"Don't throw our Devil Sect masters out of the sky just because Sect Master Yu and the others are so beautiful, Little Brother Yang." Meng Zike affectionately patted Yang Chen's shoulder and said.

The demonic cultivators could clearly see what Yu Lanting and the others were up to... Yang Chen had the ability to enter and exit the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. They could probably beg him to take the risk and save some of their ancestors in the future, no?

They had the same idea, but there was the risk of chaos, and they also knew it couldn't be rushed.

But that is only for the time being, and not necessarily in the future!

They couldn't make Yang Chen believe that the people of the Devil Sect were not as friendly, warm, and generous as those of the Demon Sect at such a critical juncture!

With a smile, one of the demonic cultivating elders said. "Yes, Young Master Yang, your business will be our Great Desolate Gate's business in the future. We will treat you as our best friend, regardless of whether you are a member of the Devil Sect or the Demon Sect," 

Yang Chen pretended to be flattered, "This... how can I, I am just a single cultivator, how can I compare with tens of thousands of demon cultivators in the sect."

The people present were all mature and sophisticated, how could one not see Yang Chen was being pretentious? Although they all despised this brat about how shameless he was, they would not say it out, but acted cooperatively.

"As Young Master Yang stated, what we are concerned with is affection. Young Master Yang is a genius in terms of strength, and we may have to rely on you in the future."

"Brother Yang, I... I'll call you Little Brother Yang, I have decided that since Sect Master Yu can give you the treasure of the Qingqiu clan, the Lady's Tushan Golden Pill Records, then you shall keep our Meng Family spirit treasure as well, just consider it as a testimony of our friendship!" Meng Zike nodded.

This Meng Zike had also performed a ‘heavy investment’, the man that was a few hundred years old, the sect master of the dignified Devil Sect, was calling Yang Chen his brother?

Yang Chen was surprised this time, "Huh?" He opened his mouth.

The elders of the demonic cultivators present, especially the elders of the Meng family were secretly sweating, the sect master is indeed cruel. 

However, one wouldn’t be able to catch the fish without a huge bait. 

Although the Meng Family spirit treasure was of great significance, in comparison, its practical use was not as good as the Lady’s Tushan Golden Pill Records. 

The Demon Clan had paid down their capital, and they couldn’t fall behind!

Anyway, as long as they knew the treasure was with Yang Chen and their relationship was good, retrieving it shouldn't be too difficult.

The crucial point was that they couldn't afford to lose to the Demon Sect.

With this in mind, the elders of the demonic cultivators unanimously supported Meng Zike's decision.

Yang Chen wanted to cry but couldn't find any tears. He overheard the Meng family claiming that this dark treasure had no practical application. He had already planned to return it to the Meng family once it had accomplished its goal. But now it looked like he'd have to keep the thing for them!

This thing was nothing useful to him, they might as well give him a magic weapon... Hmm... it would be great if Meng Zike's Eight Celestial Magic Wheel was given to me...

Yu Lanting stood up and walked over to Yang Chen, grabbing one of his arms and saying softly, "Young Master Yang, you are visiting the Great Desolate Realm for the first time, and you have brought such important news. Our Demon Sect should thank you as well. Why don't you visit our Demon Sect after the banquet? We have a lot of beautiful women from the Qingqiu clan who look up to the powerful. Let me introduce you to a few more ladies."

Yu Lanting had lived way longer than Meng Zike, how could she be compared by the people from the Devil Sect?

This female fairy of the seven-tailed fox was already thinking about the future, although the ancestor Yu Xuening, according to Yang Chen, was in the Tongtian Pagoda, not knowing whether she was still alive or not. 

But Yu Xuening was such a legendary powerhouse that even all the human cultivators in the world 50,000 years ago couldn't defeat her. How could she have lived to this age and been so stupid as to waste her life?

As a result, Yu Lanting and the other two assumed that their ancestors were still alive and well.

Who in such a vast world would dare to oppose the Qingqiu Clan if Yang Chen could assist the Demon Sect and invite the ancestors out?

Meng Zike and the others secretly despised Yu Lanting for being shameless, and she even used the Qingqiu Clan's beauty to attract Yang Chen.

Yang Chen gulped. As soon as the Demon Sect Master approached, she exuded a body fragrance that was like a musk deer. From the neckline of her chest, he didn't know if she deliberately spied a gully inside. There was such beautiful scenery under her fair neck...

This fox was good-looking and had the innate charm of the race, but she was a grinning fairy...

Suddenly Yang Chen unexpectedly became a pastry that was extremely popular among the two sects in the Great Desolate Realm.

In the end, Yang Chen also agreed in a confused way and went to the Demon Sect to have a seat, and the elders of the Devil Sect began to think again, as to how to get closer to Yang Chen…

 just as Yang Chen entered the Great Desolate Realm, being entertained by both sides…

In the Illusion Realm, the Xiao family discussion hall.

Xiao Mengyu, Xiao Mohui and his son, and the five elders above the Weak Waters Stage who returned to the family to guard, all waited solemnly.

Because the Xiao family welcomed a completely unexpected guest.

"Patriarch Luo, suddenly visiting alone, what's the urgency?" Xiao Mengyu sat on the chair of the master, looking calmly at Luo Qianqiu who suddenly visited.

Luo Qianqiu, the dignified patriarch of the Luo family, arrived alone. God knew what he was thinking; was he here to show peace, or did he truly believe that the Xiao Family could not impose a threat on him?

After all, Luo Qianqiu, who had almost reached the middle stage of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation in one fell swoop, had come to the Xiao family with his profound cultivation, but the Xiao family was under more pressure.

Luo Qianqiu sat leisurely on the chair, picked up the teacup served, and took a sip with an unpredictable smile on his face.

"Patriarch Xiao, don't worry, just sit for a while and you will know the purpose of my visit."


Xiao Mengyu frowned, a little puzzled.

Everyone in the hall noticed a group of cultivators approaching in the distance after a while.

"Master, Second Master Xiao Mengyue, and Second Young Master Mo Zheng are here," said chamberlain Xiao Guyuan.

"Second brother? Mo Zheng?" Xiao Mengyu became uneasy and motioned for them to enter.

Following them into the discussion hall were Xiao Mengyue and Xiao Mozheng, as well as a group of Xiao family descendants.

"Second brother, why are you here so suddenly, and Mo Zheng, why didn't you go into medicine? The replenishment of the medicine store at the Qingdi Pagoda cannot be postponed "With a frown, Xiao Mengyu stated.

"Big brother, compared to the matter of replenishing the elixir in the Qingdi Pagoda, I think there is a more important matter that needs to be handled as soon as possible." Xiao Mengyue smiled evilly.

Xiao Mengyu squinted his eyes, "What's the matter?"

Xiao Mengyue smiled and said loudly, "Change the patriarch!”

"What nonsense!!” Xiao Mengyu’s face went pale and stood up angrily. “Xiao Mengyue! What are you talking about!? Are you crazy!?"

The five elders of the Xiao family who were present also showed dissatisfaction, thinking that it was embarrassing in front of Luo Qianqiu, and they didn't know what the descendants were doing.

Xiao Mengyue snorted coldly, "Brother, you heard it right, you are indeed not capable of being the patriarch of this family anymore.”

"What do you mean..." Xiao Mengyu was trembling with anger.

"Don't get too worked up yet, listen to your brother and I will tell you one by one...," Xiao Mengyue said with a smile. " To begin with, the head of our Xiao family must have a clear line of descent to be qualified, and big brother, you no longer have Xiao Qiufeng, your grandson, you only have your son, who can't do it... Mohui is already in the Ming Waters stage. Even if he finds a woman with a cultivation level higher than the Ming Waters, no one can guarantee that they will have a child. Furthermore, the Sky Demon's Eye will open next year, and the martial arts competition will begin. Both the Ning and Luo families have young patriarchs to participate, but our Xiao family has no third-generation successor, so we can't afford to lose face."

"Hmph... This is the reason? At such a critical moment, you can only think of this little trick to usurp my position as the head of the family?" Xiao Mengyu said disdainfully.

Xiao Mengyue shook his finger, "Listen to me, brother... Of course, I am aware that this is a critical juncture for our Xiao family; therefore, as this is happening,  we should stabilize the family's military and plan for the long run, don't you think? And I... As your brother, with the same father and mother, I am more qualified than you to be the head of this family. Although my cultivation base is not as strong as yours, I am more suitable than your elder brother in other ways..."

"Why?" Xiao Mengyu sneered.

 "Haha", Xiao Mengyue waved at Xiao Mo Zheng beside him, and said, "Mo Zheng, tell him the reason yourself."