The elders were a little taken aback. They had never played against Yang Chen, but based on characters like Luo Qianqiu, who would also need to make an early move, it was likely true.

Heavenly Lightning Tribulation in Shang Qing? That's incredible; the Xiao family couldn't withstand such a powerful man's attack, and they'd be put on the chopping block...

"All right, since that's the case, let's gather the experts and call as many of them as we can; if some of them can't be found, that's fine too. I just don't know, where should we go to find Yang Chen then?" gritted the elder at the peak level of Weak Waters.

“Rest assured, elder." Xiao Mengyue said with confidence, "Because the Ning family had a bad relationship with Yang Chen, they sent people to provide Yang Chen's information to both of us."

"The Ning family is also involved?"

"Yes", Luo Qianqiu said, "By that time, a group of masters will also be sent to join us from the Ning family."

Xiao Mengyue said, "It has now been investigated that Yang Chen's base camp is in an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, and some of his family members are there. As long as the place is captured, Yang Chen will only be able to surrender and admit defeat!"

"Europe?" A Taishang elder frowned and said, "Isn't that a violation of the ‘Treaty of Gods’ made by the ancestors 20,000 years ago? Although the foreign gods have always been at peace with us Chinese cultivators for the past 20,000 years, many cultivators who have gone out have not been spared."

"Europe?" An elder from Taishang frowned and said, "Isn't that a violation of the ancestors' 20,000-year-old 'Treaty of Gods'? Although the foreign gods have always been at peace with us Chinese cultivators for the past 20,000 years, many cultivators who have gone out have not been spared."

"Everyone," Luo Qianqiu said with a relaxed smile, "the gods are not terrible; in fact, their space laws are already very weak, according to reliable information." In the beginning, there was a Hongmeng Soul Forming Stage messenger who witnessed the battle between the God of War and Yang Chen with his own eyes. Yang Chen is Pluto's heir, but he almost exclusively uses his cultivation base to fight, demonstrating the distinction. Athena is currently the most powerful main god, but she can't speak for herself, and no matter how powerful she is, she can't deal with a large number of masters from our two alliances. We will remove them altogether if they dare to obstruct. The Treaty of Gods will not be broken at that time, and we Chinese cultivators will be able to travel around the world as well; isn't it glorious for China?"

"That being said... we don't fear those main gods, but..." An elder hesitated and said, "If we are attacking his family, will there be some..."

"Elder! You must remember that Yang Chen was the first to infiltrate our Xiao family, killing people and stealing medicines. Do you have to be honest and open with him!?" Righteously, Xiao Mengyue stated.

When the elders heard it, they felt the same way, so they stopped refusing. After all, the family's safety was the most important consideration.

In the territory of the Great Desolate Realm, Yang Chen didn't know what was going to happen outside.

It took the effort to have a good relationship with the demonic cultivator and the devil cultivators. You couldn’t make people think that you were not sincere and leave in a hurry when you came.

It was late at night after eating and drinking in the demonic cultivator palace, and Yu Lanting and the other beauties dragged him to the devil cultivator palace.

The devil cultivator's palace was indeed much more beautiful from the inside out, and there were all kinds of natural fragrances everywhere, in contrast to the demon cultivator's dark and dead place.

Yu Lanting, Yu Wenhong, Yu Qiyun, and the other female fairies were all beautiful, but Yang Chen was clear that they were drawn to him not because they liked him, but because they valued his ability to emerge from the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

If you became too involved with them or entered into a relationship without giving it your all, it would be counterproductive at the time, and they would be hostile towards you.

As a result, Yang Chen appeared to be close to them, but he was secretly wary in his heart.

He met many devil cultivator masters in the devil cultivator's palace. Yu Lanting invited Yang Chen to a quiet courtyard after being welcomed again.

This elegant and bright Devil Sect Master poured wine for Yang Chen personally, and every move was captivating.

"Young Master Yang, you can probably guess it, but as the Devil Sect Master, I still have to ask if you can find a way to rescue ancestor Yu Xuening?" Yu Lanting finally asked directly after screening out several of the little fox devil maids.

"Sect Master Yu, your ancestors are also kind to me," Yang Chen said helplessly. "If I have the ability, I will save her without hesitation. But I finally manage to suppress the fierce chaos spirit; if I give it another chance, the consequences for me or the entire cultivation world will be unimaginable."

"Young Master Yang doesn't have to rush to a conclusion," Yu Lanting smiled charmingly, moved her body, and came to Yang Chen's side.

The female fox devil spoke gently and the fragrance emitted by her body became stronger and stronger, stimulating Yang Chen's adrenaline, and there was a trace of heat in his core. 

"Young Master Yang, what do you think about the appearance of your lady here? Will I be able to enter your sight?”

"Sect Master Yu, I was wondering if you would tempt me with the other beauties here, but I didn't to enter the field yourself...impossible, although I like beautiful women, this is pretty fatal..." Yang Chen gulped and smiled awkwardly.

"Young Master Yang, you are thinking too much," Yu Lanting chuckled, winking charmingly. "Simply put, our Qingqiu clan is a matriarchal society, and women are born with more powerful talents than men, so nearly all of the clan's elders are women. And do you know why our Qingqiu clan women have always been men's most coveted race partners?"

"Because of the beauty in appearance?" blinked Yang Chen.

Yu Lanting shook her head.

"A stalwart supporter?"

"Because, the women of our Qingqiu clan are born with a physique that fosters harmony between Yin and Yang, which breeds the spiritual energy of the two ceremonies," Yu Lanting explained with a smile. "The more noble a woman in the Qingqiu clan is, the more diligent and quick she is in her cultivation, and men who have intercourse with yin and yang can also reap many benefits."

"Do you mean dual cultivation?" Yang Chen was taken aback.

"Hmm..." Yu Lanting twisted a strand of hair with her finger, leaned her head against Yang Chen's arm, and softly said, "I suppose so, but it isn't dual cultivation of ordinary concepts... Human cultivators' dual cultivation employs exercises to achieve True Yuan complementarity... That is a congenital defect, not an acquired one... And the 'dual cultivation' caused by our Qingqiu women's unique physique is the purer spiritual energy of the two rituals, with no side effects. It will benefit as long as the intercourse is successful..."

Yang Chen probably understood the women of the Qingqiu clan seem to be the sweet pastry in the eyes of male cultivators.

Yu Lanting stated once more, "Young Master Yang, it is not an exaggeration to say that you have such a high level of cultivation at such a young age... Despite Lanting's age of over 2,000 years, I have yet to find a cultivating companion because... no one can be the apple of my eye... Despite the fact that human cultivators have always looked down on us devil cultivators, if it is a genius like Young Master Yang, your lady here is still eager to be your companion... If we can communicate with one another, we will be able to cultivate in the future when the opportunity arises. Isn't it true that we should all benefit from each other?"

"Then, once I get the benefit, I'll go save Yu Xuening, is that what you mean?" Yang Chen grinned.

Yu Lanting raised her head and stared at Yang Chen with her watery eyes, "Whether Young Master Yang wishes to go or not, your lady will not dare to force it. If you become your lady’s lover, I’ll be more than willing to cherish you…”

Yang Chen couldn't stand her seductive eyes and made a clear voice: "Sect Master Yu, if I heard correctly when you talk about the intercourse of yin and yang, there must be a premise of 'common heart', and it needs an opportunity, right?"


"That is to say, men and women must love each other without gaps, and it cannot be achieved every time, it depends on the chance," Yang Chen said.

Yu Lanting nodded, "That's natural, just like an epiphany. No one knows when it will be possible, and they can only wait for it to happen. And a man and a woman truly love each other, it's just a premise. If it's that simple, how will it be worth it?”

"That's it", Yang Chen said with a smile: "I just met Sect Master Yu today and we are not familiar with each other, let alone love each other. I already have more than a dozen confidantes. It would be too greedy for me to have Sect Master Yu as well, it's not suitable for a powerful Qingqiu woman like you either..."

Yu Lanting was stunned and frowned. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to have more than a dozen women. 

How could she, the dignified Devil Sect Master, allow her partner to have other female companions, not to mention a group of humans. 

Yang Chen remembered a strange incident from before, "Hey," and said, "By the way, Sect Master Yu, the Yin and Yang convergence that you mention, and the dual cultivation... What is the specific situation? I seem to be ……experienced?"