"Everyone leaves, Yang Xu stays, and besides, there should be no idle people waiting outside the hall!" said Xiao Mozheng to a group of Xiao family disciples behind him.

Except for Xiao Yangxu, everyone else had left the hall.

Xiao Mozheng strode forward to his father and elder brother, smiling, after confirming that the surroundings were quiet and that only these people remained in the hall "No, it should be the elder uncle, not the father... So far, do you still need to pretend...you are not my biological father!"


Many people at the scene felt as if a bomb had exploded in their heads.

Nobody could believe what they were hearing!

If it weren't for the idle crowds and others who had already gathered around the discussion hall, this would be enough to enrage the entire Xiao family, if not the entire Illusion Realm!

Xiao Mengyu's face was pale, and Xiao Mohui and the five elders looked on in disbelief.

"Elder brother... You didn't see it coming, did you? You thought I hadn't noticed that the second child Yuexin gave birth to was not yours! Mo Zheng is unmistakably my child!" Xiao Mengyue screamed in a low voice, releasing years of pent-up rage.

Qiu Yuexin is also the biological mother of Xiao Mohui and Xiao Mozheng. According to the knowledge of most people in the Xiao family, shortly after giving birth to Xiao Mozheng, she died of a broken meridian due to an accidental practice.

"Father, what's going on?" Xiao Mohui asked in shock.

"Yeah, Mengyu, what is the origin of this matter, what's the situation?" An elder in the middle stage of Weak Waters asked.

The people present were not fools, just by looking at Xiao Mengyu's face, they knew that most of it were true.

When Xiao Mengyu did not respond, Xiao Mengyue sneered, "Let me tell you the truth about that year, everyone... Yuexin was initially in love with me, but Xiao Mengyu intervened, relying on him being the first of the family. He took Yuexin away from me as an heir. Yuexin married him, but she never really liked him. She was dissatisfied after giving birth to Mohui... I'm not afraid you'll judge me, so we took advantage of Xiao Mengyu's retreat to reach the end stage of the Kui Water and have a private rendezvous. Yuexin was pregnant with Mozheng at the time, but I wasn't aware of it. Yuexin felt bad about it and didn't tell me... When Xiao Mengyu returned after a month, he discovered Yuexin was expecting a child. He intended to murder Yuexin and the child, but she swore to him that she would not tell anyone that the child was not his and that she was pregnant. Furthermore, having a child was difficult, and I kept pleading for him... Finally, my good eldest brother made Yuexin swear to keep her mouth shut and placed her under house arrest in the family until Mozheng was born, giving the outside world the impression that it was his child. Yuexin had seen right through his vicious heart a long time ago. Soon after giving birth to the child, she realized that Xiao Mengyu would find a way to kill her so that no one would ever know that Mozheng is her child, not his! Yuexin secretly wrote a letter, clearly recording the cause and effect of the incident, and handed it over to her most trusted maid, telling the maid that if she died unexpectedly within a few years, regardless of the reason, everything would be handed over to me... Yuexin died within a year as a result of 'entering the wrong realm.' Hmph, what a good husband, what a good father..."

Hearing this, everyone couldn't help but gasp, no one expected that there would be such a history.

Xiao Mohui opened his mouth and tried to see from his father's face that it was not true. Even if he didn't like Xiao Mozheng, he never thought that Xiao Mozheng was not his brother, nor that his mother would be related to his second uncle, and even more...killed by my father!

At this time, Xiao Mengyu's face was extremely ferocious, and his eyes were red, "Damn... that bitch... tricked me!!?"

"Father!!?" Xiao Mohui staggered back a step, almost falling to the ground.

Seeing Xiao Mengyu's furious appearance, several elders also completely believed it.

It was useless for Xiao Mengyu not to admit it, Xiao Mengyue came prepared, as long as he took out the letterhead and confirmed the handwriting, everything would be clear.

Xiao Mengyue stated glumly, "Do you know what I mean? I still had a sense of brotherhood and trust in you, and I didn't completely believe what Yue Xin said... However, Mo Hui and Mo Zheng, your prejudice against Mohui have grown from childhood to adulthood. You let Mohui handle the overall situation and cultivate him as an heir, while Mo Zheng is told to come and go and go around with a group of cultivators to manage the medicine field, and you have no plans for him. You allowed Mo Zheng to cultivate well, and you didn't even consider allowing the brothers to compete because you know that only Mo Hui is your son! Even Mo Zheng's children are unimportant! I didn't believe Yuexin until I saw all of this... I will not argue with you for the sake of the family's stability, but for the sake of my son and descendants, I cannot let the Xiao family fall into your hands!"


"So what if all of this is true!" exclaimed Xiao Mengyu. "That bitch, Qiu Yuexin, is the one who has done me wrong first; she should apologize to me and our son; she is unworthy to be the Xiao family's main lady! After all, you had an affair with your sister-in-law; what gives you the impression that you're any better? You're acting like the pot calling the kettle black; I've done some heinous things, but you're not clean either!"

That being said, several elders present also showed a thoughtful expression. 

Indeed, Xiao Mengyu was wrong, but Xiao Mengyue was not much better.

Xiao Mengyue said confidently, "As such, I have the next reason..."

With that, Xiao Mengyue pushed Xiao Yangxu, who had been standing there quietly, to the eyes of everyone.

"Honored elders, please look at this man. His name is Xiao Yangxu. He is five years younger than the dead Xiao Qiufeng, Kui Water level cultivation, and his Thousand Snowy Cloud Swordsmanship is beyond amazing, what do you all think?”

The elders looked at each other a few times, and one of them praised, "You are young but you are gifted with such a level of cultivation, he is indeed a rare genius."

Xiao Mozheng proudly said at this time, "Yang Xu's true identity is my biological son!"


This time, everyone present was shocked.

Xiao Yangxu had always been the third son of the second child, how could he suddenly become the son of Xiao Mozheng!?

Seeing everyone's doubts, Xiao Mengyue explained a little.

It turned out that after Xiao Mengyue secretly recognized Xiao Mozheng, although there was not much of a relationship on the surface, Xiao Mozheng often took advantage of the convenience of traveling abroad to meet Xiao Mengyue's family.

During that period, Xiao Mozheng and the goddaughter of Xiao Mengyue fell in love for a long time and gave birth to Xiao Yangxu, which was also before Xiao Mozheng and Xu Yanan got married.

Xiao Yangxu was found to be very talented at birth. Later, when he became sensible, he found that he was talented and intelligent and had a high understanding. He was trained by Xiao Mengyue and made up an identity for him.

If Yang Chen was present, he would realise why he wanted this phoney Xiao Qiufeng to compete with Xiao Yangxu in the first place.

There was no need to hide this any longer because the timing and location were perfect, just as how Xiao Qiufeng died and the Xiao family was now at a crossroads.

With his son Xiao Mozheng and grandson Xiao Yangxu, Xiao Mengyue knew it was time to seize the family patriarch!

Of course, some words should not be spoken, but the people in attendance were not stupid; they could understand everything after only a few words!

"Second brother... You've buried yourself far enough..." Xiao Mengyu twitched his nose and scowled at Xiao Mozheng "Little tyrant... It turns out that you were already aware of your own history, and you dared to have a son outside..."

"Uncle, I've called you father for decades, but now you are calling me 'little beast'? Is it because I'm not your son, so I'm not a descendant of the Xiao family? My father and I dare to come here today because we are ready to face everything. Up to now, my father and I, and Yang Xu, the three of us, have every reason to replace you and Xiao Mohui," Xiao Mozheng said with justice.

"Honored elders, you are all sensible older generations, you should be able to see who is more narrow-minded and more sinister and vicious," Xiao Mengyue said again.

The five elders on the side looked strange, and they were a little tangled in their hearts. Both sides were their juniors. Although this battle was a family scandal there was no big problem in the inheritance of blood.

"What if I don't agree!?"

Xiao Mengyu knew that the elders would not express their position easily, and he couldn't help sneering before he lost.

"Huh..." Luo Qianqiu, who had been listening to the words just now, without saying a word, suddenly got up and said with a smile, "If Brother Mengyu does not agree... Then Brother Luo will be in a very difficult position..."

"Luo Qianqiu!?"

Xiao Mengyu was shocked, he almost forgot that this guy was there!

"What do you mean!?"

Luo Qianqiu sighed helplessly, walked between Xiao Mengyue and Xiao Mozheng, and patted their shoulders.

"With all due respect, I am particularly optimistic about Brother Xiao Mengyue taking over as the head of the family, because now is a very critical moment. Our Luo family plans to join forces with the Xiao family to fight against our common enemy, Yang Chen..."

Xiao Mengyu frowned, "When did I say that the Xiao family wants to ally with your Luo family?"

"You didn't say it, but Brother Meng Yue agreed... So, of course, I will support Brother Meng Yue's lineage and take over as the head of the Xiao family." At the same time as Luo Qianqiu spoke, he gradually exuded a powerful True Yuan oppression that did not allow the slightest resistance.