This woman had a slim figure, with a small waist, and long legs, and she was dressed like a pure and white lotus in a white snow skirt with cloud sleeves.

Her waist-length jet-black hair was simply styled with a jade hairpin, and she wore no other accessories.

Her delicate facial features were full of the natural purity of a classical beauty, which was not particularly stunning, but the femininity and charm revealed in the bones drew the attention of any ordinary man.

Yang Chen had no idea the Demon Sect's sect master was such a beautiful woman who appeared to be only seventeen or eighteen years old.

Even the two beautiful banshees behind Yu Lanting were stunning.

One of them was dressed in a fiery red silk and satin gown with a short skirt that revealed a pair of stunning legs.

The other was dressed elegantly and dignifiedly in a long aqua green gown, and appeared slightly older.

"Little Zike called your sister here to see this young offspring?" Yu Lanting laughed as soon as she landed. " He doesn't appear to be very attractive... Hey, your lady here doesn't seem to be able to see through your cultivation base; what treasure did you use to conceal it?"

"This is Little Brother Yang Chen, Sect Master Yu should know his origins," Sect Master Meng said, a little embarrassed after being addressed as 'Little Zike'.

"You are the Yang Chen who has repeatedly caused our industry to suffer in the secular world?" Yu Lanting exclaimed, then looked at Yang Chen thoughtfully. " You're quite brave to even set foot here, aren't you?"

"You three are all from the Qingqiu clan, right, um...?" Yang Chen asked, looking at the three beauties in front of him. "Peak level Tai Qing, Peak level Weak Waters, not bad, you've probably all got seven and six tails already, right?"

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of Yu Lanting and the two beauties behind her changed greatly.

They thought that Yang Chen was using some magic weapon to cover up his cultivation, and he should not be that strong, but the other party actually saw through their cultivation at a glance!

This meant that the other party had overwhelmed them in terms of cultivation, rather than relying on some magic weapon to cover it up!

How could this be possible!?

Yu Lanting was talking and laughing just now, but her face quickly became serious, revealing some of her side as a sect master.

"I wasn't expecting this, your lady has wronged you, and you are more powerful than Little Zike.  Why can you know such details, even our cultivation base and the number of fox tails, if this is your first time seeing our Qingqiu clan?"

"It's nothing, it's just that I had a friendship with a nine-tailed fox named Yu Xuening in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, and then I got to know..." Yang Chen smiled.


The three fox beauties' appeared to be extremely excited hearing that, even though their cultivation base was advanced; it was almost uncontrollable!

"Do you mean Yu... Yu Xuening?! Have you seen our forefathers?!?"

Yu Lanting's face was filled with shock, as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Meng Zike and others on the side could understand the three women's loss of control, and persuaded, "Sect Master Yu, please come over, just to tell you about this, this Little Brother Yang has not only met your Qingqiu’s legendary character Yu Xuening, he even saw many heavenly devil masters of the demonic cultivators,, he actually went around the Ten Thousand Demon Realm…”

Yang Chen was slightly stunned, the legend of the Qingqiu clan? Ancestor? Looking at the shocked expressions of Yu Lanting and the other two girls, it seems... Yu Xuening's background is particularly unusual?

Only then did Yu Lanting realise she had become too relaxed, but she was nervous and excited. She regained her composure and sat with everyone else.

Yu Lanting briefly introduced the three women after they had been seated.

Yu Lanting had a good reason for calling Meng Zike 'Little Zike'. She was over two thousand years old despite only being in charge of the Demon Sect for over three hundred years.

Yu Lanting was born during the Western Han Dynasty, when the secular world was still ruled by the Western Han Dynasty.

Her cultivation level reached the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation more than 300 years ago. She became a seven-tailed celestial fox at the same time. As soon as the previous Sect Master was about to die, she took over the role of Sect Master.

The two people behind her were also high-ranking members of the Qingqiu Clan, which is where she came from. There was Yu Wenhong and Yu Qiyun. The one in red was called Yu Wenhong. Neither of them were good friends, but both of them stayed with her. They were all old fox demons.

Yu Lanting couldn't wait to find out what Yang Chen had seen and heard in the The Thousand Demon Realm and what happened after they got to know each other.

Yang Chen repeated what he had told the people in the devil sect before, and focused on Yu Xuening. After that, he saw the three girls wiping away tears silently, and their eyes were red.

"It's great... She is still alive... I know that with the ancestor's legendary cultivation base, even after 50,000 years, nothing will happen..." In other words, her respect for Yu Xuening was unparalleled.

"As far as I know, Yu Xuening is the longest-lived and most powerful character in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm," Yang Chen had to admit. The world was originally divided into three factions; the leaders of the Dragon Race and the Demonic Cultivator territory have changed, but only the Demon Clan has always respected Yu Xuening, and she is truly incredible."

"Of course," Yu Wenhong said proudly, "Young Master Yang, Yu Xuening's ancestor, was a legendary powerhouse in the history of our Qingqiu clan, and she was the first to reach the nine tailed fox level in the Qingqiu clan. Although she has no direct descendants and has never been the patriarch of our Qingqiu clan, she has always been our Qingqiu clan's patron saint, and none of the orthodox cultivators at the time were her opponents. Unfortunately, no one knew where our ancestor went after she left our clan 50,000 years ago for some unknown reason. Finally, other demon clans reported that the ancestor entered the Ten Thousand Demon Realm voluntarily and without resistance, for reasons unknown... Although our Qingqiu clan remains the strongest among the demon clans, the other nine-tailed celestial fox powerhouses have fallen one by one since then, and they are still being gradually defeated..."

Yang Chen was a little stunned, he didn't expect Yu Xuening to have such a glorious past.

"If Young Master Yang goes to our Demon Sect palace, outside the central hall, you can still see the statue of Yu Xuening's ancestor, but it was carved according to the family's picture book... If we are lucky enough to see our ancestors , that would be great..." Another demon fox, Yu Qiyun, said with emotion.

Yang Chen's mouth corners twitched. The Qingqiu clan appears to have worshipped Yu Xuening as a god, which is not surprising given how extreme this fox is in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm; if she made it out here... She was most likely at the pinnacle of Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, which went far beyond natural law!

To say that she didn't voluntarily enter the Ten Thousand Demon Realm back then, I'm afraid no one could do anything for her.

Yang Chen saw the three female fox demons crying so much, and seemed to think of the Qingqiu clan, the bitterness of the demon clan over the past 50,000 years, and felt that they were quite pitiful. 

Suddenly remembering something, Yang Chen took out the ‘Lady Tushan’s Golden Pill Records’ from the space ring and handed it to the three women.

"Don't cry, this thing was given to me by Yu Xuening, but I have already thoroughly familiarized the content on it. It's better to return it to the original owner. It should be the treasure of your Qingqiu clan."

Yu Lanting and the other two were once again stunned on the spot after seeing the records. 

"My God... Could this be the 'Lady Tushan’s Golden Pill Records' carried by the ancestors?" Yu Lanting exclaimed and took a look.

Yu Wenhong and Yu Qiyun also came over, and after looking at it carefully, they nodded to each other to confirm that they were correct.

"Young Master Yang seems to be really valued by our ancestors. We have only seen records of this 'Lady Tushan’s Golden Pill Records' in the ancient books of the clan, and it was entrusted to the ancestors by the clan for safekeeping."

Yang Chen nodded and said, "Since it's a treasure to you all, keep it."

"There are a lot of pill records on it, but because of the scarcity of materials, it has no practical significance," Yu Lanting and the other two women said as they handed the records back to Yang Chen." We have no right to take it back because the ancestors gave it to Young Master Yang. Furthermore, Young Master Yang has a connection with our demon clan, and the two of us will be an important partner in the future. Our demon clan has never been stingy when it comes to our partners and friends, and these records will be given to Young Master Yang for safekeeping. No one in the Illusion Realm can grab it with Young Master Yang's cultivation."

Yang Chen couldn’t help laughing, he already mentioned that he was beyond familiar with this thing. It wouldn’t make a difference by putting it anywhere, but they still insisted on using it to stay close to him. 

However, Yang Chen just happened to have this intention, so he readily accepted it.

Seeing that Yang Chen and Yu Lanting were very enthusiastic, the elders of the demonic cultivators couldn't sit still.

Especially Meng Zike, after looking at a few elders who were very knowledgeable, he felt that something must be done.