven Fox Yu Xuening and their achievements, some of the demonic cultivators present started to tear up. 

Although they knew that their great ancestors had a high level of cultivation, they still felt as if their beliefs were being acknowledged after hearing all the information. 

Most of the demonic cultivators were already full of fanaticism and started to dream. If all these masters could break free from the Ten Thousand Demon Realm… Hongmeng? The Hidden Clan? All of them would be wiped out within a night!

Naturally, all of them would want to know how Yang Chen came out. 

Yang Chen summoned the Chaos Cauldron directly, when the subdued giant chaos cauldron hovered in the center of the venue, exuding a breathtaking power of the chaos, everyone present gasped.  

"Back then, I used the chaos cauldron to suck in the Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning and made it out of the tower."

Everyone was taken aback; they had not expected Yang Chen to possess the legendary magical treasure, let alone be able to control it.

"Does this mean that if Little Brother Yang enters the Ten Thousand Demon Realm again, you'll be able to use the chaos cauldron to escape freely?" Meng Zike was compelled to inquire.

Most of the people present were filled with anticipation, if he could do so, it would indicate that Yang Chen could save all of their great ancestors!

"I won't want to try it again," Yang Chen said, shaking his head. " Back then, I used the chaos cauldron to protect myself, and I came out unconscious. The Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning isn't weak at all; I just relied on the chaos's indestructibility and the fact that it can swallow a lot of things. I won't be able to withstand the ninety-nine levels of lightning. However, if something goes wrong and chaos retaliates, it will be extremely difficult for me to regain control over it."

The demonic cultivators fell into disappointment, but they understood Yang Chen’s situation. The chaos was indeed scary, if its vitality got restored, the entire world would be doomed without the suppression of the masters from the great ancient times. 

Such consequences could lead to catastrophes.

That being said, the demonic cultivators present finally understood why Yang Chen mentioned that he would not feel easy going up against the Great Desolate Gate. He was somewhat considered one of their own since he had been getting along with their ancestors and fought with them as accolades. 

These heavenly demons and devils in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm were probably thousands of years old, but they were almost on the same level as Yang Chen, a 'little boy' in his twenties.

"Little Brother Yang, the information you brought us is crucial. Knowing that our ancestors are safe and sound in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm boosted our self-confidence and belief in our demonic cultivators' ability to return strong one day." Meng Zike was filled with pride and optimism.

Many demonic cultivating elders were also showing a delightful expression. Although they couldn’t think of any way for the time being to let the ancestors come out from the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, Yang Chen being able to walk out of the place had already broken the history of the place being unable to exit upon entering. This also indicated a possibility for other heavenly demons or devils coming out in the future. 

Even if only one came out, he or she or it would be a character that could rule the current world, how could they not be in awe?

“Sect Master, I think that you should mention this matter to Sect Master Yu and let the devil clan know about this. After all, the issue about Young Master Yang will need to be decided by both sects.” One of the elders suggested. 

Meng Zike nodded and immediately instructed someone to invite the sect master of the Devil Sect.  

Right after that, Meng Zike flew down and made a hand gesture to Yang Chen with a smile, “Little Brother Yang, as the saying goes, you won’t know each other well unless you fight with each other. It seems that you and our Great Desolate Gate have a deep relationship and this must be the doing of God’s will. Why don’t you come with me and have a few drinks? Do tell us more about our great ancestors in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.”

The attitude of the demonic cultivators turned around completely and all of them were waiting for Yang Chen to agree with it. 

By the end of the day, they still wanted to learn more about how their ancestors used the Devil's heart from Yang Chen's experience with the purest demonic cultivators in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

Yang Chen didn't refuse; his intention in coming here was to conquer the Great Desolate Gate; even if they couldn't help him, they shouldn't be in his way.

Meng Zike led the way and joyfully conversed with Yang Chen, followed by a large group of demonic cultivating elders at the back. The group arrived at the palace's sky garden, where the servants set up a banquet and everyone sat down gradually.

The earlier days in this Great Desolate Realm were difficult, but after tens of thousands of years of operation, and the materials regularly delivered by the secular Meng Family, there was not much different from the outside world. They could simply get anything they need daily such as food. 

The elders who had just sat down immediately bombarded Yang Chen with questions that they had been holding in their minds. 

Yang Chen knew that it was an important time to maintain a good relationship so he shared every single detail about the demonic cultivation that he could remember, knowing or not, that’s their problem. 

As Yang Chen’s cultivation base and realm were way higher than all the old men present, that’s why even if it’s not about demonic cultivation but general cultivation, he could still answer their doubts. 

Immediately, Yang Chen's image among the high-level demon cultivators immediately made a big reversal. Everyone just felt that they had misunderstood before, but in fact, he was an approachable, generous, and good young man.

It must have been the members of the secular Meng Family’s fault for provoking him, yes, that must be the case… The elders of the Meng Family murmured in their hearts. 

To put it bluntly, the Meng family was prosperous, and anyone could take over from the secular world, it was just a matter of time and they would not fight with Yang Chen for the sake of Meng Kaiyuan.

Drinking and talking about it was fun, and for instance, nobody asked Yang Chen about the treasure anymore. Everyone didn’t treat Yang Chen as an enemy, or even regarded him as their own and it was fine to leave it with him for a little longer. 

After a moment, Yang Chen and Meng Zike looked towards the east direction of the sky subconsciously. 

A few enchanting and gorgeous shadows flew down from the distance.

Yang Chen was slightly surprised, the three people who flew over, apart from the two peak level Weak Waters stage masters, there was another one who had a stronger True Yuan oppression than Meng Zike, as if he or she was a master of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Stage!

“Haha, Little Brother Yang, this is the Demon Sect Master that we’ve been talking about, Lady Yu Lanting.” Meng Zike stood up and introduced.